As fast as the snow arrived it disappeared but not before Jade had a quick ride on Samson in it, did not appear to bother either of them but I am sure it must be more fun in the sunshine.


I acquired myself a record player and was very pleased to discover that it had a CD drive and a cassette deck, radio and aux plug, the sound is great and I am so pleased with it, even more so in that it only cost me £30 and they are selling new for £145 my bargain of the month I think.  I then spent all Saturday listening to all my old records, such good memories.  I love it when so many of the songs you can actually remember an event that happened at that time.  I don’t feel that happens now a days or am I just too old and nothing much happens any more?

I was 6 years old when that christmas song came out and I have never heard it play on TV or radio since then.  Typical teenager writing all over Donny Osmond cover for Puppy Love, you can not beat the original, then summer of my life; 14 and heartbroken.  Many more happy memories that last forever.  I am very cross with myself for chucking out all my old cassettes and I only did that about 6 months ago, gutted.

Mia and Zac came for dinner and Peaches was trying her very best to ignore them and go sleep and then hissed at me as if I was the one waking her up!   The children are all on half term for the week so I have a movie night planned with Jodie and a trip to London with Izzy.  I am not filling myself up too much as still get really tired and out of breath so a bit of reading and writing will be my lot for the week.  Have a great week what ever you are doing x


Do you still have a newspaper delivered or do you buy one everyday?  

While I was growing up we had the paper delivered also the local paper on a Friday, in fact my Nan had a magazine and I had a comic so the newsagent must have loved us; but it was the done thing everybody I knew had a paper boy/girl.  I was about 14 when I got my first paper round it was horrible getting up in the winter but I spent all week planning what I was going to spend my money on when I got it Saturday so that kept me going.

Sadly not many homes have the luxury of this anymore but that is due to the fact that people read what news they want to on-line, many not even downloading a whole newspaper just using an app the read the headlines or what appeals to them.

Do you miss not having a paper delivered or even buying one everyday?

I would like to still have one delivered but I class that as an expense that I cannot afford, I don’t even buy one anymore.  I guess eventually journalists will all be self-employed and work from home as the up keep of an office can not really be justified now.

Many stories are reprinted from other sources or blogs or even websites, I do find it very annoying when I do buy a magazine and find that half the stories have been in some other print form.  I think the local newspapers will survive for a bit longer as they have the interest of all the local people but I think eventually they will be disregarded with people getting news instantly on the Facebook local pages for the area you live in.

It is an ever-changing world we live in today and it makes you wonder where it will all end, I’m not against future developments but I do sometimes miss some of the old ways.

What about you? 



I have always had a bit of a fascination for this very talented man H.G.Wells especially as he lived here in Folkestone, in fact he had the house built and it still stands today but is a nursing home.  I have been through the grounds and even seen the hut that he did a lot of his writing in.  You can even see the house he rented in Sandgate while the house was being built.

I do not think people are aware of how clever he really was in thinking up things of the future.  Even the house he built had bathrooms for every bedroom something no one else had thought of before and did not even take off until many years later after his death.  He predicted some sort of talking device to contact other people or as it is known today, the phone.

He was a very passionate man in his writing and his personal life, in fact when indulging in a passionate affair it would show in his writing.  His most famous book is The Time Machine which was so well received then, it put him forwards as a most popular author, so many wanted to read his views in his stories.


Folkestone used to be such a grand place, it would be lovely to see it like that again for our future generations.


I have read all the books in this series and I never get bored as they are full of wonderful thoughts of Guernsey, in fact it has prompted me to go there next year and see this beautiful island for myself.

I love the way you get glimpses of previous books but in no way does it spoil your enjoyment as they are all stand alone stories.

This one gives you the history of what it was like in the war for the islanders and how they really struggled, I think as it is blended into the story you find it so interesting.  Maybe this is how history should be taught as a book full of dates, wars and recession has never appealed to me but these stories I could read all the time.

I also love anything spiritual and the ghosts in this one are very believable, I would love to meet one!  A great book to read coming up to Halloween but to be honest you can read this anytime and you will enjoy it.  Part love story mixed in as well so you get a bit of everything in this book.  Well done Anne Allen for writing one of the best book series I have read, I am now waiting for the next one.


I always love going to the cinema here as it is so old and nostalgic, shame they don’t build them like this now.

I had Alfie to stay for a couple of days so we went to see Saving Dory, got to say it was really good and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

The one good thing about going in the afternoon is that it is not so expensive but it was still £11 for both of us.  I do not know how families manage to take their children to all these places and don’t get me started on the theme parks!

I guess the cinemas have been very popular this summer as there has not been many hot days to go to the beach.

I had a fun couple of days with Alfie, we watched some good films and he did my breakfast one day as it was one of his homework tasks, just cereal but all good.


Have you always read books or did you start as an adult?

Where did your love of books come from?

My love started as soon as I could read so birthdays and christmas always bought a few more books.  I loved the annuals at christmas time.  Every night saw me go to bed to read and most times never turned the light out until I was threatened with the removal of the book.  Once I started a book I had to finish it, there was no, just reading a couple of pages and putting it down.  I am still like that and will read all the time no matter what is going on.  I think my reason for reading at such an early age was escapism as I was a very lonely child even though my grandparents were the very best I always felt very different from all the other kids.  Divorce and living with your Nan and Granddad were unheard of then.

We had the newspaper delivered every day and Nan got her magazine once a week and she used to read me the story about the robin and as soon as I could read I had a comic delivered, I was always up and ready early on those mornings so I could have a quick read before school.  I think Twinkle was the first one and that progressed up to Jackie over the years and then Loving and Love Affair as I loved the stories in those.

Enid Blyton was the best author as far as I was concerned, how did she think up these great adventures although I used to think she was writing about herself and envied her so much for having such cool friends and camps.

I would never give any of my books away and made Granddad put them all up in the loft in a big metal trunk, not sure how he got the metal trunk up there.  I can remember when I was married asking him if I could have some of the books and he told me he had given a lot to the children hospital, I was devastated at the time but pleased they went to a good place.

I read library books every week as we used to go every Saturday to change them and I am sure I read every Enid Blyton book they had.  Topsy and Tim was also a favourite of mine.  From the age of about ten I helped out in the library every Saturday afternoon, how good was that stamping the books out and going through the cards and then I made a library at home with all my books.

As I was an only child and lived with my grandparents I would often get a bit bored so Granddad used to make up topics and I would get a new exercise book and then go and find the books I needed and find out about the topic  Once it was clouds and I knew all the names of all the different ones and did drawings of them all.

I guess once a reader always a reader and I now read almost any books apart from historical as I prefer the modern-day.  Of course my dream would be to see my book in a library or in the window of Waterstones.




I think she looks so pretty in pink it really suits her.  90 years and still working, even though it’s not hard work traveling does take it out of you.  She has survived the many upsets in her personal life with her family and come through it all better than a lot of us.  I know we all wonder what goes on behind closed doors but for a traditional woman of 90 she has kept up with the times.  Little George loves his gan gan and you can see the special bond they have when together.  

I admire the woman and our monachey it is so very English and something to be proud of, let’s hope for many more years celebrating with our queen ❤️