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Peaches had her first trip out in the camper today and I do believe she loved it. We drove to Deal and then parked up by the beach which was just over the road.

She soon found a couple of places to lay down and then she had a sleep. I went for a walk over to the beach and she was still asleep when I came back, I was not gone long as didn’t know how she would be.

It was a glorious sunny day today and hopefully we will have at least a week of good weather. Lots of fishermen on the beach today and even a couple of kids in the water, I bet it was cold though. The only problem with taking the cat you can’t have the door open which is a shame when sunny, the windows are ok as they all have screens. I did feel a bit strange just wild camping and think I would prefer to be on a site as there are not many places you can just wild camp and have room to put out your table and chairs.


Was nice to make a cup of tea and just chill, I should have taken my laptop then could have done some writing. At least I know the cat is ok in the camper if I want to take her anywhere again.


Was a nice day out and better than sitting indoors. What do you do if you take your cat with you on your travels?



So many books this year with many standing out as brilliant, I wonder if I can up my total for next year to 70?  I just squeezed in with 60 this year, I really don’t know how people read 200 in a year.

We went to Liverpool to see all the famous places, had a super time.  Was my first experience of airbnb which was great.  I loved the place and would like to go back as there really is so much to see and do there.

Our first spell of hot weather came early in the year and we made the most of it and got the gardens looking fab and enjoyed time on The Harbour Arm.

Easter began with a super lunch with the ladies, I tried to not eat too many eggs and really enjoyed the flowers.

Alfie turned 9 and Jodie got a hot tub, very enjoyable and the cocktail.

Billie, Paul, Jade, Mia and Zac enjoyed a long weekend away at Camber Sands and really enjoyed themselves.

A new garden centre for Folkestone that does great cream teas.  Brilliant day swimming at the outdoor pools, the weather was great.

A fantastic trip to Benidorm with Corinne, we watched ‘Benidorm” being filmed, made some friends from The Sun bar and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Two new dessert places opened in Folkestone and doing extremely well.

I took Alfie to the sci-fi show and we had a great time.

My birthday was such fun, had a brilliant lunch with my friends and some great presents.

I have missed all the sheep from Romney Marsh so took a pic when I went over to the dentist.  Alfie had a great time at the cinema, we watched Despicable Me 3.

Lynda’s 70th went on for about two weeks but what fun she had, the lunches and parties were fantastic then she went off for about three holidays.

Folkestone in the sunshine, I love the town I live in and it just gets better and better.


Ladies that lunch is the best time of each month for me.

Buying the camper was the highlight of the summer and then going to Deal camping with the family was such fun.

Freddie and the twins came to visit for the day, Freddie now knows what is in every drawer and cupboard in the camper lol.

Sometimes you get a picture and when ever you see it, it makes you remember that day and laugh, this is one of those pictures, Beckie could not get her banana open like we (normal) do so she bit into it, I think she was going back to tribal ways! LOL.

My trip to Jersey to re-kindle my memories from childhood but I just did not realise that everything would be different 50 years on.  The places I visited were lovely especially the gardens and the pearl place.  I stayed in a great airbnb with super hosts, I must remember to try the black butter as still not done that yet.  The beaches were the best as they stretched for miles and the sand was golden.  Was a nice trip, with lots of reading and writing achieved.

I stayed at Jodie’s and we looked after Jack for the night, such a smiley boy and so cute.

We had family over from Australia who the girls loved catching up with, we had some nice cream teas and reminiscing.

Billie and Jade both got new horses this year, Jade did a super job of staying on her horse as she was going over the jump.



What a fantastic story and was so pleased with what Patricia said on her wall on Facebook.


A delicious lunch for the ladies at The Grand and a bargain price so we will be visiting there again next year.

Billie and family had to say goodbye to Pepper who is now the shiniest star in the sky. Was so sad for everyone as he was such a loving little dog.

PURE pet food gave me a pack to try out with Peaches and then to blog about it, well she loved it and it really filled her up, you can purchase it from here.


What a brilliant two weeks of everything book related, was great to catch up with Julie Wassmer again and meet other writers.  There was a vast program this year so something for everyone including children.  The workshops were enjoyable and I came away with some new books to read.

Our christmas lunch and another year of monthly lunches over, it is great to have such good friends who support and care about each other.  We have some ‘special’ birthdays next year so lots to look forward to.

Then the snow came very early and caused disruption but all the children loved it even though it didn’t last long.


View from my lounge

As we say goodbye to 2017 it’s been fun, sad, happy, hard and many other emotions but let’s go into 2018 with open minds and hearts and hope it is the best it can be.




The lovely people at PURE sent my mum some cat food for me to try, then I had to let you all know what I thought of it.

It came in a nice secure box that I could not get in so mum had to get it out for me and then told me that I had to wait until the morning to try it, I did some begging but she was not going to give in. I usually have my food in the mornings then just have some biscuits later if I am hungry but it is very cold now so I am eating lots.

Mum says that this is very healthy for me as it is all made from fresh food, I hope I like it but I do eat just about anything I’m not fussy like some cats so I am sure it will be delicious.


Do you like my pictures?  They should put a picture of me on their boxes of food.


