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This is published today so buy it now, a truly lovely story about a couple who end up married after a drunken night in Vegas.

It follows them through their courtship even though they are married, I really loved the descriptions of London and could almost feel myself there.  They say love never runs smooth and they are not wrong, so many bumps along the way that you could imagine happening but so well written by Jon.  I have read most of his books and love them all, another great book by a super author.


It is not very often that I find it extremely hard to get into a book but I am afraid this is one of them.  I was so surprised as I have read Matt Haig’s before and found it brilliant.  I am sure it is just me though as this has had great reviews and my friend Angela loved it.

Sorry Matt if your reading this.


If you love tennis and Wimbledon you will like this book, actually even if you don’t like it, this is still a great read and very informative about what it is actually like to be a professional tennis player.  I now regard them as truly dedicated athletes with a timetable that would just wear me out by reading it!

I love the main character Charlie and her journey, you can almost see her growing up through the story and the mistakes she makes as we all do through life.  The book flows and once you hit half way it is hard to put down as you really want to know what is happening next.

I love the ending as even though it is final you could have a next book about her last year and what happens next.

Great writing from a brilliant author.  I won this book on Goodreads which is a great site for reviews, new listings and anything to do with authors.  http://goodreads.com




I have always had a bit of a fascination for this very talented man H.G.Wells especially as he lived here in Folkestone, in fact he had the house built and it still stands today but is a nursing home.  I have been through the grounds and even seen the hut that he did a lot of his writing in.  You can even see the house he rented in Sandgate while the house was being built.

I do not think people are aware of how clever he really was in thinking up things of the future.  Even the house he built had bathrooms for every bedroom something no one else had thought of before and did not even take off until many years later after his death.  He predicted some sort of talking device to contact other people or as it is known today, the phone.

He was a very passionate man in his writing and his personal life, in fact when indulging in a passionate affair it would show in his writing.  His most famous book is The Time Machine which was so well received then, it put him forwards as a most popular author, so many wanted to read his views in his stories.


Folkestone used to be such a grand place, it would be lovely to see it like that again for our future generations.



First day of autumn, the sun was shining and I think I may be a little mad.  I have been trying to remember my doctor’s name all week so I can ring to make an app, I know I could have asked the receptionist but didn’t want her to think I was mad!  Just asked my daughter, she does think I am mad at times but now I can make an app.

It was bed changing day………wait there are only 3 pillows on the bed, where is the other pillow?  How can a pillow in its pillow case disappear, I may be mad!

Is this why I have writers block, so many local competitions to enter and not one story in my head!

What is in my head?  Not a lot by all accounts. lol.



You can smell the variety of fantastic blooms the closer you get to this shop, which is on Cheriton Place just up from Chambers and Anna’s.

So much variety but not just flowers but all the accessories, the welcome is like you’re a long-lost friend with so much help and advice given by them the experts in anything to-do with flowers.  The candles they stock are heavenly.

The window display is gorgeous, such wonderful colours and then inside you have the autumnal mix.  I cannot wait to see what their christmas pieces will look like, amazing I bet. If you are feeling artistic they are doing workshops to make your own wreath.  They will make up anything to order with all the care taken as if it is their own.

You can find them on Facebook and at the moment they are running a competition so head on over there and get yourself in with a chance to win some flowers and a £30 gift voucher for Follies.






Another little gem of a tea shop in Folkestone that you really have to discover, it may look little from the outside but it has a heart bursting with everything wonderful inside.  Very cosy, super atmosphere and delightful people to serve you.  The walls are full of different menus and what a great selection for a small business to offer.

I sampled the afternoon tea of fruit scones with cream and jam, delicious scones bursting with fruit making them all plump and moist, wish I could make them so fat mine always turn out looking like pancakes!

Fresh coffee in a cute cup and saucer that is refilled as often as you like, with them noticing when you needed a refill so I never had to ask, great customer service.

The whole shop is very shabby chic and the unusual bit that I thought was so good was the different book on each table, mine was a cake baking one but would have loved to look at them all.  Selection of cakes was very good with the chocolate fudge cake looking very attractive.  Fresh flowers on the tables and a bud on your plate made everything look like so much care had been taken to make your visit so enjoyable.  With an outside garden, small but big enough for a few tables there is nothing that Anna’s is missing, just wish I had found it sooner.  For the readers of Folkestone it is on Cheriton Place which is the one way road up from Chambers.

Then to make this even more interesting downstairs they have furniture for sale that has been painted very shabby chic or even just varnished.  A good selection if you are in need of furniture or handmade pieces.


So many things to look at in such a small place but not feeling cramped.  You may have to wait a little bit longer but it really is worth it as everything that comes out of that kitchen is prepared with so much love and attention.

You can see their Facebook page at: