March was a good month in a lot of ways especially for my blog as my stats went up lots so I am on track for building it up. I had over 2,000 new followers over all social media and I am pleased to say that Stumbleupon has proved good in bringing in new people to read my blog. Facebook and my blog itself are the most popular ways of following my posts and I am pleased to say that the comments are increasing although very slowly.

I did an awful lot of reading but I think that was because of the bad weather and not feeling the best, a couple were short stories but altogether I read ten books, very pleased with that and keeps me on track for my total at the end of the year.

So it is now April and spring but not very spring like weather although we have not got snow down here on the south coast like they have up north.

My camper had a flat tyre so Greenflag breakdown service came out and sorted that out and charged the battery also telling me that it has the wrong battery so I will need to purchase a bigger one as that was why it went flat. A new tyre and a battery so it is going to be an expensive month.  I am so looking forward to going away even if it’s just for a couple of days, I want to take the cat with me and see what she thinks about it.

I joined a Facebook group called single women with campers and was really pleased that there were so many of us out there roaming around the world. They did give me some good ideas and one was to put some tools in the van even though I will always have breakdown cover you never know when you might need a screw driver or spanner. I am still trying to think of a name for my camper so any ideas will be welcome, I think I am thinking too much about it.

I hope to do a lot more writing if I go away as very behind with book, I also have to write a couple of short stories for a competition and one for the Folkestone Writers.

Lunch this month is not until the end of April and hopefully everyone will be able to make it. We will be going to The Grand, I like it there and the views over to France are splendid on a clear day.

The weeds are starting to grow so I need to get the black matting put down under the stepping-stones to stop them and trim back some of the grape-vine. I put some pansies in pots just to brighten the place up a bit. I need it to stop raining so I can get it all sorted before they take over the garden, the weeds I mean.

What have you got planned for April?

Have a good week, it will seem like a nice short one if you are back to work in the morning.  I just love this bunting, how clever.


This is a special Mother’s Day post.

Sam poem

The above poem my son Sam did for me when he was about ten and I have treasured it. It is so nice when you go through an old box and find the treasures that you have saved.


The following poems are from a very talented lady Ananya Haldar who lives in America, I have posted about one of her poems before so I asked her if she would kindly do some for today and luckily she said yes. Thank you Ananya.
“For the Best Mum”
Mum, I struggle to find the words to say what I want to express to you today.
I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs,
You’ve heard me laugh
and you’ve seen me frown.
Through it all you’re always there
showing me how much you care.
I think of sacrifices you made
and I hope you’re proud
of the child you raised.
I want to make sure that you knew
I know it wasn’t easy for you.
I love you, Mum,
Happy Mother’s Day to you!
Ananya Haldar 2018
That was my favourite one.
“A Sophisticated Woman”
She’s a sophisticated woman
who uses credit cards,
throws charity balls
and attends seminars.
She faithfully lectures
at the university and
writes letters to her MP.
She’s admired for great achievements
while caring for three children,
having dinner on the table
each evening at six.
In the office at seven
for a conference call,
and does all she is able.
Who is there to see that
though they call her “Auntie,”
She is actually the neighbour
who was there when Mum died?
She saw a need and
does what she can
to help them along.
Happy Mother’s Day to a mum –
who didn’t have to be one!
Ananya Haldar 2018
“Small Wishes”
I know how you wanted
to keep me there
but you let me go
for that was my choice.
You asked how long
I would be gone
the last time I
heard your voice.
Holidays are celebrated
while I’m away,
Seasons pass and
still I stay.
I have goals, Mum,
I have plans
but my wish for now
is to take your hand;
to eat together
and feel your touch
and to walk together
would mean so much.
I’m coming home, Mum
Please welcome your son
My absence is grievous,
and I cling to small wishes.
Ananya Haldar 2018
This poem is one of mine, seeing all these wonderful words has made me think of many more so that is what I will be doing this afternoon.



I really hope you enjoyed reading these words, have a wonderful day everyone.




img_1181As many of you know I enjoy blogging for many reasons, it gives me an outlet for when I am stressed or don’t feel too good. I spend most of my time indoors on my own which is ok as I then get to do things my own way and at my own pace depending how I am feeling that day.

I have been doing some product reviews this year which has been really good and a bit different to all the book reviews I do, I am still doing those in fact I have read even more this year so far. I think books are getting better and better and raising the bar a lot which I guess is good but I really like to promote the new authors as well.

