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Days like today always make me think about the people on their own who do not have loved ones or families to spend it with, it must be so lonely for them.  We are the lucky ones and are blessed to have our families close.  With all the pain and conflict in the world at the moment you can never take anything for granted as it can all change in a second.

Here in Kent we are now waiting for storm Katie to arrive, with predictions of it being very bad, I have made the garden as secure as I can so I will hope for the best.  It is a great shame that the weather interferes in so many things including The Harbour Arm being closed all day tomorrow because of the winds.


I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and we still have Easter Monday to look forward to.


So it is Good Friday and what is different from a normal Friday?  The only thing here in the UK is that offices are shut until Tuesday and there are no workmen anywhere but apart from that it is everything as usual.  How so very different from a few years ago when everything was shut today apart from the fish van going round the streets selling people their dinner as you always had fish on Good Friday.  The shop keepers only get Easter Sunday and Christmas Day off now so no long weekends for them, is this all good or have we gone too far now in expecting everything to be open for 24 hours, is this really necessary?  Where has the family time gone, some Dads do not get to see their own children for days, is this good for the future?  What about the pressure this puts on the Mothers, they live like a single parent for days or even worse still are the Mothers and Fathers that both work and the children are put in breakfast clubs before school and then after school clubs and then some are picked up by child minders.  Is this really the way forward?  I guess we will see the damage that it is doing to our children in the next generation, already mothers are leaving it later to start families as they just cannot afford it.  Would it be so bad if places were shut on holidays and Sunday’s?  I can see the value in having garden centres and DIY shops open but do we really need everything else, when all households have a freezer so there is never a shortage of food.  

Happy Easter everyone x 


Granddaughter Jade is a very happy girl, we went to TGI for dinner as it is her favourite place, I thought it was lovely as I had to have a couple of cocktails, daughter made the mistake of saying she would drive home lol It is extremely busy here though and the queue for all the restaurants are so long they are reaching the next one. It feels so alive in London I absolutely love it and the first thing I would buy if I won the lottery would be a little flat here for visits. They have gone into see Oley Murs now so I am sitting and reflecting, people watching and loving every minute of it.

20130331-022505 AM.jpg

The children of today are so lucky or is just that the world is changing and people have more money now to do most of the things they want to. I guess we all give our children more than we had and we try to be better than our parents were and then better grandparents, sometimes it’s a hard act to follow. I am pleased that my grandchildren are polite and still love coming to see me even though they are getting older and have their own friends and lives. It is hard to imagine what your life would be like without children or grandchildren but there again what you have never had you do not miss.

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Easter Sunday tomorrow and I am sure it means very different things to each person. For me it is family all getting together, when I had the house that they all grew up in they would all come back for Easter Sunday lamb dinner. I used to have as much fun as the children doing the treasure hunt and hiding all the eggs and thinking up all the clues as I had to do easy ones for the younger ones so I just did pictures of places they would find their eggs and then clues for the older ones. I am the lucky one now as I get to go to one of my daughters for dinner and family time and it is so much nicer to sit and relax and far less stressful. I can sit back and enjoy it and interact with what ever each of the children are doing. I love my children and grandchildren so much and could not imagine my life without them.

20130331-040126 AM.jpg

I have to post about the next thing as I cannot really believe I am seeing what I am. I am sitting in the bar of the cinema, it was the quietist place with nice comfy seats and I am able to be writing this. The picture below is of a lady that has just walked in, I did ask her if I could take a picture but did not get chance to ask her why she was here or where the wedding was or had been. They all looked so happy and I must admit the whole bar was smiling about it.

20130331-023208 AM.jpg

All in all a very pleasant evening and I get to relax in the car and be driven home, what more could anyone want.

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Just little thing’s can make you happy, can be a smile from a friend or a kind word for it to lift you up for the whole day. For another person it might not mean anything at all to them, we cannot know what make’s the other person happy but always giving a wave, smile or word to others might make their day for them. A comment on here or FaceBook or Twitter can make me smile as I then know that what they have read they have enjoyed and that is what keeps me going. I guess we all have self doubt, some more than others, so a nice comment makes it all worthwhile, for me anyway.

The new laptop was bought today, not the one I saw on-line but a faster better one so all I have to do now is set it all up, I have allowed all tomorrow for that job, and playing with it. I have not used windows 8 yet so I am looking forward to it.

