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I am looking forward to going to Follies in the morning, not just for the delicious coffee cake but also a good browse at all the stalls and hopefully will find a bargain.  What a brilliant idea, it beats walking round a boot fare in the cold as I am sure it will be cold tommorow just like it is today.  

How are you spending your Saturday?  I am doing a bit of everything from the sofa in front of the fire, the book I am currently reading is a very light funny read by Jon Rance and I would recommend it as I can just visualise some of the things he writes about and makes you laugh to yourself.   

 Sometimes I feel like screaming, why has this picture gone small?   I took it with my camera like some of the others and they were ok.  The camera is having trouble connecting to my wifi and at times I feel like just giving in and going back to just using my phone for the pictures.  I really wanted to get into the photography side of things but it really is proving very hard.  I need a private lesson to set it up correctly and start me off! 

  I was going to paint my nails but three have broken off so far down I hardly have any nail…..and this picture is small too.  I am not having a good day!  Hope yours is going much better and what ever you are up to, Happy Easter xx

I have added another story to my website and will be putting some up this evening so please go and take a look and let me know what you think please xx




My granddaughter Izzy got back from her school trip that had her doing all sorts of things for the week like quad bike riding, …………….it is like she has grown up and is a little dare devil now. What a difference it makes when they are full of confidence and so happy. Last night they had their Halloween disco and she dressed up as a minion and looked great. I bet she had a long lay in this morning so she caught up on some sleep.

Half term here this week so there will be a lot of trick or treating going on. I cannot believe how much this day has grown over the years, shops are now stocking every single thing you could ever wish for to make you look extra scary on the 31st. Again commercialism has made it an expensive day with all the outfits you can buy, no white sheets now with eyes cut out. For some that was the best bit making their costumes. Not that I have been any good at that, I just have not got the vision to turn something into an outfit so for me I’m pleased the shops stock them, I just don’t like the prices especially when you just wear it for one night.

I had the root treatment completed on my tooth on Thursday and then the toothache came back on Friday so I got antibiotics again, my face has now swollen up into my eye and looks like I got a black eye coming and got headache. I feel awful and so fed up, I am supposed to be having a blood pressure monitor fitted in the morning for 24 hours! It was the first infection that sent my blood pressure up!

I have secured everything down in the garden but I do not think it is going to be as bad as what they were predicting as the wind has dropped now. In fact we have nice sunshine here at the moment……

20131027-112655 am.jpg


Down on the South coast of UK we have had rain all weekend, very good for the new plants I have put in and the grass seed but not good to go out in so I have stayed in and had a very constructive weekend. The cat has not been a lot of help and has not really moved from this position……very lazy.

20131020-061300 pm.jpg
I am doing an on-line writing course, it consists of 15 modules. I completed the first one and then you have a test to do before you can go onto the next module, very pleased to say I passed module 1 and have started the next one.

20131020-063813 pm.jpg
I have Sky TV just the basic package, they rang me the other day and offered me Sky movies for 3 months at a very reduced rate so I quickly said yes as it means I will have it all over Christmas. As you can get all the demand TV now on your television, when you add the movies it lets you watch so many. I am so surprised at the amount of choice I have and it would take me a few weeks to get through in fact I am considering keeping it as it is the cheapest and easiest way to watch so many movies.

Sky Atlantic are showing a drama series at the moment called The Tunnel, it was filmed at the channel tunnel with some local people in the background, no I’m not in it but think I will watch the program so I know what people are talking about!

One more week and it will be half term, I have never known all the children be so keen to have a holiday……anyone would think they worked hard!


20130504-075215 PM.jpg

I was looking forward to this weekend and some nice weather but again it has let us down and it really is quiet cold. I am going to sound really old but it is really getting to my arthritis and every winter it seems to go to another joint, I really, really need some heat on these old bones. So, instead of doing anything in the garden I have read a book and sorted a bit of paperwork. I have been a bit lazy really but sometimes you just need to turn off. I did go through about four lists and condensed them down into one list, I felt good as I did cross some things off, honestly.

I really do not know what is wrong with the cat today as she is constantly sitting on me and not liking it if I move, perhaps she is feeling the cold too.

Seeing that picture of the old typewriter made me realise how much easier we have it now as correcting mistakes is very easy on a computer and some publishers you can just email your work to them so you do not even have to print it out. Then I started to wonder how many authors print out their work as they go and read, correct or alter it before they then change it on screen. I tend to write and write while it is all fresh in my head and then go back and make corrections, then read it through and change bits or add more. I think I will hunt out some stories I wrote about fifteen years ago and see what I think when I read them now, will I still like like them?

I am off to watch The Voice now on the sofa with chocolate, have a good evening xx