We celebrated Mother’s Day Saturday evening as Kara took Jodie and myself out for dinner, that’s two dinners she has treated me to this week, thank you Kara x


As usual the food was nice but so much of it so we couldn’t finish it all. We both received a free prosecco and our desserts were free so it was well worth it. I had the scampi, Jodie had chicken skewers with lemon and garlic sauce then Kara had the cumberland sausage which was well done but she still ate it.

It was a hard choice with the desserts as they are all really nice on their menu at the moment. So I had the ice cream and Jodie had the mousse sponge.

Jodie amazes me with any presents she buys me as they are so unusual, in fact some I have never seen before, she excelled this time. It was an adult painting by numbers and the picture is the Eiffel Tower in Paris so it will look so good on my bedroom wall.

I was a bit spoilt as I also got a poster with 100 books and you scratch off the ones you have read, it is the same as the countries one she got me where you scratch off the places you have been. They will look so good on the wall together.


Jodie works in a primary school so when ever she makes things with the children the one that she makes to show them she always gives to me, it’s so sweet, like she is still at school bringing home her artistic efforts.

The candle smells gorgeous I have it on as I am writing this post and I love the lip scrub.

So that was my weekend, I didn’t do anything Sunday apart from read a book, I felt really tired all day and just thought it was because I had done too much in the week but today I have a cold and a husky voice so it is a pj day. The weather is so changeable at the moment, yesterday it was sunny so I turned the heating down then today it has been raining all day and a bit chilly so the heating went back up a bit.

How was your weekend?




Sometimes we all get carried away in our own little world, which is easily done as I for one have so many things buzzing round in my head and I do believe my lists need a list. I was in Folkestone the other day and we walked past this new mural, stopping to take notice of all the detail and the hours that it took someone to paint, to make our town a prettier place. I really love it and if I knew who had painted it I would give them credit for it. I just hope the seagulls respect it.

Up date: The artist is Leigh Mulley.

Just in case you have forgotten that it is Mother’s Day tomorrow nip to the shop and get the ingredients for this cocktail and cake and you will be the super child and if there is anything you need to tell her do it after the drink and cake! I am going out to dinner tonight with my eldest daughter and granddaughter for my Mother’s Day celebration so I am a happy mum. We also get a free drink and free dessert, so even happier.


Sometimes you come into contact with people who not only put a smile on your face but do something that is incredibly kind. Today Rachel Dove put a post on Facebook that she had finished reading the above book, I did comment to say that I was on the lookout for it in the charity shops. Rachel then replied that she would send me her hardback version in the post on Monday and all she would ask is that I review it for Jo Jo Moyes. This kind act will have me smiling for the next few days and I really cannot wait to read this book.

I will have to read all day tomorrow to finish this one, which again is very good. I am having a run of good books at the moment which is great.


Have a wonderful evening everyone what ever you are doing and I will be back tomorrow with a post about the meal tonight and the prosecco!



I am so pleased we decided to go and see this as it was really good, crying and laughing, yes I even had a few tears at one point, will not tell you why as it will spoil it for you.

I loved the characters and when Joanna Lumley popped up then so did Kara with “I met her Nan” yes Kara I remember. I am sure some people will relate to this and hopefully it will give you the courage to FIND YOUR FEET.




We both really like it here and it never disappoints us, we do stick to the same starter as both of us enjoy that with a glass of rosé wine. Sour dough bread and humus, probably the best humus I have had any where.

Then the pizza which we do try different ones, this was caramelised apple, onion, pork and it even had some crackling on it! Very nice and one pizza is just right for two of you, I have no idea how some people eat a whole one.

A lovely time had by both of us and I caught up with all her news, she does make me laugh sometimes.

We have the next film sorted when I can remember what it was lol.


Some of you will be pleased to know I remembered to take photos of everything! I was amazed myself lol.


March already and the third lunch for the ladies, we celebrated Sheila’s birthday and had a few laughs, mostly about Lynda. This time it took her 30 minutes to travel not even 5 minutes then blaming the sat nav and the best bit was she had been there before! No wonder one of her closest friends call her Dinny! lol.

