I say Good Friday but I don’t think it really means anything to people anymore, especially the youngsters. Everything is open and carries on as normal apart from people who work in office based jobs. Last year it was one of the busiest days for 999 calls! Over eating of chocolate maybe lol.

Today in Folkestone we have rain and it is the forecast for the next week, just when the children are on holiday but I guess we have come to expect that.

Are you having fish for dinner? That is what we did when I was a child, we used to go down to Strood and the fresh fish van and get our dinner then Nan would cook it later that day. I used to have some cockles to eat in the car. Tonight I will be having salmon from the freezer with some spinach and sauce like the picture as that looks very tasty.

I am going to read my book now and relax. Happy Easter to you all.





Another brilliant old style police murder mystery by Guy Fraser-Sampson, set in Hampstead, London with the police we have come to know and love in Guys stories.  I think this is the best one so far and I really hope he will write some more in this series as it grips you, with the old-fashioned breaking down of clues and suspects.  I did think I knew who committed the murder but then other red herrings were thrown up so I changed my mind.  It is nice seeing the same characters and getting to know a bit more about them they bring the modern into the story. Once you start reading this you can’t help but carry on collecting the clues and even though the police were at the event where it all took place it didn’t help them a bit, which I thought was good. definitely a must for your reading list this year.



I am reading this at the moment, it took me a couple of try’s to get into it but once I did I am finding it very good.

On Goodreads they have giveaways that you can go in for all the time and last week I was very pleased to win Sophie Kinsella new proof edition book, cannot wait to read it but it is down the list a bit, I seem to be falling behind with my reading the last couple of weeks.  I was showing Alfie what I had read and showing off a bit when I told him I had read about 54 books this year, we then clicked on other people’s total and loads had read more than me, with one person on 200 books this year!  Alfie thought it was highly funny.  How do people find the time to read that many or do they just skim read?


I have read this next book and it was really good but cannot blog about it until publication day in January.


I am also still reading this book but again really interesting topic about magazines and editors. Hopefully over the holiday I will get time to read and catch up on my to be read pile.



I have been thinking about my camper and looking forward to getting away next year also looking at things I need and I absolutely love these mugs, glasses and plate set, I will have to save my penny’s and put them on my birthday list, yes I know its 6 months to wait. It’s good to plan though lol.


What a super pair of shoes for the christmas season, I love them and you can get them from good old Primark.  You can’t beat a bit of fluff!


Asda are doing some great things this year and it’s always best to look on-line as you get some bargains on things that are not in the shop.  I love these pyjamas, I always buy ones with a stretchy bottom as I find it so annoying when they ride up over your knee’s in bed.

Christmas jumpers for all the family are an essential item as not only do some schools have jumper day but when we as a family all go for breakfast with father christmas on xmas eve we all have to wear our jumpers and that sets us all up for christmas.

Asda again have a great selection for all the family.  I really like these ones as I get a bit hot so these are thinner.  They are very me.

Have you got all your presents?  I really don’t like wrapping and every year I say I will take my time and wrap them all nice with bows and ribbons….that lasts for about the first five I wrap.


I did have to treat myself to a christmas mug at £2 that was a bargain and will last for years.  I have no idea what happened to the one I did have but that’s ok as it was a bit green and I don’t like that colour.

When I was small we all used to have new dresses for christmas day but times change and all my lot appear to have new pyjamas on christmas eve and keep them on all the next day, unless they are going out which some of the older ones do in fact Izzy is working during the afternoon and doing the tea’s at the old people’s home.


I like some of these clothes and shoes, I never go out new years eve or at all really so sometimes I miss dressing up but then I remember how comfy pyjamas are, maybe I will get some sparkly pyjamas lol.





WOW 25 years, sometimes it’s hard to remember back when there were no mobiles.  The world is changing so much and not all good but I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

I must admit I do think our mobiles are good for letting people know you are ok or safe, or if you breakdown, I suppose for all emergency events.  I have got to admit it does get on my nerves if you are with someone and they have forever got their eyes on the phone as it bleeps or what ever noise you have it doing. Should I now tell you that I have got a christmas ring and text tone, just getting a bit of christmas spirit lol.