Mum read the box and said I was a medium size cat, does my bum look that big?  I was thinking small cat.  You get a nice sturdy scoop so she put 2 scoops into my bowl, I was watching her to make sure I got all of it, hope she doesn’t taste it.  There is a red thing, I am not going to eat that!  Then she says that it is for closing the bag so it all stays nice and fresh for me.  I have a bit of a sniff but it does not really smell tasty but then mum gets the scoop again and puts in 2 scoops of warm water, I start miawing then as it smells gorgeous, just put it down and give it to me I say.  Then she starts stirring it, oh come on now, I am hungry let me at that food.

Just hang on now, can’t talk and eat.

I don’t want to leave any of this as I am liking it very much, I am getting full up and it is taking me ages to eat all this but I have got to keep on, I love it.  Will have to tell all my friends about this later when I go out and patrol my patch, I don’t think I will be running about much as feel a bit full.


I am looking forward to eating this again, it is super and it tastes just like chicken, I know that as I have pinched a bit once but gees did I get into trouble about that!

The other night I was having a sneaky look round all the sides in the kitchen, mum was asleep so this is a good time to do this and I can sit and look out the window just to keep a check in case that big black cat comes in my garden again, he is not very nice and a bully, he scratched my nose a while ago and it really hurt so I went indoors and sat on mums lap for a cuddle.

Miowe, miowe she only went and left the food on the side, think I will have a bit more. This plastic stuff is a bit tough I got rid of the box quick but this is taking ages, wow, fell off side now its all on the floor, she is not going to be happy in the morning, I will have to hide.  I am nearly in, best give it a shake, some on the floor now it does not taste the same, why?

I really thought I was going to get into trouble but she didn’t tell me off, just took pictures, shall I pose again for you mum?

I wonder if I will get any more of this yummy food, mum did say it took me three times as long to eat it as what I normally do, I don’t know why but I do know that I want more!



I am waiting for the postman to bring me some of this new cat food then in exchange Peaches 🐈 will do a blog post about it!

Even though Peaches does not have any problems apart from wanting to eat constantly it will be interesting to see what she thinks.

Has anyone tried this food?



NOVEMBER 5th – This might be a moan!


Years ago a group of children would build a guy and then take him to sit outside the local shop asking for “a penny for the guy Mr” in the evening all the families would gather round the rec to watch, bringing home-made toffee apples.  There would be lots of oooooo and aaarrrrrs as the fireworks made their magic in the sky.

What a lovely thought but now it is just a memory for many as you could not let your kids out to knock on doors asking for things to build their guy, you could not let them sit outside shops on their own.  I am guessing that now hardly any of them would know what a guy was let alone how to build one.

Times change – we now have fireworks for about a week and for any other occasion people can think of, they are let off with not a thought for anyone else or animals.  This week I have seen news about a horse jumping over the fence because a firework went off very early evening and landed in his field, the horse landed on a car and is now in vet hospital, the owner is distraught and praying he will be ok.  Dogs are escaping gardens so scared and just running, cats are hiding.  We all know to bring our animals inside but you do not expect it all to start so early in the evening or a week either side of November 5th.  They are so loud that I am sure it would be more enjoyable if quieter so you can just watch the spectacular colour show, many children are so scared they do not even want to go outside.

Where is the enjoyment in all that?

What I think – Firework displays should only be arranged ones with a permit, no fireworks should be sold to the general public, there needs to be a bigger cordon keeping people further away from the fireworks. I have seen a firework first hand come back down into the crowd and seriously hurt many people.  With all the fuss about health and safety now a days I cannot understand why they are still allowed, they have set ridiculous rules for some things but then nothing for fireworks going off in streets, gardens or just about anywhere at anytime during the year!


Feel free to comment, rant over, I think, oh no! There will be more tonight as it is actually Guy Fawkes night!


I really loved reading this fun story that made me laugh and transported me into a witch world, wouldn’t it be good if we could all set spells on people.  Great writing by Adele Abbott with characters that you will love and be waiting to read their next adventures.  It is really nice to read a fun happy book every so often so it takes your mind of the present, in fact it will be a great summer read on the beach.  This is the first of a series so no waiting for the next book as they are all ready for you to order.



Sheila’s daughter Jen did this painting of my cat Peaches, I really love it so much and what a thoughtful special thing to be given.  Jen’s pictures are amazing and you can see them under Tiny Creations on Facebook, I will do a blog post soon about all her work.

As my friends know I am a garden lover and these flowers are superb, I love pink roses and the grandchildren will like the bunny mouths, I have always called them that so that is my Nan’s fault, lol.  The welcome spade is so unusual and I love it.

This blue pearl in a cage I just adore and I had to poke about in an oyster to get the pearl out, never seen anything like that before and apparently they x-ray the oysters to make sure there is a pearl in there.

I can now have music in my garden with the super pink radio and smell nice with one of my favourite perfumes.

These are a few of the wonderful presents I received, I love every single one of them and will treasure them.  I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my many amazing friends and my family who make my birthday such a memorable day.  I do think your birthday is a bit special when an adult as it is the only day in the year that is yours and to spend it with people you love makes it even more amazing.

Peaches xx