EASTER 🐣 2018


I do hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend no matter what you are doing, I always think about the people who have to work during any holidays and I have so much respect for them.

My day was started with an Easter egg hunt over the pub The Hungry Horse in Folkestone with my daughter Billie and family. Mia and Zac were working up an appetite for lunch with Mia being very pleased with herself that she could get all the way across the monkey bars.

They each got an egg for completing the hunt and finding all the eggs, considering this was free I was really pleased that they had got the children a proper egg. I am hoping to take them all to see the new Peter Rabbit film this week.

Dinner was nice and the roast was 2 for £10 so another bargain. I also got an egg from Billie I wonder how long it will last LOL.

As usual the best bit of the lunch was the deserts, I had the millionaires cheesecake, Paul had the hot fudge cake and the children had ice-cream mania with Billie and Jade sharing a big one.


Dimple face, she lost her front tooth the other day, I have never known a child who so enjoys pulling her teeth out! A lovely day was had by all of us.



Still Me

Jo Jo Moyes

Publication date: 2018, by Penguin, Random House, UK

Pages: 472


After reading Me Before You and watching the film it is so good to catch up with Lou and all that is happening in her life and it is all happening.  In a way I thought that this would not be as good, it had a lot to live up to but I was proved wrong as this story is very good.

Lou is off to live and work in America as a companion to a young, rich, polish wife or living the dream as Will told her to do. Thinking of him often and then meeting someone who looks very much like him does throw her a bit. But Lou is at last in love with a living breathing male that hopefully will out live her. Sam is a paramedic who is building his house the only problem is that he lives in England, surely they can do a long distance relationship for a year plus seeing each other every couple of months. It all sounds so simple but of course there are a few problems that turn into major changes for all of them.

If you liked the first book then you will like this, it finishes off the story lines very well and keeps you interested and turning those pages. I read the hardback version as was given it for a review by a very nice author, my arms are still recovering from holding it up, lol.




Highly amusing short story that we probably could all relate to about sending the wrong text message to the wrong person. It can have awful results but this is not helped by a death and controlling men.

At least she comes to her senses and all is ok by the end. Entertaining for a snowy afternoon.


Another brilliant detective story that drags you in so you have to keep reading. I think this will be a great series as all the characters work well together, also there is an underlying issue that will follow on to the next book. A race against time to save a young girl but will they find her in time? A bit of a surprise at the end will make this a great read, well done Rachel I loved this story and will look forward to the next one.



I am so pleased we decided to go and see this as it was really good, crying and laughing, yes I even had a few tears at one point, will not tell you why as it will spoil it for you.

I loved the characters and when Joanna Lumley popped up then so did Kara with “I met her Nan” yes Kara I remember. I am sure some people will relate to this and hopefully it will give you the courage to FIND YOUR FEET.




We both really like it here and it never disappoints us, we do stick to the same starter as both of us enjoy that with a glass of rosé wine. Sour dough bread and humus, probably the best humus I have had any where.

Then the pizza which we do try different ones, this was caramelised apple, onion, pork and it even had some crackling on it! Very nice and one pizza is just right for two of you, I have no idea how some people eat a whole one.

A lovely time had by both of us and I caught up with all her news, she does make me laugh sometimes.

We have the next film sorted when I can remember what it was lol.




This story was brilliant, in fact I read it in three hours as I could not put it down. I would like to thank Netgalley for asking me to read and review.

When Finn meets the girl of his dreams he falls for her in a big way but Layla is too young and just getting to London she wants to have some fun so they part. A few weeks later he finds her on his doorstep, cold, hungry with no money as it has all been stolen in the hostel she was staying in. Finn nurses her back to health then not wanting to share a flat with his friend anymore he buys a cottage in the country for them to start their life in.

Taking a trip to France there is a ripple in the relationship so on the way back Finn pushes to find out what is wrong.  He was not expecting the answer though and immediately pulled into a services, they end up arguing with Finn pulling her out of the car, shouting at her, his anger was bad so he knew he should just walk away and calm down so he headed to the toilet block. On his return he cannot find Layla anywhere, police are called, searches carried out but she was never found, there was also never a body found. Finn accepted that she had been abducted and taken somewhere but for all the news and papers looking for her she had never been found. She really had disappeared.

Years later Finn meets Ellen and falls in love with her, not a love like Layla but a soft smooth love as Ellen is her sister. Eventually after living together happily Finn asks Ellen to marry him, she is so happy. But for Finn the problems are just beginning, emails arrive from someone pretending to be Layla, he keeps all this from Ellen until it all gets a lot worse. An old neighbour says they saw Layla then Ellen see’s her in the street, how can it get any worse. Finn goes to the cottage that he shared with Layla as he never sold it and never went there again, the letter he wrote to Layla hoping she would come back was still there. She wasn’t alive someone was playing with his mind, who would do that?

These characters have you gripped with a twist along the way, really great writing which throws up red herrings to keep you on your toes. I loved this book and straight away it is in my top ten for this year.


Some of you will be pleased to know I remembered to take photos of everything! I was amazed myself lol.


March already and the third lunch for the ladies, we celebrated Sheila’s birthday and had a few laughs, mostly about Lynda. This time it took her 30 minutes to travel not even 5 minutes then blaming the sat nav and the best bit was she had been there before! No wonder one of her closest friends call her Dinny! lol.

Portofino is a small select restaurant, with the food always very good as is the service. They do a very good lunch time menu which has three choices, garlic bread and a glass of wine for £9.50 which I think you will agree is a great deal. Also the choices were something a bit different which really makes it enjoyable. With bread and butter on the table as soon as you arrive, there is no rush for your orders, again a positive point, I hate to be rushed. You had a choice in the wine and I went for the red which I must say was very nice, which again was a positive as they can be a bit tart when in a meal deal.

Four of us had the tortellini which had a lovely tomato and mushroom sauce, with the others having filled pancakes all came with garlic bread.

I loved the little gadget for the parmesan cheese, was nice to get enough on your plate so you can taste it. Why are many restaurants so tight with it? I can remember when you used to get a small dish of it and you helped yourself.


As we have been doing birthdays for a few years we decided this year to pick something we really wanted or a voucher for somewhere so we can all get what we would like. Sheila had a magnolia tree and a garden center voucher so as long as the tree lives she will always remember us buying it for her.

Dessert was extra as not included in the deal but you must have dessert, yes?  The choice was extremely good so we had, a banoffee dish, tiramisu and lime cheesecake.


Brilliant food and as always the best company with lots of laughs. Looking forward to next month already and we will be meeting at The Grand for Corinnes birthday.

These are the other menu’s so you can see there is a wide choice here.


Thank you very much for an enjoyable lunch.