After reading an excellent article about this author and her books I asked for this one for my birthday which my daughter bought me.  I have never had any contact or information about IVF so this book is very informative, in fact almost an information book.  There are many view points here so you get a good all round picture of what’s going on with everyone even the men involved which I thought was interesting as they are forgotten a bit I feel in all these procedures.  The character’s are all held together with the connection of IVF, I think I would have found this more interesting if I had a connection but as I didn’t it was all a bit clinical and dare I say boring in parts, the main story could happen a lot quicker I felt.

So, sorry but this was not for me but a definite read for anyone struggling to conceive or going through IVF.





I guess a lot of us amateur writers very seldom get any praise or even feedback from the stories we write for competitions or in this case the local anthology of stories from Folkestone writers.  BUT when we do you just have to sing it from the rooftops, well I do anyway.  So this is my latest comment that meant so much to me.

Hi Karen,                                                                                                                                      Having just re-read your short story in The Folkestone Anthology, I have to congratulate you on an impressive piece of writing.  Caroline Jew’s life seemed to be fraught with disasters, until a simple chain of events turned it around.

A story of changing fortunes. This uplifting tale, gently weaves its way through the Creative Quarter of Folkestone, of which you have intimate knowledge.

A story of two halves, very clever Karen.  I loved it xx📝❤l




So if you have not read it yet, then why not?  I have some books left for sale at £7.99 which I will even sign for you, they would make an excellent present for Christmas!

I have just finished my story for this year so lets hope my good run carries on.




I am afraid to say that this was not for me but I did read all of it and the concept of the story is very good in that the characters are right and all fit together very well.  The problem for me was that the story could have been told in about five chapters and the padding I found was not necessary and a bit boring.  I think it needed something else happening to keep your interest and make you want to know more.  I really do not like giving a bad review and I have noted the good points but you may like it so I would love to know if you have read this book and maybe we could have an open discussion on-line about it for everyone to join in.  It is the first book I have read by this author and I requested it from Netgalley so it was a shame it wasnt for me.


What a great story, so many twists and turns and then surprises towards the end. Beautifully written with great characters that are so normal you feel their pain.  Written at a good pace as there was always something new popping up all the time, I really enjoyed reading this on my Kindle and it was definitely a page turner that I could not put down.  I have read Lisa Jewells books before and they have always been good but I think this one was outstanding and I am sure it will be a best seller.

To have a child go missing for so long, never having closure is just unbearable but you could imagine feeling like this, it is always the not knowing, how do you live with that? So many feelings to deal with and all with repercussions.  But this gets worse in a way you could never imagine with the end being happy but also sad, I recommend this book and give it ten out of ten it really was a story with so much feeling in it you could almost feel it yourself.



FINESTRAT BAY  I love this little bay.  My friend and I stayed here for 3 days full board for €75


Alicante Spain, two-hour flight away from London, Gatwick UK it goes so quick and you can pick up for less than £60 return some months of the year.  Transfers to Benidorm costing about £6 each way makes it a relatively cheap break.  Benidorm attracts over five million tourists a year from many parts of the world but mainly Europe, it has 320 sunny days a year roughly so that is a huge attraction especially for us in Britain who suffer medically from the cold.  With 5 km of beaches you can pick to be in the hub of activity with nightclubs or a less active area with bars or even be in a real quiet part and with 150 hotels, 157 disco pubs, about 800 bars, 330 restaurants and 5 theme parks you have so much choice.  What is there not to like?

The Old Town is a must to visit with many small tapas bars tucked up little lanes with true spanish food, for the shoppers there are many, from one euro shops to expensive womans wear and luxury handbags and shoes, the spanish are very elegant when you see them out for their nightly stroll along the quiet beachfront or just sitting taking in the views and catching up with friends.

If you are eating out on a budget then you have to look for a “el menu del día” which is a menu of the day consisting of 3 courses, bread and a drink.  It is normally written on a chalk board outside the restaurant and can vary in price from as little as €7 per person so look out for the bargain meals served between 1pm & 4pm.  Some places do them all day and night so it is worth having a look round.

For the sun worshipers you can hire a sun bed on the beach for €4.50 a day but keep your ticket as you can move anywhere along the long stretch of beach which is very handy if you want to try somewhere different for lunch or a drink and then go down to the beach nearest you.  There are lifeguards all along the beaches so safe for the little ones, in fact it caters for all ages here as you can hire mobility scooters and many do as you will see them along the front. 

Keeping your windows closed and shutters or curtains closed during the day will keep your room/apartment cooler.  Buy the very large bottles of water to keep in your fridge as it is much cheaper.  If you are eating in some days then pop to a Masymas supermarket or a Mercadona as these will be cheaper than small shops along the many streets.  There is even an Iceland a very short bus ride away from Levante beach its a number 10 bus with all trips no matter where you go for €1.50 single.

You still get a beer for a euro in some bars and cocktails are about €5, full english start at about €4 and rising but check to see what it includes.

Market day is Tuesday which is Levante area, that has many bargains.

Another great deal breaker is that all mobile calls and texts now come out of your own data so no roaming charges from now. 

So there you have my tips for a great holiday in Benidorm, enjoy.



fullsizeoutput_d55I read this on my Kindle while away on holiday and it was great.  Very different from my usual type of book as this had history in it but it was all so very interesting that I could not put it down.  I loved the characters and was wishing for things to happen all the time. They say love conquers all and they are truly right.  From the start to the end this was so intriguing, so many barriers and hurdles that make you think it will all end badly but miracles do happen and even though this was not a happy ending it was in a way. Brilliantly written and I will be looking for more books by Gill Paul.



Sue sent me this her latest book to review as she knew I really loved her previous book, so I could not wait to get stuck into this on holiday. I wanted to go to bed and read this and it only took a couple of nights as I could not put it down.  How do these authors think up such brilliant plots and stories, I thought her last book was great but this was absolutely brilliant.  It had me guessing until the end and yes as usual I got it all wrong, well who would have thought it would turn out like this!

Characters were superbly described so you felt they were real and you could feel their pain and loss.  Even though I don’t know the area it still felt real and you could picture it all.  I love these thriller type books and cannot wait for the next one.

Well done Sue.