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When Anne asked me to read this and review I was very pleased as the previous books in this series have been very good.  Some characters appear again but it is a stand alone and they could be read in any order, which is a good idea as I always get books muddled up or read one and then discover there were two previous books.  Anyway I digress, if you have never been to Guernsey then you really can imagine what it is like as these books paint a picture in your mind of the wonderful beaches.  I was really interested in the connection between the twins, really close in life and then when one dies the connection is still there trying to help her find his murderer.  This story goes into the history of the place and the people so you get a good understanding of the story and how it all develops.  Moving the location twice still keeps the story knitted together so you hardly notice.  Great characters and of course a love connection with a happy ending, another great book by Anne Allen published today available from Amazon.




We are being very spoiled down here in the south as we are having wonderful weather for the last three days, long may it continue.  Today it is 25 in my garden, I have done every bit of washing I could find as I don’t expect many more outdoor drying days.

I had my hair done last week as was getting a bit bored with the blonde.


On Saturday I was round Jodies for a sleepover, Alfie’s choice and we watched some films.  We also had one of the twins for the night, so it was great to spend time with Jack, what a gorgeous baby and such a happy soul.

The Jack Daniels is a penny jar before someone comments on our choice of toys LOL.

I also did a little maintenance on the camper, there was a bit of brown under the bonnet so I brushed it with a metal brush then sprayed some Hammerite on it, felt very pleased with myself.  Put my bunting up and did a tidy-up of cupboards as got saucepans and cutlery to go in there now.

Once I have washed the new duvet cover that will be put in there.


So a very productive and enjoyable weekend and it made a pleasant change as usually I spend the weekend indoors on my own, not that I am complaining as I do like my own company.

The new Emoji movie is good fun and better than what I was expecting so I can understand why the kids like it.


I also finished this book so will do a review tomorrow for you all, it is very good, like all Anne’s stories so look out for this series.  It is set in Guernsey which is a beautiful place to live.


Looking forward to a ‘getting ready for NANOWRIMO week’ so I will be ready for the 1st November.

Hope you all had a good weekend and may your week be full of sunshine.


I have read the other Guernsey novels so was thrilled when Anne asked me to read this one and review for her.  I am about half way through and really liking it, I can’t wait to pick it up again tonight, hoping I can stay awake a bit longer as it is getting to a good bit.


I have read all the books in this series and I never get bored as they are full of wonderful thoughts of Guernsey, in fact it has prompted me to go there next year and see this beautiful island for myself.

I love the way you get glimpses of previous books but in no way does it spoil your enjoyment as they are all stand alone stories.

This one gives you the history of what it was like in the war for the islanders and how they really struggled, I think as it is blended into the story you find it so interesting.  Maybe this is how history should be taught as a book full of dates, wars and recession has never appealed to me but these stories I could read all the time.

I also love anything spiritual and the ghosts in this one are very believable, I would love to meet one!  A great book to read coming up to Halloween but to be honest you can read this anytime and you will enjoy it.  Part love story mixed in as well so you get a bit of everything in this book.  Well done Anne Allen for writing one of the best book series I have read, I am now waiting for the next one.


This is the second book of Anne Allan I have read, they are both set in Guernsey and really get a hold on you once you start, I actually had trouble putting this down which was good as I did not feel well at the time and it took my mind off the pain.  Anne describes the island of Guernsey in so much detail it makes you really want to go there as it all sounds so lovely.  I love a book with a happy ending and all the loose ends tied up and this did just that superbly.



Anne sent me this book to read and I was hooked from the first page, the story is so realistic and the characters warm and believable.  It was lovely trying to picture the scenes in Guernsey, maybe a bit more description would of given me a better picture but it does seem a picturesque place to visit.   The turmoil of the families keep you going to the end and there is enough for a second book if it was carried on as only the basic ending is given here.  I am looking forward to reading more books by Anne.


Had to show you my new notebook that my granddaughter gave me, she knows I love this lady and I have a bit of an obsession with note books.  You can never have too many as you just do not know when the ideas for a new book are going to come to you.  That’s my excuse! lol


I have never seen these flowers before, they are so beautiful I will be looking out for them.  I do spend far too much time on Pinterest but you find so many good things about anything in the world.

My friend is tiling my bathroom today so I had better get back to being her laborer!  Blog post later with pictures, just to give you an idea of my great tools.  She is using a pink plastic salad server to put the grout stuff on the tiles! lol We are having fun and it is looking good.