Peaches had her first trip out in the camper today and I do believe she loved it. We drove to Deal and then parked up by the beach which was just over the road.

She soon found a couple of places to lay down and then she had a sleep. I went for a walk over to the beach and she was still asleep when I came back, I was not gone long as didn’t know how she would be.

It was a glorious sunny day today and hopefully we will have at least a week of good weather. Lots of fishermen on the beach today and even a couple of kids in the water, I bet it was cold though. The only problem with taking the cat you can’t have the door open which is a shame when sunny, the windows are ok as they all have screens. I did feel a bit strange just wild camping and think I would prefer to be on a site as there are not many places you can just wild camp and have room to put out your table and chairs.


Was nice to make a cup of tea and just chill, I should have taken my laptop then could have done some writing. At least I know the cat is ok in the camper if I want to take her anywhere again.


Was a nice day out and better than sitting indoors. What do you do if you take your cat with you on your travels?



March was a good month in a lot of ways especially for my blog as my stats went up lots so I am on track for building it up. I had over 2,000 new followers over all social media and I am pleased to say that Stumbleupon has proved good in bringing in new people to read my blog. Facebook and my blog itself are the most popular ways of following my posts and I am pleased to say that the comments are increasing although very slowly.

I did an awful lot of reading but I think that was because of the bad weather and not feeling the best, a couple were short stories but altogether I read ten books, very pleased with that and keeps me on track for my total at the end of the year.

So it is now April and spring but not very spring like weather although we have not got snow down here on the south coast like they have up north.

My camper had a flat tyre so Greenflag breakdown service came out and sorted that out and charged the battery also telling me that it has the wrong battery so I will need to purchase a bigger one as that was why it went flat. A new tyre and a battery so it is going to be an expensive month.  I am so looking forward to going away even if it’s just for a couple of days, I want to take the cat with me and see what she thinks about it.

I joined a Facebook group called single women with campers and was really pleased that there were so many of us out there roaming around the world. They did give me some good ideas and one was to put some tools in the van even though I will always have breakdown cover you never know when you might need a screw driver or spanner. I am still trying to think of a name for my camper so any ideas will be welcome, I think I am thinking too much about it.

I hope to do a lot more writing if I go away as very behind with book, I also have to write a couple of short stories for a competition and one for the Folkestone Writers.

Lunch this month is not until the end of April and hopefully everyone will be able to make it. We will be going to The Grand, I like it there and the views over to France are splendid on a clear day.

The weeds are starting to grow so I need to get the black matting put down under the stepping-stones to stop them and trim back some of the grape-vine. I put some pansies in pots just to brighten the place up a bit. I need it to stop raining so I can get it all sorted before they take over the garden, the weeds I mean.

What have you got planned for April?

Have a good week, it will seem like a nice short one if you are back to work in the morning.  I just love this bunting, how clever.



I say Good Friday but I don’t think it really means anything to people anymore, especially the youngsters. Everything is open and carries on as normal apart from people who work in office based jobs. Last year it was one of the busiest days for 999 calls! Over eating of chocolate maybe lol.

Today in Folkestone we have rain and it is the forecast for the next week, just when the children are on holiday but I guess we have come to expect that.

Are you having fish for dinner? That is what we did when I was a child, we used to go down to Strood and the fresh fish van and get our dinner then Nan would cook it later that day. I used to have some cockles to eat in the car. Tonight I will be having salmon from the freezer with some spinach and sauce like the picture as that looks very tasty.

I am going to read my book now and relax. Happy Easter to you all.





How has your week been?

Mine has been very different as I have my granddaughter living with me for a little while so she has the lounge with the sofa bed as her little bed sit and I have my bedroom, which is my little bed sit. She works at two jobs so is not here very much but it is hard to get used to someone here and not worrying about them if they are not home and at 20 she is not used to telling someone where she is. Kara has been very unlucky in the boy friends she has picked so is getting herself out of debt and sorting her life out, then when she has saved a deposit she can then move into a room to rent near her work.


The new neighbour will be moving in soon and I have made sure they will be very quiet by telling the landlord about a friend of mine who was interested in renting the flat and it has all worked out really well as they get on so she is beginning to pack. I had a lovely bunch of flowers from Helen as a thank you.


