I really love pansy’s and the mixture of colours you can get them in, the slugs like them to but since I have had the little pond I don’t see very many and that is why my baby frogs are so fat!

I have moved things about in the garden, with a lot of help from my friend Sylvie so I am very happy with it now, I just want all the bulbs and flowers to grow so I have lots of colour and hopefully be able to pick some flowers for indoors.  There is only one job left to do and that is digging over the rose bed so I am looking for a strong person to lend a hand.  Loving the new wicker chair which is so comfortable and a bargain for £20 also the pink plastic coated shelf, so it will not rust for £8, I do like my bargains.  I need to make the cushion covers for all the chairs so they are all matching.  Herbs are growing very well this year as are the strawberries so should get a bumper crop.  I have a pretty white rose for growing all over the pink ladder and I want to get some nice standard roses for the rose bed but all shades of pink.

The olive tree has grown loads in the year I have had it and it likes the full sun most of the day.  I made a little drinking pot for the bumble bees and butterflies with coloured stones.


I get very impatient waiting for things to grow especially my table and chairs outside the front as the ivy and climbers should be all over them and then they will look nice hopefully.  I will look out for a very fast growing climber I think.


I love my garden.



Hello February, let’s hope you are a bit better than January as I have missed most of that as been in bed poorly.  So this month we have Valentines Day so it is full of love and happiness.  I also have my eldest grandsons 16th birthday, he never changes and I love him to bits.

A short month so it takes us ever closer to Spring, I cannot wait and have already been looking at plants to get for the garden, I am particularly interested in a cherry tree as think the blossom will be lovely and if I get cherries then that’s all good, also more plants that come back every year as it is getting harder to get down to weeding.

What are you looking forward to in February?



What a glorious day, the sunshine is so warm in my garden; can you spot the cat?  I am loving the colours of the grape-vine this year, all I need now is a red Acer tree (think that’s right)

Lovely blooms and colours, I really like Fucias and they stay all year here as no frost and warmer temperatures.  The turf has all been pulled up and my oiled stepping-stones put down, with Camomile, spreading Thyme with pink flowers and Lilly of the valley in between them.  Will need some more fragrant ground cover in the spring; I think it will look and smell gorgeous.

I recently had a short story published in the Folkestone anthology, I can now say I have received a written review!  How wonderful does that make you feel, it not only encourages you to keep going but it also lets you know someone is reading your work.

As I was so impressed with this review I would like to say a very big thank you to Sheila for not only taking the time to read it but also to put pen to paper, it has made my year!  Here is the review.

Hi Karen, just sat and read your short story and I was really impressed! I can’t begin to imagine where you start. How excited she is at the beginning and full of love for Steve. The anticipation of the Summer Ball and then the let down and despair at the end of the love affair. It’s all there,well done!! 

Please keep it up Karen. Looking forward to reading your book when it’s finished! Xxxx. 🙂

I will now get back to writing, have a lovely day everyone. x



You can smell the variety of fantastic blooms the closer you get to this shop, which is on Cheriton Place just up from Chambers and Anna’s.

So much variety but not just flowers but all the accessories, the welcome is like you’re a long-lost friend with so much help and advice given by them the experts in anything to-do with flowers.  The candles they stock are heavenly.

The window display is gorgeous, such wonderful colours and then inside you have the autumnal mix.  I cannot wait to see what their christmas pieces will look like, amazing I bet. If you are feeling artistic they are doing workshops to make your own wreath.  They will make up anything to order with all the care taken as if it is their own.

You can find them on Facebook and at the moment they are running a competition so head on over there and get yourself in with a chance to win some flowers and a £30 gift voucher for Follies.






I cannot remember when I last went fruit picking so it was a pleasant surprise to go here with Billie and the children today.  I seem to recall that it was just strawberry’s we used to pick years ago and eat as many as we picked, I did not eat any today so I must be all grown up.  The farm shop is stocked with just about anything including gifts, meat and plants also lots of home-made jars of chutney, jam and sauces, I could have spent a fortune but I just got these strawberries and they cost me £2.80 plus 15p for the punnet which you can take back and use again. So it is all a bargain as I got so many as you can see in photo.

I could not get over how big it all was and you could pick so many different types of fruit, I didn’t get to the plums this time but will defiantly be coming again.  The little kids loved it as you could run around all the lines of fruit.



How do you know you have taken a good photograph?  Is it just your own interpretation or do you find fault in all of them?  I delete more than I keep but that is just practise, I have tried to read books on taking the best photo but I find that really hard as I learn by watching.

I must admit that these photos I have picked here I do think they are good, that is just my opinion though but having put them on-line I could then pick fault with one of them.

I love the simple two colours here with the Lavender, it makes me feel like I can actually run my hand through this and smell the scent.

  I think the sea should be faded out and not so clear but a bit fuzzy but that is just my opinion as I am sure an expert would find fault with all my photos I use on my blog.

I like to use my own pictures as then there is no risk of copywriter which is a huge problem these days, so if you do a blog start taking any pictures as you never know when they will be useful.

This rose looks so intense and rich to me.

I like the textures here of the slate and brickwork, they work so well together.

Happy photography day everyone. x


It was Donkey Derby weekend with car boot sale and fun fair, what a choice but Zac liked the ride on the fire engine best.  All I got was some plants for the garden.

Took a ride on the bus which was a first time for Zac, he just sat there amazed lol.