I was pleased this was book one in this private eye series as it was very good and I will be on the lookout for the next book.  I really liked the fast pace of this as it suited the story and kept your mind thinking about who was involved and what the outcome would be.  As usual I did not guess as there was a bit of a twist in the tale at the end that really surprised me but well done Solomon Carter for brilliant writing.

It will be good to see where these characters take us and what happens once the secret is out although I think he may keep us hanging on for that.  Very well written with basic characters but that’s all it needs as the story runs quickly.

Would recommend this and it is in my top ten of the year.





This has taken me a while to read, actually I did give up half way through.  But we cannot all like everything and this sadly was not for me.  I was disappointed as the cover and title really appealed to me.



This is brilliant, from the story, characters and setting, to the great author, it is going to be a succesful series.  Kate is the high-flying lawyer who has never really got over her sister’s death so it impacts on her thoughts a lot.  Not sure if this should be called a medical horror or bloody thriller but which ever you call it there are some gruesome bits in it. From lost body parts and deaths this has a bit of everything including lots of would be romances for Kate, lucky girl.

This keeps you guessing and often takes you up the wrong road with a few red herrings along the way.  Some surprises for me that I would never of thought about, this will be a best seller and the start of something great for Pamela Callow the author.  I am looking forward to the next book already and am sure it will be a page turner just like this one.



Thank you Richard for sending me this signed book to review, I really liked it and it was a change to read something a bit lighter after the thrillers I have been reading.  The characters all work well together, the timeline is a good idea split into days, I liked that. Not sure how Jimmy kept quiet about the lottery win but I don’t think he even admitted it to himself really so he just kept on selling cars trying to work it all out in his head.  It makes you realise how something like that can make you question everything in your life at that moment and he really does question everything which leads him to make some bad decisions, will he ever recover from these or is the lottery win to blame for everything in his life going wrong?

The only fault I could find was the ending as I now have to wait for the next book to find out what happens to everyone, so I hope you are not going to take too long to write it Richard and of course I am up for reviewing again, if you would like me to.

You can purchase this  in paperback or Kindle from Amazon here.



Are we creatures of habit regarding the food we eat? Do you pick the same things on the chinese take-away menu when you order in?  Do you put more or less the same things in your basket when you are shopping and then cook the same things week in week out?

I think we are programmed to repeat everything that we were bought up with or the routine we established once we moved out and lived away from our parents.  We say we do not like certain things but have we actually tried them the last few years as our tastes for things change the older we get.  Children can say they do not like some foods by just looking at them and that thought will stay with them as they grow, only some will then taste the foods they thought they didn’t like when older.


I am very prepared to keep drinking the wine and eating the cheese even if it is a habit oh! and the chocolates, cakes and biscuits.

Do you buy and eat out of habit?  Why do we do this?


Autumn is well and truly here, the colours of the leaves have changed with many on the ground now.  My front garden is full of conkers that have fallen from the tree, I learnt something the other day from Lynda as she picked some up to take home.  Putting them in the corners of your window sills prevent spiders and webs as they do not like them. I will be trying this out, have you heard of this anyone?

I bought a lovely lampshade the other day for my lounge but I now need an electrician to connect it for me.  At £8 I think it was a bargain.


I am beginning to think about Christmas presents but also birthdays as I have three of them during the week before Christmas, very bad planning that was but I can only be blamed for one of them but then each of my daughters made the same mistake! Sometimes I find it very hard to buy for the grandchildren as they have everything and clothes are so expensive but at least I can get everything on-line so no going out battling the crowds.  I very seldom go out so home shopping is a life saver for me, my Nan would have loved  shopping on-line as she was in a wheelchair and didn’t get out very often.




Damaged by Pamela Callow

Looking forward to starting this today.  So many books are part of series now, do you like that or not?  I think it is great if it’s a short series that runs one after the other in the story.  An example of that is Stacey Caflin and the GONE series, that was brilliant and if you have not read it yet then I would recommend it 100%.


What are you reading this weekend?  I actually sat out in the garden for a bit this morning, I think it was the last bit of sunshine before we get these supposed rain storms which are coming from the last of the hurricane’s.

Have a weekend doing what you love everyone.