The beginning of the week my friend Sheila popped in to see me and I got some lovely tulips from her, did you know that if you put a 2p coin in the vase of water it will keep the tulips up-right instead of bending over. It works every time.


I have been reading Jo Jo Moyes, Still Me this week, it is very good and nice to read about Lou Clark again and what she has been up to since Will died, that’s from the book and film, Me before you.

The clocks go forward this weekend so it will be nice to have light evenings again, Easter is very early this year as Good Friday is the 1st April. It definitely won’t be warm enough for any camping yet so the holidays will just consist of days out for the grandchildren. Our weather has been very different this year with some nice days and then some really cold snow days and they have even said we might get more snow during easter. My bulbs have not come through or flowered yet so I have put some pansies in pots to give the garden a bit of colour. A very quiet weekend planned with just reading and writing involved for myself.

What have you got planned?



The snow has just stopped here so hopefully that is the end of it, what strange weather we are having as on Friday it was 14 degrees and sunny then the weekend we have had -1 and snow. We all want spring to come now so sort yourself out weather.

At least it gives you a good excuse to stay in and read which I have been doing all week, I think I have read about six books this week, I know my total for the year is up to 19 so that’s pretty good and on track.

I have been working towards creating a newsletter and finalising signed books for giveaways so it’s all on track. Having problems connecting my camera to the wi-fi so am looking for a camera expert to help me sort that out.

It feels like so long ago that I was away in my camper, I cannot wait for the warmer weather so I can drive away and explore new places.

Have a good week everyone.

I am just about to start reading this book, I have been waiting ages in fact since I saw the film about the first book. I wonder if they are going to make another film as a follow on?




With all this freezing weather we are having I find the first thing that I need to pay more attention to is my face. Kara bought me this Olay moisturiser for christmas and I really like it. It soaks in really quick without that greasy feel, it nice and creamy and the best bit is that you do not need very much so it’s going to last me ages.

My daughter told me at christmas that I should not be using wipes on my skin to remove make-up, I must admit there were many nights that I didn’t even remove my make up, I know I’m really bad. Jodie told me to get this so I bought a small one and the round cotton pads and I have been using this since January. One of my new year resolutions was to remove my make up at night, I have actually done this the catch is I don’t wear make up very often lol but I at least have stuck to it. I love using this cleansing water and it really is better than a wipe and gets it all off really quick so you don’t use as much, I was going through loads of wipes. It leaves your skin feeling really clean and tingley, I love it, well done Jodie.


This is nearly all gone, I still have my wrinkles and I think to be honest nothing is going to get rid of them but maybe we can make them less noticeable. It is a really nice cream though and dries quick, as you are noticing I really do not like creams or lotions that just stay on the surface of your skin and take ages to dry in.

This I got in a beauty box, I do think it makes your skin feel smooth to the touch, making it look smooth when you have your foundation on. This does work to fill your skin but not sure about the ten years younger, no one has said anything to me and to be honest it doesn’t but yes to the smooth skin.


This is on my list to buy when I get to boots, it has been advertised a lot but that does not mean it’s good so I want to try it myself and I will let you all know in a future blog.

So that’s my winter skin routine and I must say I am feeling good and my skin feels nice so I will keep using. I guess the fact that I am not wearing make up very often does help also I was eating healthier. That was until the snow came and I indulged in biscuits, chocolate and cakes, I am trying to get back into the diet mindset but it’s really hard once you have lost it.

What do you use on your skin in the winter, does it change in the summer?


MARCH 2018

World Book Day

Many children who had their book character outfits already for today were left disappointed that they could not be worn. Most schools have been closed due to the snow that has covered the UK this is because of health and safety and also that so many teachers could not get into work. The situation is going to get worse before it gets better, it is bitterly cold here with more snow predicted in most areas.

Considering it is the first day of spring it has been the coldest day ever for March. Even some of the sea has frozen in some places with many lakes all frozen. I declare that bed is the best place to be and the warmest.


My stats on all my sites have gone up so I am pleased about that and a big hello to all my new followers. I am aiming for many thousands more over the next few months so please keep sharing my sites over all social media.

Stay safe and warm everyone.