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Every so often you come across something on the internet that makes you ask why have I not seen this before so when that happens I really like to share these light bulb moments with you all.


We are always being told to buy locally as it would be such a shame if these business’s had to close.  I buy my shopping from Tesco once a month but only because they deliver it to me and I can get everything I need, they are very good at carrying the heavy stuff indoors for me, in fact they unload everything for me onto the breakfast bar.  Prices are good and very seldom do they not have what I have ordered.

My problem with this is that I cannot get my fresh foods every week but this Food Assembly really does solve the problem, just have to get someone to pick it up for me. How nice to have fresh vegetables, milk, cheese and juices all from local farms and you can pick it up all together in one place.  Ordering on-line is the way forward and until you do it you have no idea how simple it really is.  This Food Assembly which you can see here offers all you would need for your fresh foods weekly.

This initiative is open throughout Europe they are always looking for more places to join so if you have any ideas then please contact them.


So that is my contribution to shopping locally and if you are a vegetarian there are many foods for you on the Folkestone site.

Stay warm everyone.




The lovely people at PURE sent my mum some cat food for me to try, then I had to let you all know what I thought of it.

It came in a nice secure box that I could not get in so mum had to get it out for me and then told me that I had to wait until the morning to try it, I did some begging but she was not going to give in. I usually have my food in the mornings then just have some biscuits later if I am hungry but it is very cold now so I am eating lots.

Mum says that this is very healthy for me as it is all made from fresh food, I hope I like it but I do eat just about anything I’m not fussy like some cats so I am sure it will be delicious.


Do you like my pictures?  They should put a picture of me on their boxes of food.


Mum read the box and said I was a medium size cat, does my bum look that big?  I was thinking small cat.  You get a nice sturdy scoop so she put 2 scoops into my bowl, I was watching her to make sure I got all of it, hope she doesn’t taste it.  There is a red thing, I am not going to eat that!  Then she says that it is for closing the bag so it all stays nice and fresh for me.  I have a bit of a sniff but it does not really smell tasty but then mum gets the scoop again and puts in 2 scoops of warm water, I start miawing then as it smells gorgeous, just put it down and give it to me I say.  Then she starts stirring it, oh come on now, I am hungry let me at that food.

Just hang on now, can’t talk and eat.

I don’t want to leave any of this as I am liking it very much, I am getting full up and it is taking me ages to eat all this but I have got to keep on, I love it.  Will have to tell all my friends about this later when I go out and patrol my patch, I don’t think I will be running about much as feel a bit full.


I am looking forward to eating this again, it is super and it tastes just like chicken, I know that as I have pinched a bit once but gees did I get into trouble about that!

The other night I was having a sneaky look round all the sides in the kitchen, mum was asleep so this is a good time to do this and I can sit and look out the window just to keep a check in case that big black cat comes in my garden again, he is not very nice and a bully, he scratched my nose a while ago and it really hurt so I went indoors and sat on mums lap for a cuddle.

Miowe, miowe she only went and left the food on the side, think I will have a bit more. This plastic stuff is a bit tough I got rid of the box quick but this is taking ages, wow, fell off side now its all on the floor, she is not going to be happy in the morning, I will have to hide.  I am nearly in, best give it a shake, some on the floor now it does not taste the same, why?

I really thought I was going to get into trouble but she didn’t tell me off, just took pictures, shall I pose again for you mum?

I wonder if I will get any more of this yummy food, mum did say it took me three times as long to eat it as what I normally do, I don’t know why but I do know that I want more!



I just had to write a post about this as I have never seen anything like it, it is not April Fools day so it must be true. Have you ever heard of pink eggs? Or maybe blue eggs? I can imaging your answer is no, just like mine was. I mean, do they come from pink chickens or blue chickens? It all sounds very stupid to me, but this is the advert I saw in a magazine today!

20130605-085506 PM.jpg

So there you have it, you can get coloured eggs. How amazing, I want pink ones. Lol

It was creative writing today so I gave in my stories I had written, be interesting to get the feedback next week. We talked about poetry today and words that we liked the sound of, so for homework we have to create a poem from our nice words. I have never written a poem before so this should be interesting. I can only remember learning one poem at school and that was The Brook by Lord Tennyson which is a very lovely poem.

We are going to have summer for about a week here in the south east of Britain so I will be writing, reading and weeding in the garden so as to make the most of our summer. Lol