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My youngest grandaughter Mia will be 3 tomorrow so she had her tea party today. During the week she decided she wanted a new princess dress and she would wear it at her party so Mum told all the other Mums and the kids came in fancy dress.  Today Mia would not wear her new dress for anyone or anything, it was just not happening. Her brother Zac was a superman and he enjoyed it. 

A lovely time was had by all. 

I have decided to keep the blog as Nanny Cool and to not really change that very much at the moment as I have just up-dated the site with new tabs and drop down menus. http://www.karenswritingblog.wordpress.com

The books I am writing will be changed and will not feature Nanny Cool.

The website will be about everything with a link to the blog, a page about the books I am writing also a page for my poems and then other things and a mix of new and some of the bits from the old website.   Now we just have to think of a name for the website, here are some ideas.                                                                           writingnanny.com                                                                                                                                                                                 karenswriting.com                                                                                                                                                                                                LifeofKaz.com                                                                                                                                                                                                         Karen-author.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                   They can be .com or .co.uk or.media there are a few things you can have at the end.    Please send me your ideas.

Happy St David’s day to you all and let’s hope March is full of springtime sunshine and happiness. xx

Out for lunch

The once a month lunch date with the girls I used to work with comes round very quick which I was pleased about this time as I missed last month’s as was not very well. Yesterday we all drove out to Charing to The Oak, this is now a pub and restaurant but I feel that maybe they should decide which they want to be as it is not flowing as well as what it could at the moment.

20140327-105927 pm.jpg
They didn’t appear to have any heating on so we were all cold so that didn’t help either. We had booked to have the tapas, we ordered a bottle of Pinot and then didn’t have long to wait until the bread, humous and olives came out which were delicious.

20140327-110249 pm.jpg Then about ten minutes later the salad selection came out, which did have a nice dressing.

20140327-110215 pm.jpg If you have ever had tapas before, which I have many times as used to live in Spain. You order your selection and then they all come out together and you pick what you eat, if there are a group of you. The Oak did not do that we got each dish separately and did not know what we were getting as it was a set tapas meal. The conclusion was it was very strange eating things on their own, like garlic mushrooms, potato bravas and pork balls. But, I must say that all the food was delicious and could not be faulted at all.

20140327-110853 pm.jpg

20140327-110904 pm.jpg

20140327-110914 pm.jpg

20140327-110928 pm.jpg

20140327-110937 pm.jpg So that was what we had all on their own, very strange!

We decided to go somewhere else for coffee and cake so drove to Dobbies the garden centre in Ashford, Kent. UK.
What a delicious selection of cakes they had, most of us chose the scones.

20140327-111623 pm.jpg it was all lovely and it was nice to be in a warm place, I think we were all a bit happier!

20140327-111818 pm.jpg

20140327-111832 pm.jpg

20140327-111842 pm.jpg We do all have a laugh when we get together and that is the best bit about having such wonderful friends. They never judge, are always there, will help anyone and I am so very lucky to have them all as my besties. xx


20130625-110003 PM.jpg

You are probably wondering why the fireworks, it’s not November! Well, I thought we had best celebrate this highly unusual event in some way so that we remember what it is like.

The sun came out today but not only that, there was no wind so we had a lovely summers evening sitting outside, the children playing and loving every minute of it. There was also wine and a friends birthday and my daughter cooked a lovely meal. What else could you wish for, just why can’t it be like this more of the time! Everyone would be so much happier even shop assistants appear more helpful if the sun is shining.

20130625-111000 PM.jpg


20130619-095922 PM.jpg

What a lovely day I have had, I woke up to tea and cereal in bed. Then cards and presents from the children, after school run my friend gave me lovely tulips. It was creative writing today so I showed my poems and they are going in the book for next week. Very pleased about that, I am amazed at how interesting poetry is and how much I enjoy writing them. We had nice cup cakes at break before we got back into writing and listening to Jane Tempest, which is a lot like rapping. We all made our own rap and listened to each other, some of them were really good.

During the afternoon I saw Billie and we sat in her garden, the weather is very strange here this week, thunderstorms last night, rain this morning but very, very hot and muggy. The sun showed its self for a while and it was 33 in the garden. After collecting the children from school my friend came round for coffee, was nice to just sit and relax. Jodie then face timed from Antigua for my birthday so we had good chat, then the door went and the florist gave me a huge bouquet of flowers! I then realised why Jodie was face timing so early as the flowers were from her, made me cry.

20130619-101956 PM.jpg

Billie, Paul, Jade and Mia came for dinner and we had KFC the children love that and ate loads. Kara had made me the loveliest cake I have ever seen and it was delicious. So, this year I have had a lovely birthday, it was so nice waking up with the children. Thank you to all my family and friends xx

20130619-101731 PM.jpg



20130618-094404 PM.jpg

That is the view from the parents balcony in Antigua, yes, I agree it’s horrible, they must be hating it lol ha ha

It feels like it should be Friday as I am so tired, I am so not used to getting up at seven every morning. I was going to get take away tonight as I really did not feel like cooking but Kara said,
“no Nan, I will cook pasta bake as we all like that and it is my favourite.” So that is what she did and it was very, very nice, followed by strawberries and cream.

There has been a lot of whispering going on and I was not allowed in the kitchen so think I may well have a surprise tomorrow as it is my birthday. It will be lovely waking up with all the children as I am normally at home on my own.

Creative writing in the morning, I like Wednesdays. I wrote three poems today and planned the outline for next story, roughly thinking of what will be in each chapter. I will have about fourteen chapters, is there an average? But I guess it depends how long the novel is? I described the characters, so they have a page each in notebook. I have a tray of cup cakes to take in, I have never really understood this tradition where the birthday person takes cakes in for everyone else, it really should be the other way round and they all bring me a cake as it is my birthday!

Further up-dates tomorrow x

20130618-100040 PM.jpg


Today is my granddaughter Izzy’s tenth birthday, where do the years go? Childhood seems to be over so quick nowadays, they cannot wait to grow up. Izzy wanted a video camera so she can make a video diary……that will be good to watch in a few years time. I think she will be starting her own blog pretty soon as she loves writing stories in fact she has written a piece for my blog so I will get it and put on here this week.

I have been walking about like a cripple today, I did not think I had done too much gardening yesterday as sat down quiet a bit between doing jobs. My back obviously did not think so as it has been hurting a lot all day, just hope I can get up in the morning for the Creative Writing Class as I do not want to miss that. I need to put my ten minute play on here so you can all have a read, I can feel a list coming on as I have also received two more blogging awards so will have to sit and answer all the questions and think up new ones for those people that I nominate.

My daughter had some good news today so I would like to say congratulations to her as she so deserves it. I had a free sample of cocoa butter in a magazine so thought I would try it tonight, I was expecting cream so it was a surprise when oil came out and then it went everywhere so now all I can smell is chocolate, still I guess it is better to smell like it than eat it! Lol

20130507-100954 PM.jpg