International day of happiness, are you all happy?

Considering it is the first day of Spring I am not very happy that it is blowing a gale and raining so the good thing about that is all the new plants will get a good watering over the day so I guess that makes me happy.  Do we wake up happy or does something make us happy, do you think we would get blasè about being happy if we were all the time?  Maybe then we would get miserable because we are so happy LOL

My children and grandchildren make me happy all the time everything is going to plan but when it’s not, it’s not!  That is the only fault with having ten grandchildren there always appears to be an issue somewhere but I wouldn’t change them for the world as they are what keep me going and their parents of course.

My other happiness is my garden and the sunshine and if I cannot get it in my garden then trips to Spain make me very happy, not that I do very much over there apart from sunbathing, reading and writing.

What ever makes you happy have a great day. x



CASTLE HILL primary school got into dressing up for world book day, teachers included.

Lots of good looking book people for WORLD BOOK DAY 2017  Also Mia’s 5th birthday so lots of clebrations.



I am looking forward to a good week after being ill for nearly four weeks I think I am coming out the other side, I am not saying I am 100% but I can see light at the end of the tunnel.  I also really want to get back into my writing and I have not felt like that for a long time.  The only thing I have been doing is reading and wow have I read some great books lately, check out the reviews on my page.

So, what is the love about?  

Valentines Day, when did it become February full of love month?  I have nothing against love but for all us single girls it does all become a bit much, every magazine, paper, TV station, adverts, advertising boards all full of bloody love.  I really do not think that all the people who wish to buy a card or present need so much reminding about what they can get and where, we are not stupid.  Rant over, have a great day x


What a Christmas, definitely one of the best for a few years as all the family came together for not only Christmas but all the birthdays we had in the week leading up to the 25th.  A super time was had by all especially the children who received everything on their lists and more.   Fun, laughter, food, drink and family it’s a winning combination.

Plus our very own Batman!  Or should I say Kara’s very own Batman. lol


They all make me feel very special, I love them all so much xx



There are always news items and discussions about children and alcohol, so thought I would touch upon it….gently!

Should children drink?  I was always allowed a little bit of wine with lots of lemonade in a small sherry glass on special occasions that increased to a very weak snowball as that was what Nan liked and we had a cherry on it also not forgetting the wonderful Babycham, I felt like a star holding the Babycham glass.    I have nothing against children having a small glass at Christmas or very special occasions but in today’s world many do not sit at the table for meals with family members so I guess there is no reason for them to drink.  I do not agree with children drinking at parties with their friends as that can lead to spiked drinks also not forgetting the peer pressure to have a drink.  I must admit I was going in pubs from about 15 and even worked behind the bar when I was just 17, I am not proud of that but no one ever told me not to.  What are your views?


Children on the internet.

Going to Alfie’s assembly the other day triggered this as no photos were allowed until the very end and none were to be put on social media.  I realise this is a very touchy subject with many in the yes or no camp.  I can understand schools going with the NO social media rule as then that covers them.

I do not think there is any harm in it and my two daughters have no objections with me including their off spring in my blog posts with both of them also posting pictures from time to time.  One daughter even saves all the blog post’s, I was very touched by that.  Instagram is getting popular now as you just have your family or close friends on it and many post there instead of Facebook.  I think if you are posting nice pictures it is like a photo album collected over the years on-line.  My granddaughter Kara has many different folders on Facebook of all her friends and family and I think for that generation it is all very natural and that’s what you do.

Some mothers go with the argument that until the child is of an age that they can choose whether they want their picture all over the internet they are keeping it off.  You also have the fear that the photos may be used for less savoury things but then you keep ALL your settings to private and make sure your friends are friends know not to share your posts.

What are your views?  Very interesting subject, I think.




I just love getting into the spirit of christmas with reading a good story, the start of festive events for me.  Is it too early as not even in December yet?

I think everything is happening so much earlier this year for some reason, do you?  I have even bought just about all the Christmas presents and a friend has not only bought all hers but she has wrapped all of them!  I am not that organised or it might be that I really do not like all the wrapping, every year I say I will take my time and do them all lovely with bows and ribbons but that has never happened yet! lol

My daughter is putting her tree up this weekend but that is mainly because she works and we have three birthdays to celebrate during the twelve days before Christmas.  A very busy time for all of us.

Have a great weekend everyone, I am doing workshops at the Quarterhouse both days so really looking forward to those.  Travel writing and Memoir writing so I am sure to learn a lot, will let you all know tomorrow how they both went.