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What a wonderful place, please do not go to Cornwall without visiting The Eden Project as it is amazing.  Under the dome you have the Rain forest at one end and the Mediterranean at the other.  I was amazed at how they have captured the humid environment in the rain forest as it was just like being there.  So many plants that are really thriving and filling it out, from the tall palm trees to the ground covers and of course the birds who fly about in every area specific to them.



This is the amount of rubbish we each throw out during our life on earth, hard hitting image to make you realise we do need to all do our bit to save the environment.

So many flowers in the med part and even a restaurant that was brilliant and had dishes from that area of Europe.

The rain forest had many seats and water fountains as it was very hot in there and even a cool down room!


The water fall cascaded through making it all sound so realistic it was wonderful.


There is even a place for dare devil teenagers or adults where you go along a slip wire laying flat on your belly, you then go from one side to the other of the Eden area.



Not for me but looks fun.

Juice bar for when you get a bit hot.

I will be posting more photos on my web site which you can see at





So it is now Spring and they say that Easter is not looking very good on the weather front next weekend, what a surprise!  Today is also International Day of Happiness so I hope you are all happy or making other people happy, we do not often think about that or do it but the simplest word, smile, present or touch can make such a difference to a persons day.

I had a count up yesterday and I have read 13 books this year so far, that is really good for me so I am very pleased with myself.  I am reading My Mother is a River at the moment and as much as it is a really good book, so well written and really touches you, I am finding it hard going but I will continue until the end.

I have been looking at other peoples to be read pile on Facebook and they have so many, some over a hundred!  I get very anxious when I have a few to read as I feel I am letting the authors down, think I need to get more books and look at it from a positive point of view that I have bought the book and the author will like that anyway.  I always do reviews on Amazon for the books I buy from there and realised through Facebook the other day that you can review any book you have read on Amazon you don’t have to have bought it from there!  I know I’m a bit slow, no comments on that please. Lol.  So that means I have a few reviews to put up, let’s hope I can remember all the books.  Just so the authors know who read this, my reviews stay on my blog and website.

The Harbour Arm opened this weekend in Folkestone and has been very busy, some more eating places have opened so I will be taking pictures and reviewing the food over the next month.  There are also another four coffee shops that I need to visit, a lot for Folkestone but all appear to be doing ok.  I suggested to my daughter that we go out once a month for dinner so I can catch up with the restaurants then in the summer I can mention all reviews for people to decide where to go for dinner.



Anne sent me this book to read and I was hooked from the first page, the story is so realistic and the characters warm and believable.  It was lovely trying to picture the scenes in Guernsey, maybe a bit more description would of given me a better picture but it does seem a picturesque place to visit.   The turmoil of the families keep you going to the end and there is enough for a second book if it was carried on as only the basic ending is given here.  I am looking forward to reading more books by Anne.


Had to show you my new notebook that my granddaughter gave me, she knows I love this lady and I have a bit of an obsession with note books.  You can never have too many as you just do not know when the ideas for a new book are going to come to you.  That’s my excuse! lol


I have never seen these flowers before, they are so beautiful I will be looking out for them.  I do spend far too much time on Pinterest but you find so many good things about anything in the world.

My friend is tiling my bathroom today so I had better get back to being her laborer!  Blog post later with pictures, just to give you an idea of my great tools.  She is using a pink plastic salad server to put the grout stuff on the tiles! lol We are having fun and it is looking good.


Sorry I have not been about for couple of days, Nanny Cool was recharging her batteries. Hope all the Mum’s had a lovely day today in the countries that it was Mother’s Day.

The weather has changed to really cold here and even snow is forecast! Yes snow, it should be Spring and the first of the bulbs coming through. It makes you feel so miserable when it is all dark and gloomy everyday, I have had my head stuck in a book the last few days and taking it easy.

There is a supermarket here called Lidl and they have some lovely book’s in there that would make lovely Easter presents if the children have too many eggs or are not allowed eggs. These books are all different stories and the best bit is they are only 99p

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