20130328-095852 PM.jpg

I really like the colour too, something a bit different. I wonder if it will help me to write quicker, I seem to have so many ideas in my head for stories that I do not know what to write first. Should I finish the couple of short stories or enter a couple of competitions or get on with my novel? I am at least writing so all is good. Tonight I will be going to bed with a book as in our Sainsbury’s supermarket they are doing a good selection of books at 2 for £3.00

The following picture I saw on my daughter’s wall this afternoon, I thought it looked lovely and what a lovely keepsake, it could be covered by a piece of Perspex to keep it looking good. The two girls aged ten and one had good fun in the paint and both liked different thing’s about the experience, the elder one liked doing the prints while the younger one loved the feeling of the paint on her hands and feet and then looking back on her prints. I’m sure she was probably thinking how did that get there, it’s on my feet lol.

20130328-102329 PM.jpg

Tomorrow is Good Friday, when I was a child I would go with my grandparents to the fish man as we always had fresh fish for dinner. I think all the children of today will remember about Easter are the chocolate eggs. What do you remember about Good Friday?

Have a happy day. x


Tomorrow I pick up the new lap top, I am containing my excitement until I have got it home and put all my own bits on it, then I can enjoy it.

20130327-091051 PM.jpg

I am still working on problem with iPhone and iPad but I am beginning to think it is to do with the latest isos 6.1.3 that was the last update. I really do not think it is me this time.

I am of to the O2 on Saturday as my daughter and granddaughter are going to see Oley Murs, we are going for a meal first so it will all make a nice change.

Easter is so early it just does not feel right, or is that just because of the weather? I could not believe it tonight when the weather man said that April is not going to be a lot better. So long as there is sunshine for the following five months, I will be happy! Lol. I know wishful thinking, we can all dream. At least I know I am going away September so will get sunshine then.

My writing has come to a complete standstill with all these problems but I have been doing a lot of research about different thing’s for my book, so it is not all bad.

The garden is looking bare, I think I will do seeds and get young plants and start them of indoors and then greenhouse and just hope for the best. Fruit and veg is going to all be at least a month late this year, if they grow that is.

Hope you are all keeping warm, I spent a good two hours today reading post’s and following some new people. There are so many great blogs out there, just not enough hours in the day to read them all, such a shame, but I am trying. ☺


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I am dreaming of Spring, bulbs, ice-cream and all thing’s nice. Well, trying to, but it is not easy, every news station, paper and radio is all about the awful weather everywhere. I think we are the lucky one’s down in this South East corner as there is no snow, just bitter cold wind. I remember the news stories earlier in the year about our heating bills being a lot more expensive this winter, I never expected it to be quiet as high as what it is though. My bill for heating is usually about £67.00 for January, February and March, I have just received the bill for the same month’s this year and it is £440.00! I guess it is a combination of higher prices and a much colder winter, but it does make me wonder where are the pensioners going to get the money from if they receive bills that are a lot higher than normal. It is a very worrying concern.

On a lighter note I saw this picture of the strange street names that we have in this country. Can anyone find any stranger ones?

20130325-090416 PM.jpg

I did a post a couple of weeks ago about things to make at Easter and I found this about creating the colours on the egg’s and thought you might find it useful as it is all natural colouring for children.

20130325-090620 PM.jpg

It is going to be a stressful Easter holiday for some parents who have to juggle work and childcare and now they have bad weather so there will not be any camping trips, my girls both go camping with all the children and they love it. They do not even want to go outside to play as it is so cold, I can see a few ‘jama’ day’s happening these holiday’s.

Here is an idea if you save the egg box and the shell’s and get some flower seeds from Poundland as you can get a big pack of three different varieties for £1.00.

20130325-091235 PM.jpg

Think I will go to bed early and turn the heating off!


20130315-080903 PM.jpg

How simple are these to make with the children, you can pick your colours. Just use a simple cookie dough mixture to make them. The grass is shredded coconut dyed green. If you do not want to use food colouring for all of it then some red fruit, black current or cordial can all be used.

There are some novelty biscuit cutters in the shape of eggs, bunny's, basket's and chick's which are good easy for the children to use. Icing can be bought in tubes now so it's easy to use and such a variety of colour's. if you wanted to do an Easter scene, purchase or make a Swiss roll and cover in chocolate icing so it looks like a log and position the chick's and bunnies on it or behind it, peeping over the top. Cover a plate with the green dyed coconut and you have the grass.

The children will love it, almost as much as the Easter Eggs! X