This is a special Mother’s Day post.

Sam poem

The above poem my son Sam did for me when he was about ten and I have treasured it. It is so nice when you go through an old box and find the treasures that you have saved.


The following poems are from a very talented lady Ananya Haldar who lives in America, I have posted about one of her poems before so I asked her if she would kindly do some for today and luckily she said yes. Thank you Ananya.
“For the Best Mum”
Mum, I struggle to find the words to say what I want to express to you today.
I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs,
You’ve heard me laugh
and you’ve seen me frown.
Through it all you’re always there
showing me how much you care.
I think of sacrifices you made
and I hope you’re proud
of the child you raised.
I want to make sure that you knew
I know it wasn’t easy for you.
I love you, Mum,
Happy Mother’s Day to you!
Ananya Haldar 2018
That was my favourite one.
“A Sophisticated Woman”
She’s a sophisticated woman
who uses credit cards,
throws charity balls
and attends seminars.
She faithfully lectures
at the university and
writes letters to her MP.
She’s admired for great achievements
while caring for three children,
having dinner on the table
each evening at six.
In the office at seven
for a conference call,
and does all she is able.
Who is there to see that
though they call her “Auntie,”
She is actually the neighbour
who was there when Mum died?
She saw a need and
does what she can
to help them along.
Happy Mother’s Day to a mum –
who didn’t have to be one!
Ananya Haldar 2018
“Small Wishes”
I know how you wanted
to keep me there
but you let me go
for that was my choice.
You asked how long
I would be gone
the last time I
heard your voice.
Holidays are celebrated
while I’m away,
Seasons pass and
still I stay.
I have goals, Mum,
I have plans
but my wish for now
is to take your hand;
to eat together
and feel your touch
and to walk together
would mean so much.
I’m coming home, Mum
Please welcome your son
My absence is grievous,
and I cling to small wishes.
Ananya Haldar 2018
This poem is one of mine, seeing all these wonderful words has made me think of many more so that is what I will be doing this afternoon.



I really hope you enjoyed reading these words, have a wonderful day everyone.




To be perfectly honest I really don’t like February, apart from the cold it is full of all the love, romance and happy stuff that single people like myself do not have in our lives. As much as I enjoy and embrace being single, to be able to do, go, eat, sleep and talk to myself when ever I want, there will always be that tiny bit that thinks why can’t someone love me enough to send me flowers or buy me a card and gifts. That feeling does not last long but it appears extremely often during February and why is there not a happy and single day?

I have therefore decided to give you a few ideas of what to buy that lady in your life and I am sure she would love any one of these presents, that is because they are all things that I would love to be given.

Here we have the lotions and potions for our faces, obviously the Estee Lauder I will be dreaming about for ever as it is a bit pricy but if you have the money to spoil the love of your life then go for this one.

We all love to have a soak in the bath and I think Bayliss and Harding and Jo Malone are the best and she also has the candle and diffuser to all match the bath scent. Just bring me a glass of champagne while I soak my gorgeous body.

A bit random here but I am loving the camera strap no more leather strap digging in your neck, why did I not think of this?

I love my cat so I thought the bag was cute as I do read a lot and write lots of reviews.

The trainer with sparkly bits on, they don’t do these in a 5 or I would have been very tempted.  What sort of trainers/sneakers does a 57-year-old woman wear when camping, cannot seem to find anything that I really like.


Last but not least if you have no money then make her a card with your own poem inside about what she means to you. Find some wool and knit her this heart to always keep her hands warm round her favourite coffee mug.

So there we have some lovely ideas, if of course you would like to get me something then that’s great, let me know which restaurant to meet you at. lol

I must go and get on with some other writerly things…..after a quick look on Pinterest.



  The years go by and everything changes slowly so you don’t really notice when it all happened.  I read a FaceBook post on Good Friday asking if you have had fish today and it made me remember Easter for me as a child.  On the Friday all shops would be shut but we would go down into Strood, Kent to the road where the fish van was where Nan and Grandad and myself, not that I knew anything about fish would buy it all fresh and we would have it for dinner that evening.  I remember eating the yellow fish but I loved the prawns and cockles we had during the day.  Easter Sunday we would always have lamb and roast with all the family and I would get eggs but not as many as the kids get now.  Nan would hide some and Grandad used to write clues or tell me if I was getting hot or cold as I got nearer to them.  Then the Monday we would go out for a drive and go for lunch, they would both have their half a larger and lime and I always had lemonade.  Shops would all be shut so their was no shopping but we got fresh bread from the bakers van, I loved that.  How things change, this Easter I have spent indoors alone since Friday afternoon, apart from going to Follies yesterday and getting my bargains.   


The brass bucket I thought would look good in the garden with bulbs for next year and summer pansies maybe or Freesias as I really like them.  The pink plate was a girly buy as its pink and pretty, not even sure what I am going to do with it yet!   


Then you have this little tea cup and saucer/plate, it is exquisite and I absolutely love it.  Very delicate and pretty, so I was very pleased with my three bargains that I got for £8 

I enjoyed going to Follies and writing the post on my blog.  I have had many comments, messages, emails about it and all good reviews so I was very happy.  The new website is beggining to get some traffic, I just hope it builds up.  I wrote a poem while I was having my coffee yesterday so I will put that on there tonight for you all to go and have a read. 

