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I have a nice park and large green by me so I took Mia and Zac there to run off a bit of energy, they loved it.

Also riding their scooters there and back, I love this green as it is split up into parts for different activities and there is a path going round the edge for walkers and riders.  I am surprised Mia did not fall off as she is forever looking and watching other children, very nosy lol.  It is hard to believe that we are half way through August already and before we can blink they will all be back at school.  I will miss Mia and our days together as she starts big school but she will be replaced with Zac once a week, where do the years go, they are all growing up so quickly.


George will be in 6th form so he has to wear suits everyday now, they look so smart and gets them used to wearing them for work which I think is a super idea and makes them take a pride in their appearance.

Jodie was extremely proud of her 3 eldest children all working at the weekend also a very proud Nan here, such good mannered caring children.  Well done Jodie, great parenting.

Billie was ecstatic watching her eldest Jade in the riding competition and again such a lovely person she is growing up to be as she is also superb with her two young siblings.  Not easy with such a big age gap but Billie manages to give them all what they need.

Sometimes it is hard being part of a big family and sharing your time as the older you get the harder it is to keep up with them not only in looking after them but all the things and gadgets they are into.  Alfie plays Minecraft, I find this so repetitive building things all the time but the younger generation love it and it is in the top 5 games.  Computers, iPads and smart phones are just a way of life now so get yourself trained to keep up with them, once you know the basics you will pick bits up by watching the children.

Happy holidays and treasure every minute. x




While watching Alfie on the sand leaving footprints as he splashed in the soggy bits then building sand castles with moats, digging holes to see if he could find the water and just leaving all sorts of marks including his name to show he had been there.  It made me think of the many children that have also done that over the years, their costumes may have changed style but the joys of the beach never change for children.

The many dimensions of family life never changes the thrill of the beach and what you can build with the sand.  It evolves over the years but never changes, every day it takes the children’s castles and returns flat for the next session of memories to be made.

Layers of memories and stories stored in the depths, if you dig far enough you find a story and then it is yours to tell.  Have pirates walked on your sand?  Are there caves with fairies or wolves?  Was there a castle with a princess looking for her prince?  So many ideas you get from sitting on the sand holding the grains as they run through your fingers, how many fingers have they touched?

Many stories could be told, I am writing mine, what would you write about?

Happy day dreams x


Very occasionally you have a day that is so perfect in every way possible and that makes up for the days that are not so perfect.  Family and friends enjoying the sunshine building sand castles and memories that will last forever.

Sunny sands in Folkestone is the perfect spot, was lovely having both my girls there and so many of the grandchildren all having fun together.

The sea was a bit cold but they did not seem to notice with all the running about.  We definitely need more sunshine days like this.



Folkestone harbour has some great attractions now and the one the children enjoy most are the fountains, you never know how high the water is going to go.  Zac had never been before so he was a bit hesitant at first and decided to have a feel just to make sure the water was real, funny boy.  After a few minutes you could not stop him from running about in, out and over them, we had such fun just watching him.


Love that picture above, I think my photography is getting better.  After all that enjoyment it was time for food.  At Chummies food stall you can get hot and cold seafood, noodles and chips.  Noodles were the firm favourite, eating them the quickest way possible! LOL


A lovely summer day enjoyed by everyone, we definitely need some more of these as seeing the sun is very rare this year.


Have you always read books or did you start as an adult?

Where did your love of books come from?

My love started as soon as I could read so birthdays and christmas always bought a few more books.  I loved the annuals at christmas time.  Every night saw me go to bed to read and most times never turned the light out until I was threatened with the removal of the book.  Once I started a book I had to finish it, there was no, just reading a couple of pages and putting it down.  I am still like that and will read all the time no matter what is going on.  I think my reason for reading at such an early age was escapism as I was a very lonely child even though my grandparents were the very best I always felt very different from all the other kids.  Divorce and living with your Nan and Granddad were unheard of then.

We had the newspaper delivered every day and Nan got her magazine once a week and she used to read me the story about the robin and as soon as I could read I had a comic delivered, I was always up and ready early on those mornings so I could have a quick read before school.  I think Twinkle was the first one and that progressed up to Jackie over the years and then Loving and Love Affair as I loved the stories in those.

Enid Blyton was the best author as far as I was concerned, how did she think up these great adventures although I used to think she was writing about herself and envied her so much for having such cool friends and camps.

I would never give any of my books away and made Granddad put them all up in the loft in a big metal trunk, not sure how he got the metal trunk up there.  I can remember when I was married asking him if I could have some of the books and he told me he had given a lot to the children hospital, I was devastated at the time but pleased they went to a good place.

I read library books every week as we used to go every Saturday to change them and I am sure I read every Enid Blyton book they had.  Topsy and Tim was also a favourite of mine.  From the age of about ten I helped out in the library every Saturday afternoon, how good was that stamping the books out and going through the cards and then I made a library at home with all my books.

As I was an only child and lived with my grandparents I would often get a bit bored so Granddad used to make up topics and I would get a new exercise book and then go and find the books I needed and find out about the topic  Once it was clouds and I knew all the names of all the different ones and did drawings of them all.

I guess once a reader always a reader and I now read almost any books apart from historical as I prefer the modern-day.  Of course my dream would be to see my book in a library or in the window of Waterstones.




While we were in Whitstable this week we had a look round a couple of charity shops where we found a collection of these Moroccan Perfume Jars which were all different colours and designs so my friend Corinne bought us both one, I really do love my friends and this will always remind me of our day out.  So elegant, fragile and simply beautiful.

I saw these shoes in a magazine and really liked them, have looked on-line in Topshop but cannot find them anywhere so I guess they are sold out.  Why advertise them if you have not got many of them?  Very exasperating.

El Cortador was where I met my friend Helen for lunch yesterday, we have both lived in Spain so we decided on Tapas, which was delicious and cooked to perfection.  I have been here a few times and am never disappointed, the service is great and there is a lovely segregated seating area out the back.


The prices are reasonable so many people pop in here for lunch.  The Old High Street is getting busy with the many studios and offices occupied now.


I had a week indoors a couple of weeks ago as my daughters car was very poorly and then she had to go and buy another one.  They up-graded as needed something bigger to pull the double horse trailer so this is what they ended up getting.  It is in super condition and has been really looked after so I think they got a bargain.

The children were very impressed!

That is another week over, I plan to have a quiet weekend to do some writing.  The weather man keeps promising us a heat wave but I have given up believing him anymore and just tend to sit outside as soon as I see the sun.  I can see a lot of people going on last-minute holidays in September if this carries on as it is really so depressing.

I am now reading A Seaside Affair by Fern Britton which will be my 27th book this year.




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