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I did get to about a third of the way through but there were many characters with the story lines going from past to present and I found it really hard to keep up with it all. The writing was good and the concept of the story, it was just too much for me.  Please read it for yourself as you may well really enjoy this story.


Second week of August already, I feel sorry for the people holidaying in Britain as even though it is not cold we have had a lot of rain with weather alerts for this week again. The grandchildren keep asking when are we going to the beach or outdoor swimming pool or the fountains and I keep saying there is no sun and if there is some sun it does not last long.  I am sure they would go anyway but it’s just not as enjoyable for the adults sitting shivering on the beach.

I have been very productive today though as written two book reviews on all my sites, it would be so much easier if I just copy and past them all but I feel a bit awful if I don’t write something a bit different.  I can understand now why authors are always asking for reviews as many readers just do not bother.


What ever you think of the book then write it.                                                                             It can be as long or as short as you want it to be.                                                                         You can do it in sentences or bullet points.                                                                                     Authors love to get feedback from their readers and will often connect with them on social media.


Authors Facebook or Twitter                                                                                                               Goodreads  http://goodreads.com                                                                                                       Amazon http://amazon.co.uk                                                                                                               Google+                                                                                                                                                     Pinterest, I have made a board about books I have read.

So there are many ways we can all support our wonderful writers that we have now and the ones that are just publishing their first book would be so happy to receive some feedback from their readers.

I hope that makes it a bit less daunting for some and to be honest before I started blogging I never even thought about writing a review.

I am just about to start my next book which is by Carol Wyer, I am looking forward to this as it is another one in the series about DI Robyn Carter.


I am looking after Alfie in a couple of weeks for a long weekend, he is crazy for Minecraft and very clever at it.  So we are going to read all about Pixelville by Daniel Riding which is a new book that was released last month, I will then get Alfie to review it as well as myself.


I guess I had better go and do some gardening before the weeds take over everywhere, I would much rather be reading or writing though.  I have done a lot of planning for my Jersey trip and decided that I will pop over to Guernsey while I am there as never been there before, so lots to look forward to and I really cannot wait.



Another brilliant story, the first I have read of Richard Madeley and it won’t be the last.  Great flow and very smooth the way it leads on, the two main characters are super.  Even though it all gets so bad you always want a happy ending as it really makes you feel that they should be together for ever.  Very realistic court writing and you can just imagine a police detective to be like this a bit like a dog with a bone.  This deserves five stars as it kept me turning the pages all day, I was never sure how it would all end.  Put this on your to-buy list today.


This is indeed a very dark thriller and will not appeal to everyone, not for the faint hearted as this touches on a subject that should never happen.  I thought the story and the writing were excellent, Alex Marwood is indeed a very talented woman.  This story consists of secrets and lies mainly about Coco a three-year old and her disappearance, in some ways it touches your heart but I think mainly you just feel pure anger that some people can be so cool and calculating.  I would not be surprised if this is not optioned for TV as the drama is excellent, paced just right to involve many people’s lives.  The story does flick between the disappearance and her fathers funeral but once you realise that it reads wonderful. I am giving this five stars as it’s different and still unexpected in places.  Well worth a trip to your book shop or on-line at Amazon.



What an out standing story that I did stay up half the night for as it was so good, unusual in the fact that the male character was always one step ahead.  I had no idea how this was going to end but it kept you guessing all the way through.  Superbly written by a brilliant author, looking forward to reading the next one.