Did you all have a good Easter?  The positive thing about tommorow is that it’s Tuesday so a nice short week and it will be the weekend again.  x


My youngest grandaughter Mia will be 3 tomorrow so she had her tea party today. During the week she decided she wanted a new princess dress and she would wear it at her party so Mum told all the other Mums and the kids came in fancy dress.  Today Mia would not wear her new dress for anyone or anything, it was just not happening. Her brother Zac was a superman and he enjoyed it. 

A lovely time was had by all. 

I have decided to keep the blog as Nanny Cool and to not really change that very much at the moment as I have just up-dated the site with new tabs and drop down menus.

The books I am writing will be changed and will not feature Nanny Cool.

The website will be about everything with a link to the blog, a page about the books I am writing also a page for my poems and then other things and a mix of new and some of the bits from the old website.   Now we just have to think of a name for the website, here are some ideas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                They can be .com or there are a few things you can have at the end.    Please send me your ideas.

Happy St David’s day to you all and let’s hope March is full of springtime sunshine and happiness. xx


We had about four words to put together to make a short story and this is what I came up with, feel free to comment with your thoughts.
The poem just came to me one evening so thought I had better write it down. Enjoy x

Broken Lady

How did you get to be?
as you sit and stare, cry or sleep
do you think of what might have been?
Do you care?
You are the broken lady from our street,
have you lived here always?
Is it here that you became,
Sometimes your eyes light up,
like a child’s on Christmas Day.
You talk to us, the kids on your street,
you never had a happy life,
apart from giving your children life.
How did you get to be,
so broken?
With no one there to care,
sitting and waiting,
we wonder if you will always be there
our broken lady on our street.
They say we are too young to care,
but caring comes to everyone, no age bar there.
The cold days come, we see your face
through the window panes.
We wonder if, you will still be there
when the sun comes back and we play again
will we see our broken lady, from our street?

Mistaken Identity? Or not?

As he parked the car he looked all around to see if anyone was watching him, not really thinking they would be as he was a good two towns away from home. He got the ticket making sure it was ok for a couple of hours, he had never been longer than two hours so new that would be fine. As he walked into the back entrance of Pussycats one of the girls appeared to welcome him taking him through to the waiting area, which was very elegantly done out in red velvet and low lighting. The bar was in the far corner and he went towards it to get a straight shot of Bourbon, the girl serving him was gorgeous he thought to himself and those legs go on for ever, how he would of loved to follow them up and taste her softness.
The madam who ran the establishment came over to welcome him, she did remember him as he had been before on numerous occasions roughly every 8 weeks. She wondered why he only came then and had once asked him and his reply had been that he was away working.
He didn’t want her to know any of his business and kept everything to himself not even sharing anything at home with his wife of 20 years. Thinking of her he felt a twinge of pain for his wife, she would be distraught if she new where he was.
As he filled in the customary paperwork he adjusted his glasses he didn’t want to miss anything or sign in the wrong place and to just check that it was the same form which was just about accidental damage and that they had no liability if he was injured or something. He sometimes thought that he ought to get them to sign a form for him as some of the girls could be a bit rough with his old todger.
Just as he was about to sign another girl with a tray full of glasses and jugs for the bar walked past and fell over, he never did find out what she fell over as in the commotion she fell into him and knocked his glasses off then preceding to stand on them. Hearing the crunch of the glass his heart raced, panic, how would he see he depended on those glasses. The apologies that followed did nothing to help the situation but the promise that they would buy him new glasses up to the value of £200 soothed him considerably also the session he was about to have was free and he could have their brand new girl who had started last week.
Suddenly the world didn’t seem to bad, even though he couldn’t see a thing, he followed madam through to the purple room the lights were so low he was surprised he didn’t fall over something. As he left her and walked into his heaven as that’s what he called it to himself, all he could make out was a lot of purple, then the girl said
“I hope you don’t mind the lights off, I’m a bit new to this and perform so much better in low light.” “Of course not” he replied thinking to himself that she sounded familiar but had a strange accent.
As she slowly undressed him not saying a word he was getting so aroused at her touch and really just wanted to kiss her everywhere but that wasn’t allowed, how could he contain himself. Well he tried but it was so hard, there was something so familiar about her and her smell, he loved that perfume; where had he smelt it before? He asked himself over and over again. The girl turned out to be the best he had ever had and he told her that also saying that he wished he could see her face, she replied saying that wasn’t it better to keep it all a mystery?
“But how will I know who to ask for next time I’m here?” I’m sure if you just say your wife they will know it’s me! What the, he started to say before she turned to him while opening the door saying, “if you can’t beat them join them, good afternoon sir, I hope you enjoyed your visit, see you next time.”



Watching the sun set over the sea
I think of the love of you and me
You came on the breeze and took my breath away
filling my life with sunshine and smiles

As the sun gets lower and fades away
my breathing gets slower
My tears fall away, in the sea they go
mixing as one and fading away

The sun has gone
The breeze blew away
I need to go, to see you again
My light, my love, my star in the sky

Twinkle for me
leave a feather for me
For these are the things I look for now
for your in heaven and I miss you so x



20140805-102832 am-37712330.jpg
Sitting here watching the sun set, I think of you, wherever you are,
do you think of me? Wishing to hold me close like yesteryear?
I can feel your touch, soft but strong
I can smell the Joop, you loved so much.
I miss you still as the memories fade but never go
You were my love, I didn’t know, until you left for pastures new.
Did you know I loved you, body and soul?
Did you care or forget as the miles rolled by?
I dream a dream, of holding you again
Making you mine till the end of our days

20140805-102941 am-37781961.jpg