What a wonderful exhibition this will be with all proceeds going to ARRCC which held a special place in her heart, Phyllis was a very rare and special person who is missed by so many.  This will be a lovely show to remember her and her art which was a gift that she shared with so many.  

I am looking forward to seeing all her paintings again and hopefully buy one that I can treasure forever.  


This was my first visit reading a thriller and what an amazing thriller this was and so surprising for me was that I enjoyed every page of it.  Alex is certainly a brilliant author as this had so much gruesome detail you could actually picture it and even imagine the smells as it was so graphic.  Not very good if you have a sensitive tummy but excellent if you like this type of book.  I will be looking out for the next Alex Marwood book, hoping it is as good as this one.  I particularly like the way all the loose ends were tied up with brilliant endings.  No wonder this book has so many reviews and congratulations as it is up there in my top ten books.



It was nice to have some company now that I am feeling much better and Mia was just the sunshine I needed.  She does make me laugh and really enjoyed herself, the weekend went very quickly but we managed some painting, reading her stories, put some new plants in the garden and played some games of dominoes, where she won every game!

Early night for me and a rest, hopefully some writing will be accomplished this week and I can get back to normal.  Was a joy to see the sunshine a couple of days this week so lets hope for a lot more, can’t wait to get my garden sorted and looking nice again.


Update Twitter and free up a lot of space on your iPhone — Quartz

Twitter updated its iPhone app today with a new feature that lets users do some spring cleaning. The social network now lets users see how much space is taken up by all the files, photos, videos, and web data stored in the app. If you’re a heavy user, it’s likely that there will be a…

via Update Twitter and free up a lot of space on your iPhone — Quartz


The once a month lunch date seems to come round quicker every month but I am not complaining as for me and I think some others as well it is the best day of the month.  I really do look forward to it so much and we really do have such a laugh and always have a birthday to celebrate and lots of news to share.

The best bit of news this time was that Sharon is to be a Nan in August, I should say a very excited Nan, so that will need to be celebrated.

Lynda’s daughter Jo joined us today so she now knows who these ladies are that her Mum lunches with every month, was lovely to see her so happy and looking good, must have something to do with the new man in her life.

The puddings seem to get better and better here, in fact everything is good from the service to food and the general ambiance of the place, then you have the great prices, what more do you want.  Roll on next month and yes we are back here again.



Paris the city of romance, a wonderful place to visit as there are so many beautiful places to see there.  I went many years ago and have always loved anything with the Paris theme, so I was overjoyed to find this plant pot, which I must say is huge.

I then decided to treat myself to new bed covers, I think I may have an addiction to these as well as note books but that’s fine, isn’t it?

I just love my little pink Eifel tower, how cute is that.  In case you missed it the theme going on here in the bedroom is Paris but sadly no oo la la or love going on here, just as well really as I think a man would look a bit out-of-place.

Hope you are having a great week, I think Spring has arrived as I saw the sun today!


CASTLE HILL primary school got into dressing up for world book day, teachers included.

Lots of good looking book people for WORLD BOOK DAY 2017  Also Mia’s 5th birthday so lots of clebrations.