I love the way some of the old stuff is popular again now, such as record players and I am so pleased that I kept all my records. I like that we take loads more photos now and of course I could not do without my Ipad or Mac.  The coffee machines are great but I have now gone on to one that you put the coffee in yourself as all the pods and plastic are destroying our world, hurting the animals and just not decomposing.


We just use far too much plastic, we have to stop before it destroys so many things on our planet.  The picture above brings it all home how long things take to break down.

Microwaves are brilliant and washing machines are so much better than an old twin-tub.

What do you think are good inventions?

What could you do without?



Meeting up with friends on cold winter days will always make you feel good and no matter which one of us has a problem or bit of stress we will put the world to rights with our problem solving skills, we used to be very intelligent women when working you know and as always a lot of laughter.

With views out to sea, impeccable service this restaurant at the front of The Grand, Palm Court is one of the most beautiful places to dine.  I never get tired of going here and could sit for ages just people watching and taking in the view.  I think I may go here to do some editing as I am sure it would make it less boring.


The lunch club on a Wednesday is one of the best deals you can find in Folkestone and surrounding areas.  For  £9.75 you get two course and a coffee, the table is laid up lovely with linen serviette and free bread rolls!  There is no rush to finish, which is good for us a we do like to chat.  I wish I had taken a photo of the pianist as she played some lovely music for us and it really made the meal so enjoyable and special.

Most had the roast beef or pork but the salmon fish cake and pasta bake were really nice, Corinne had the soup which looked delicious and home-made.  Fresh vegetables are always nice and have far more taste that frozen.

The Tiramisu was the most popular and it was superb, one of the best I have tasted.  Jackie and Lynda normally have problems with their desserts but Lynda was still away and Jackie went for the ice-cream so she played it safe, at one point I thought she was going to say she didn’t like one of the flavours, LOL.

Another month gone by so next time it will be our christmas meal, these monthly outings seem to make the year go very quick but I think we all need and enjoy them as it takes us out and away from what ever is going on.  Our thoughts are with Liz this month and hoping she has better news by December.  Sharon could not make this meal as was attending a funeral so our thoughts were with her that day.

If you are interested in knowing more about The Grand they do a tour of the premises on a Friday afternoon which is full of information and history then ending with a cream tea that is the best.


NOVEMBER 5th – This might be a moan!


Years ago a group of children would build a guy and then take him to sit outside the local shop asking for “a penny for the guy Mr” in the evening all the families would gather round the rec to watch, bringing home-made toffee apples.  There would be lots of oooooo and aaarrrrrs as the fireworks made their magic in the sky.

What a lovely thought but now it is just a memory for many as you could not let your kids out to knock on doors asking for things to build their guy, you could not let them sit outside shops on their own.  I am guessing that now hardly any of them would know what a guy was let alone how to build one.

Times change – we now have fireworks for about a week and for any other occasion people can think of, they are let off with not a thought for anyone else or animals.  This week I have seen news about a horse jumping over the fence because a firework went off very early evening and landed in his field, the horse landed on a car and is now in vet hospital, the owner is distraught and praying he will be ok.  Dogs are escaping gardens so scared and just running, cats are hiding.  We all know to bring our animals inside but you do not expect it all to start so early in the evening or a week either side of November 5th.  They are so loud that I am sure it would be more enjoyable if quieter so you can just watch the spectacular colour show, many children are so scared they do not even want to go outside.

Where is the enjoyment in all that?

What I think – Firework displays should only be arranged ones with a permit, no fireworks should be sold to the general public, there needs to be a bigger cordon keeping people further away from the fireworks. I have seen a firework first hand come back down into the crowd and seriously hurt many people.  With all the fuss about health and safety now a days I cannot understand why they are still allowed, they have set ridiculous rules for some things but then nothing for fireworks going off in streets, gardens or just about anywhere at anytime during the year!


Feel free to comment, rant over, I think, oh no! There will be more tonight as it is actually Guy Fawkes night!