Portofino is a small select restaurant, with the food always very good as is the service. They do a very good lunch time menu which has three choices, garlic bread and a glass of wine for £9.50 which I think you will agree is a great deal. Also the choices were something a bit different which really makes it enjoyable. With bread and butter on the table as soon as you arrive, there is no rush for your orders, again a positive point, I hate to be rushed. You had a choice in the wine and I went for the red which I must say was very nice, which again was a positive as they can be a bit tart when in a meal deal.

Four of us had the tortellini which had a lovely tomato and mushroom sauce, with the others having filled pancakes all came with garlic bread.

I loved the little gadget for the parmesan cheese, was nice to get enough on your plate so you can taste it. Why are many restaurants so tight with it? I can remember when you used to get a small dish of it and you helped yourself.


As we have been doing birthdays for a few years we decided this year to pick something we really wanted or a voucher for somewhere so we can all get what we would like. Sheila had a magnolia tree and a garden center voucher so as long as the tree lives she will always remember us buying it for her.

Dessert was extra as not included in the deal but you must have dessert, yes?  The choice was extremely good so we had, a banoffee dish, tiramisu and lime cheesecake.


Brilliant food and as always the best company with lots of laughs. Looking forward to next month already and we will be meeting at The Grand for Corinnes birthday.

These are the other menu’s so you can see there is a wide choice here.


Thank you very much for an enjoyable lunch.




I would like to thank Prestige Flowers for the super purple flowers we ordered for Jackie, they were gorgeous.

Arriving at The Hungry Horse in Folkestone we were told that there was no booking, we did book but didn’t have the confirmation with us so we could not have our usual round table, we did find a smaller one so that was good as it makes it so much easier to talk to everyone. It was quite busy for a Wednesday lunchtime but I think we out stayed everyone! We can blame Lynda for that as she got stuck in traffic on the M20 for three hours! So we had to have another bottle of wine once she arrived which I must say is a bargain on a Wednesday as it is only £5.00 a bottle then we had dessert and Lynda had a salad so keeping with her diet.


The food was nice and hot with no complaints from any of us, we had some of the deals which were two meals for £7.99 so four of us had the scampi and you got ten pieces, also a decent size pot of tartar.


The salads are a nice size here with a bit of everything in them, Carol had chicken with hers which looked really nice and Sheila had the fish and chips.

Once again I am afraid this time I forgot to take pictures of the desserts apart from Sheilas, I was obviously talking too much and not paying attention, I must do better.


We did have a lot to talk about as Carol had been to Australia to see her daughter, that flight is so long I really admire her for doing it every year. There was a lot of discussion about the body that had been found on the motorway the night before and then my head was bursting with ideas for a story. The ladies putting in their ideas and it got very bizarre but good fun. I will have to tell Lisa Cutts that I am writing that story as she is a great author who also works for the police here, lovely lady. I have also just started one of her books, Buried Secrets, very good. Look out for Ladies who lunch investigate.

So a pleasant afternoon was had by us all as we put the world to rights, it was the turn of the government, the NHS and our local Shepway council. I am sure we would run it all a lot better and not waste anywhere near the amount of money that they all do.




Fourteen of us descended on Jodie and Darren for Pancake Day and what a brilliant time we all had. There was a little bit of alcohol involved and I think we worked out that the men cooked about 60 pancakes while the women sat at the table with the children.

George was the winner, yes we had a tally going on, he ate 14 pancakes so not as good as last year as he did 22 then! He is so skinny I am not sure where he puts them. Sam came second with 13, I think the glass of wine replaced another one.

The twins had a great time, that was Jodie letting Lily dip in the chocolate spread! Bad aunty Jodie lol.

Kara and Reece made a good effort but only did about 8 each. A whole tub of ice cream was eaten but only one person had the healthy berries on their pancake, that was Darren. The mini marshmallows were popular and the syrup, with George having two bananas on his.

After the twins left!

It was a great night with lots of laughs, you just cannot beat a family get together.



No excuse needed to go for pizza today as it is National Pizza Day and the best bit is that Lubens have got a new menu.

I love this place its got a great atmosphere and the staff are lovely, oh!  Not forgetting their pizza….delicious!

Contact them  here