I have looked into the taking of photos a bit more and am really loving the flat lay type of pictures like this.


This was my first attempt, simple but I think it captures what I was aiming for, a good bottle of wine for two. I have now compiled a list of things I need for these shots, like ribbon, lights (I have these) small china trinkets, wallpaper samples, artificial flowers, tiles, feathers, cactus’ so next time I go out I will be looking for these bits to aid my photography, I even have a nice wooden crate for these things to go in….I need to paint it though, roll on Spring. The other thing I need to learn how to do and it is probably very simple, is putting lots of things on a page on their own, like this.

They seem to always have a white background but how do you get rid of the back ground so you just have the item?

I think I will get one of the round reflectors of light as they are very reasonable on Ebay.

A lot of bloggers use the Olympus pen camera but when I looked for one there are so many different models I wasn’t sure where to start. It would be good to be able to upload a photo to my blog straight away.

So it is onwards and upwards with my blog, I will be doing a new web page next month, I am looking for a design I like at the moment. I will stay with WordPress as I think they are very good. Is there anyone in Kent that uses WordPress as I have a couple of queries please?

If you have any product reviews then please get in touch. K




I do love to get parcels and presents and this one was superb. I even got a rose to keep.

I had a super surprise the other day when I received a parcel from the lovely people at Terlingham Vineyard, I felt so bad from not knowing we had a vineyard just up the road towards Hawkinge. So my aim is to put them in the spotlight as I am sure the many new bars and restaurants that are opening here would like to stock their wine and keep it all local. I have visions of sitting on the Harbour Arm drinking a glass of Terlingham wine in the summer.


This vineyard is owned and run by Graham and Lorna Wilks, along with their three daughters. They have four acres of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, Bacchus, Dornfelder and Rondo grapes.

By using only natural methods and hands on approach they have created a superb vineyard that is flourishing in an unspoilt part of Kent. They produce still and sparkling wine, also doing vineyard talks and tastings, I will be following this up with a tour as it all looks so interesting.


I guess I should get to the tasting, this was a family affair at my daughter Jodie’s with Sam and Megan the chief tasters and myself of course.


This wine was fruity and refreshing on the palate, so would go with many dishes. It is dry but the rich taste of berries takes away that harsh dryness you get with some wines, I prefer sparkling wine and this did not disappoint.

They have a superb website here, where you can order your wine and book the vineyard talk and tour.

I am looking forward to trying their red wine when I do the tour.


What a superb present that makes for someone special.


I would like to thank Graham and Lorna for giving me the opportunity of trying their wonderful sparkling wine and I really hope more local businesses start to stock these superb wines.




I thought this was interesting, I think we all know about Lavender helping towards sleep but there are a few others that all help in their own way. I think the Jasmin would look pretty for a bedroom also the Gardenia so I will be getting those plants and some nice pots for the bedroom.









Lets hope we all sleep better with these plants in the bedroom.


Prestige Flowers contacted me regarding doing a review of their range, in particular the Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts. I had to say yes as there is nothing better than being sent flowers, I was going to say for a woman but men like to get them as well, one red rose says so much for lovers.

You certainly do not have to worry about your flowers and gifts getting damaged as the box is large, really tough, and secure. I could smell the fragrance from the roses as soon as the box was open. Packaged and arranged so beautifully I was an instant fan of this company and will be using them for all my flower deliveries from now on.

After lifting the bouquet out from the box I then saw the most adorable teddy which was so soft and really well made so it would also be an ideal present for a new baby. The tag on the teddy whose name is Harry is so cute, he will touch your heart.

I loved the different type of greenery and gold branches in with the twelve red roses. The box was not empty yet though as then I got to the chocolates, what woman would not like this for Valentines Day or actually any day of the year and she will be a little bit more in love with you.


February 14th is Valentine’s Day

March 11th is Mother’s Day 

June 17th is Father’s Day

Plus not forgetting Easter and all those special birthdays for your family. This has solved all your problems as the selection of flowers, gifts and balloons is amazing so there is sure to be the perfect gift at Prestige Flowers here.


Two vases of flowers a teddy and chocolates, that are delicious, I am one very happy girl all I need now is a man to go with all this maybe they should have single delivery men! LOL

Peaches was impressed and loved the red shiny packaging so even the cat was pleased with this wonderful gift. I would like to say a big thank you to Prestige Flowers for absolutely making my week with these roses.


The range that this company offers is very good, I particularly like the hampers, something for every occasion.