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Damaged by Pamela Callow

Looking forward to starting this today.  So many books are part of series now, do you like that or not?  I think it is great if it’s a short series that runs one after the other in the story.  An example of that is Stacey Caflin and the GONE series, that was brilliant and if you have not read it yet then I would recommend it 100%.


What are you reading this weekend?  I actually sat out in the garden for a bit this morning, I think it was the last bit of sunshine before we get these supposed rain storms which are coming from the last of the hurricane’s.

Have a weekend doing what you love everyone.


Today is International Pirate Day and if you want to you can change how your FB pages look by choosing pirate as a language!  Not sure why you would want to but I guess it is fun for the kids. This doesn’t work if you’re using the app though, only from a computer.

October 26th is the day Sunday Dinners becomes available on Amazon, I started reading this last night and I am loving it, funny, down to earth and very real.  I can imagine a lot of dining tables to be like this throughout the world so I am sure loads of you will relate to this and love the book. 

Jon Rance is a local author who lives in Brighton with his family.  This is his fourth book so while you are waiting for this one I suggest you start reading the others as they are great.  I love Jon’s style as I can always picture or seen the stuff happening that he writes about as it is all so normal. 

After a week of rain the sun is shining today, we are definitely in Autumn now which makes me sad as the summer has been so short this year and very patchy.  

Have a great weekend what ever you are doing and think happy thoughts. x




I went completely out of my comfort zone by reading this book but I was pleased that I did as I think it is a well written story that  you will be hooked on and want to read more of his adventures.   I felt like I was drifting back in time while reading this and imagining I was a child again, what a brilliant adventure I would of had.  I very much admire the authors that write these great fantasies, it must be great having a mum like this to make up stories for you at bedtime.

The way Helen draws you in is magnificent and truly believable, Alfie is a great character and much like any boy of that age. It did take me longer to read but not sure if that was just me and my memory as had to go over bits when the Faerians arrived and their names, old age!

I am hoping my grandaughter will read it next as I feel it would be great to get her point of view as she is an avid reader and like me does not drift far from the authors she likes.

This would also make a great film for kids as the special effects you could use would be wonderful.  Walt Disney did you hear that?

Alfie Diamond and his first awakening takes you into fantasy land that is a bit real, well who knows what stories these old houses hold in their walls.  Lovely story Helen and very well written, great imagination.  xx



 Carol’s latest book Evil Woman is already receiving 5 star reviews on Amazon so it’s one not to be missed.  This is Carol’s third book, her first one was My Life is Worth Living which is about her autistic son.  

Living in lovely Kent down on the coast at Herne Bay, Carol spends her time writing and at the moment attending book signings and summer events.    

 I met this lovely lady at The Creative Quarter last weekend, where her books were very popular.  I will be adding these on my list of books to get and read.   If your looking for something to read then go grab one of these.