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As part of The Folkestone Book Festival there is a short story competition held by The Folkestone Writers group.  Yesterday I went to the reading of the winning stories.

The results of this year’s competition were:

1st Prize: Geoff Madle for ‘The Cruciverbalist’s Tale’.

2nd Prize: Alexander Tulloch for ‘A Bitch called Lucy’.


Third place: Margaret Harland-Suddes for ‘The Fire Bird’.


A fun couple of hours listening to the stories with a lively debate about them!

We will now wait to see what stories are picked to go in The Folkestone Anthology for 2018.




Meeting up with friends on cold winter days will always make you feel good and no matter which one of us has a problem or bit of stress we will put the world to rights with our problem solving skills, we used to be very intelligent women when working you know and as always a lot of laughter.

With views out to sea, impeccable service this restaurant at the front of The Grand, Palm Court is one of the most beautiful places to dine.  I never get tired of going here and could sit for ages just people watching and taking in the view.  I think I may go here to do some editing as I am sure it would make it less boring.


The lunch club on a Wednesday is one of the best deals you can find in Folkestone and surrounding areas.  For  £9.75 you get two course and a coffee, the table is laid up lovely with linen serviette and free bread rolls!  There is no rush to finish, which is good for us a we do like to chat.  I wish I had taken a photo of the pianist as she played some lovely music for us and it really made the meal so enjoyable and special.

Most had the roast beef or pork but the salmon fish cake and pasta bake were really nice, Corinne had the soup which looked delicious and home-made.  Fresh vegetables are always nice and have far more taste that frozen.

The Tiramisu was the most popular and it was superb, one of the best I have tasted.  Jackie and Lynda normally have problems with their desserts but Lynda was still away and Jackie went for the ice-cream so she played it safe, at one point I thought she was going to say she didn’t like one of the flavours, LOL.

Another month gone by so next time it will be our christmas meal, these monthly outings seem to make the year go very quick but I think we all need and enjoy them as it takes us out and away from what ever is going on.  Our thoughts are with Liz this month and hoping she has better news by December.  Sharon could not make this meal as was attending a funeral so our thoughts were with her that day.

If you are interested in knowing more about The Grand they do a tour of the premises on a Friday afternoon which is full of information and history then ending with a cream tea that is the best.




Oh wow, what a story, Lisa has pulled it out the bag again. Surprise after surprise, you just never know or can predict what is going to happen next so I just kept on reading so I am going to blame Lisa for my low word count in NaNoWriMo!

You may remember Flora from a previous novel who was held captive for so long then finally when she came home she is just a different person and appears to be on a path of helping abducted people get away from their abductors.  Setting up a website she steers people towards fighting back and escaping, will Flora ever be normal I don’t think so, she was taken and abused for so long she does not know anything else but she is good at helping locate people and that is how she ends up helping DD the cop she befriends and even trusts a little bit, not that she would admit to that.

This story is heartbreaking when you read what these children go through and how it eventually breaks them and their family. There is no happy ending but there are surprises and shocks for everyone. I really do love a good book that keeps you so engrossed and you never know what is going to happen next and this gives you that. A good five stars of super writing, brilliant characters that all bounce of one another, becoming interlinked in surprising ways.

This is in my top five of the year!



What a lovely story and such a brilliant idea as I am sure there are an awful lot of lost things in this world.  I love the way some of the things all have a connection of some sort and that is what ties this story together so magnificently.  The characters all work really well together and I just loved Sunshine and her little gems of information she just popped in there, sometimes without Laura realising.  This is to me a happy book and I really enjoyed reading it.

I was pleased to see that it is one of the Goodreads books in the awards so I have voted for it, if you want to vote you can here.


I would also like to say good luck to all the authors who have books in these awards.



I always find it hard to turn off from writing by reading a book so I will have a slow month of book reviews while I am writing for NaNoWriMo.  I checked my total of books read this year and I am on 50 so that’s only 10 away from my target so I should easily do that or maybe overtake 60.  I tend to just put the TV on with a film until I fall asleep, then the timer turns the television off.   I only did about 500 words today as I met Kara for lunch but I am hoping to make up the words over the next few days as I will be chained to the laptop.


Lovely hummus and fresh bread to start with and then we shared a pizza as they are very big and it was delicious.  It consisted of chicken, pancetta, roast peppers, red onion, rocket, parmesan and garlic oil, probably one of the best pizza’s I have had.


I was surprised how busy it was in there so I am pleased it is still going well for them.

We had to have dessert, I went for the new york cheesecake and Kara had the brownie.  It was so nice to just sit and chat as we haven’t done that for ages as she is always working so we decided that once a month we would make the effort and go for lunch.



The evenings are getting darker but I do like pulling the curtains and lighting my candles, makes me feel all cosy and warm.  I think that is about the only thing I like about winter as the cold makes my joints hurt so much.  At least if it snows this year I don’t have to go out in it as I have my shopping delivered now and I have just seen that you can have your prescriptions delivered by royal mail.

The gardens always look so bare but I will try to get some winter pansy again as they grew very well last year. I think my frogs are all hibernating as not seen them for the last couple of weeks.

Have you started christmas shopping yet?  I have got a few bits and as soon as I get some bags I will start wrapping as that is the part I don’t really like, there is never a good position for doing this and I always get back ache. Most of the grandchildren would like money so they can go to the sales in the new year so that’s easy.  I have written my list but santa never asks for it 😦

Time to do some writing now for NaNoWriMo, have a super day everyone.




This was very sad but also true to life in this world we live in now so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  I really liked the way the author has written this from the heart in fact you could almost think that she was writing from experience.  The characters go together really well and flow off each other.  I thought that having such a good birthday would change her mind about wanting to die so was shocked when she still went ahead with it.  The twist was a brilliant piece of work and pulled everything from the past into the future all together. It took me just one day to read this as I got so engrossed in the story and her life. Very well written and I will be looking out for more of this authors work.