Someone asked me if I was going away in my camper van this summer and it got me thinking about a summer bucket list. What do you want to do? Have you made any plans yet? My biggest wish is for hot weather, it would be so good if we actually knew it was going to be warm and nice as then you would have so many plans. Also it would be so good to be able to leave all your chairs and cushions etc out in the garden all summer, I get so fed up bringing it all in as soon as the weather changes.

I think my list goes like this:

Camping with the family.

Going to the open air swimming pool in Faversham with the children.

Getting a tan.

Enjoying a glass of wine in Jodie’s hot tub.

Going to the beach.

Spending an afternoon in the sunshine with friends and drinking a cocktail.

Eating in the garden.

Seeing more of the UK in the camper van.

Sitting outside in the evening just chilling.

Taking lots of photo’s in manual mode on camera. (I need the practise)

Going up the stables with a picnic, watching them all ride.

I am sure I will think of lots more as soon as I have finished this.

I saw these cute note books in The Works, you can never have too many!


This is the book I am reading now and so far it is ok, a FBI agent has crashed her car and lost her memory so I guess anything could happen next. I have a few ideas but I am probably wrong, I think I have seen a film along the same lines but as usual I cannot remember the name of it.


This is a new author for me and one I have not heard off, I like giving reviews for different authors.

I have been asked if I would like to do another hypnotherapy session with Mark down at Core Therapies in exchange for a review, so that will be happening after Easter.


Tomorrow is the meeting for the Folkestone writers which I attend, this year I will be doing a lot of their advertising on social media and getting the word out about the writing competition this year and the anthology. We still have some books left from last year if anybody would like one please let me know.

Hope you are all having a good week and dodging the showers.




How has your week been?

Mine has been very different as I have my granddaughter living with me for a little while so she has the lounge with the sofa bed as her little bed sit and I have my bedroom, which is my little bed sit. She works at two jobs so is not here very much but it is hard to get used to someone here and not worrying about them if they are not home and at 20 she is not used to telling someone where she is. Kara has been very unlucky in the boy friends she has picked so is getting herself out of debt and sorting her life out, then when she has saved a deposit she can then move into a room to rent near her work.


The new neighbour will be moving in soon and I have made sure they will be very quiet by telling the landlord about a friend of mine who was interested in renting the flat and it has all worked out really well as they get on so she is beginning to pack. I had a lovely bunch of flowers from Helen as a thank you.


The beginning of the week my friend Sheila popped in to see me and I got some lovely tulips from her, did you know that if you put a 2p coin in the vase of water it will keep the tulips up-right instead of bending over. It works every time.


I have been reading Jo Jo Moyes, Still Me this week, it is very good and nice to read about Lou Clark again and what she has been up to since Will died, that’s from the book and film, Me before you.

The clocks go forward this weekend so it will be nice to have light evenings again, Easter is very early this year as Good Friday is the 1st April. It definitely won’t be warm enough for any camping yet so the holidays will just consist of days out for the grandchildren. Our weather has been very different this year with some nice days and then some really cold snow days and they have even said we might get more snow during easter. My bulbs have not come through or flowered yet so I have put some pansies in pots to give the garden a bit of colour. A very quiet weekend planned with just reading and writing involved for myself.

What have you got planned?


Some of you will be pleased to know I remembered to take photos of everything! I was amazed myself lol.


March already and the third lunch for the ladies, we celebrated Sheila’s birthday and had a few laughs, mostly about Lynda. This time it took her 30 minutes to travel not even 5 minutes then blaming the sat nav and the best bit was she had been there before! No wonder one of her closest friends call her Dinny! lol.

Portofino is a small select restaurant, with the food always very good as is the service. They do a very good lunch time menu which has three choices, garlic bread and a glass of wine for £9.50 which I think you will agree is a great deal. Also the choices were something a bit different which really makes it enjoyable. With bread and butter on the table as soon as you arrive, there is no rush for your orders, again a positive point, I hate to be rushed. You had a choice in the wine and I went for the red which I must say was very nice, which again was a positive as they can be a bit tart when in a meal deal.

Four of us had the tortellini which had a lovely tomato and mushroom sauce, with the others having filled pancakes all came with garlic bread.

I loved the little gadget for the parmesan cheese, was nice to get enough on your plate so you can taste it. Why are many restaurants so tight with it? I can remember when you used to get a small dish of it and you helped yourself.


As we have been doing birthdays for a few years we decided this year to pick something we really wanted or a voucher for somewhere so we can all get what we would like. Sheila had a magnolia tree and a garden center voucher so as long as the tree lives she will always remember us buying it for her.

Dessert was extra as not included in the deal but you must have dessert, yes?  The choice was extremely good so we had, a banoffee dish, tiramisu and lime cheesecake.


Brilliant food and as always the best company with lots of laughs. Looking forward to next month already and we will be meeting at The Grand for Corinnes birthday.

These are the other menu’s so you can see there is a wide choice here.


Thank you very much for an enjoyable lunch.




I would like to thank Prestige Flowers for the super purple flowers we ordered for Jackie, they were gorgeous.

Arriving at The Hungry Horse in Folkestone we were told that there was no booking, we did book but didn’t have the confirmation with us so we could not have our usual round table, we did find a smaller one so that was good as it makes it so much easier to talk to everyone. It was quite busy for a Wednesday lunchtime but I think we out stayed everyone! We can blame Lynda for that as she got stuck in traffic on the M20 for three hours! So we had to have another bottle of wine once she arrived which I must say is a bargain on a Wednesday as it is only £5.00 a bottle then we had dessert and Lynda had a salad so keeping with her diet.


The food was nice and hot with no complaints from any of us, we had some of the deals which were two meals for £7.99 so four of us had the scampi and you got ten pieces, also a decent size pot of tartar.


The salads are a nice size here with a bit of everything in them, Carol had chicken with hers which looked really nice and Sheila had the fish and chips.

Once again I am afraid this time I forgot to take pictures of the desserts apart from Sheilas, I was obviously talking too much and not paying attention, I must do better.


We did have a lot to talk about as Carol had been to Australia to see her daughter, that flight is so long I really admire her for doing it every year. There was a lot of discussion about the body that had been found on the motorway the night before and then my head was bursting with ideas for a story. The ladies putting in their ideas and it got very bizarre but good fun. I will have to tell Lisa Cutts that I am writing that story as she is a great author who also works for the police here, lovely lady. I have also just started one of her books, Buried Secrets, very good. Look out for Ladies who lunch investigate.

So a pleasant afternoon was had by us all as we put the world to rights, it was the turn of the government, the NHS and our local Shepway council. I am sure we would run it all a lot better and not waste anywhere near the amount of money that they all do.



What a grey area we have here and it does not matter what the topic is as for some you are never too old.


I think choosing what we wear after we turn 50 is a bit of a gamble with the good thing being that maybe we are too old to give a dam and just wear what we like and what is comfortable. I think some get a bit braver and mix up their style and I’m all for that, let’s have a bit of individuality as lets face it no one is going to stop you and say something, we are british and far too ‘proper’ for that.

Dating – It certainly does not get any easier no matter what age you are, it’s all a bit of a minefield especially once you look at internet dating. Supposed to be easier as your only matched to people who match you but I can assure you it does not always work. We all know all the rules about safety but what about courage and nerves we need an app to activate that as I am lacking in that department. A truth button on the dating sites would be good as we can all put what ever we like.

A little while ago there was a speed dating event in Folkestone and it is one thing that I have never attempted but I thought I could go with a friend and it could be a fun night out. This is where the title of the post comes in as yes, I was too old! Me at 57 was too old to attend the speed dating, I was a bit peeved. Why would they think the middle-aged of us are too old to speed date? There are an awful lot of single, divorced and widowed older people now which I am sure would make it a very fun evening and I am sure we would all stay for a drink and socialise until the close of the bar!

So maybe age is just a number and you are only as old as the man you are feeling….I wish! LOL

I really liked his poem by Ananya Grace Haldar that I saw on Facebook.

“Romancing After Forty”

We didn’t see this coming
We thought we were done
with pursuing and dating.
It’s Rube Goldberg complex
just trying to meet someone;
and the rules have changed
You’re either too needy —–
Or not needy enough.

Then there’s the danger
of judging too soon.
So we accept each other’s baggage because what would we look like
if we never took that chance?
We learn to embrace
these novelties
with the phases of the moon.

By now, we are who we are
No one is going to change.
We’ve reached middle age
We’re confident, successful.
Ready for the next stage.
We have experience,
so take that leap of faith —–
You might like where you land.

Ananya Grace Haldar
16 January 2018



I have to say I found this very easy mainly because I didn’t go out socialising, in fact I only left the flat about four times as this vertigo keeps making me fall over. I did have one fail though with a glass of Prosecco but that was just because I was round my son’s house exchanging christmas presents at the beginning of the month. So I figure that should come under December though LOL.


How about this for all of us on a diet, I have not tasted them but if you have then let us know what you think.

My plans for the month include reading these books:

Doing review posts for a lovely bottle of wine I received.


I am also having some hypnotherapy today as he wants some exposure in our area, so that should be interesting.

I will also be doing some writing and more promoting of my blog.  I do have the lunch to celebrate Jackies 70th which I am sure will be a fun afternoon.

What have you got planned for february?


The years roll on, feeling like they are going so much quicker the older you get. It certainly does not feel like I have been writing this blog for five years! I am amazed that I still find things to write about but I can honestly say that there is always something that pops into my mind as I open the mac.

I am now getting authors and publishers sending me books to review, so I am enjoying reading a variety of stories, which is good.

Companies have started requesting reviews, which is very exciting as I get to try many products, from cat foods to magazines and of course the wonderful flowers I had the last week from Prestige Flowers. I could do with a car to review lol.

The reviews of the restaurants/bars and coffee shops are very popular especially with the people of Folkestone and I have a couple of new places coming up soon, so watch this space.

My reader numbers have gone up on all the platforms that my blog goes on, actually increasing everyday.

I am looking forward to doing a bit of travelling in the camper van round the UK once spring arrives so that will then be travel posts to add to the many others.

Someone asked me the other day what I blog about and what heading would it come under, so as there is so much variety but it is always to do with my world I live in, I said it all comes under lifestyle, KAREN’S LIFESTYLE IN KAREN’S WORLD.