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So today it is the big Christmas Lights Switch on in Folkestone, with many other events happening like meeting santa and fireworks, not sure why the need for fireworks when so many pretty lights will be on to see.  It is also the start of The Folkestone Book Festival which I really love as there are so many great events happening with it getting bigger and better every year.

The lovely Carol Creasey will be in attendance at the Congo Coffee house from 4pm for a meet the author and book signing event.  We all have that relative that has everything they need so what do you buy them for christmas?  How about a signed book from the author dedicated just to them, I know I would love something like that under my tree.  I have heard from a reliable source that the homemade cake in Congo will be out of this world!  Not to be missed and also my lovely granddaughter Kara will be rushing up from her day job to be your fantastic waitress with Marianne in Congo so please pop in and say hi.



I will be at the Quarterhouse in the morning as attending a workshop about How not to write a book, hopefully picking up some tips about how to avoid any pitfalls and to bring out the best in your story.  I like these workshops as even if you only pick up one tip you also meet some interesting people who share your hobbies and of course a bit of networking.

There is also a great sounding interview by Sir Martin Rees about HG Wells  at 4.30 at the Quarterhouse, gutted to be missing this.


From 4pm I will be at Congo coffee again to welcome the fantastic author Guy Fraser-Sampson.  I have read his book Death in Profile and found it extremely good, you cannot beat a good murder and the best bit is that this is the start of a series called The Hampstead Murders.  Three days it took me to read this, I also did not guess who committed the murder; I love a book that keeps you guessing.  The next book in the series is Miss Christie Regrets which is published in January so if you get book vouchers for christmas make this your first choice; hopefully I will review this for publication day.  The cake at Congo is just to ‘die’ for so get there quick and again you will meet the delightful Kara and Marianne your host’s for the afternoon.


The Book festival is well underway with some great debates, workshops and events happening in Folkestone.  I will be attending a workshop in the morning about drawing the best out of the history and environment of Folkestone for inspiration in your writing.  I love finding out facts about the area we live in and promoting our town.


National Novel Writing Month has been a bit of a failure this year for me, mainly due to the fact that so many other things are happening.  I have written a few chapters but I know this time of year so many other things fill your diary and I am not my healthiest during the winter.  I do propose to write for the whole of January as will not be going out in the cold and all the festivities are over then, well that is the plan.


Peaches will be staying in tonight so the fireworks do not scare her away again.  Have a great weekend everyone. x


Welcome to Wednesday everyone, the day is bright and windy here in Kent as I look out into the garden.

National Novel Writing Month has not gone well for me but I am not getting stressed about it as just writing a bit is better than not writing at all.  I am sure I will probably write more in December as have bought many Christmas presents already on-line so apart from birthdays December is relatively clear.  My two daughters did the same as me and had children in December, very bad planning on our part but I can honestly say I did not even think about due dates as was so excited that I was pregnant.  So I have Jodie’s on the 19th then her daughter Kara on the 12th then Billie joined in with Zac on the 16th, busy and expensive week!

Folkestone Book Festival kicks off on Friday with the big switch on of christmas lights and also my meet the author book signing at Congo coffee shop down The Old High Street, I do hope it is a success as Marianne who owns the coffee shop is such a lovely friendly lady.  I am hoping to see all my friends popping in on Friday and Saturday so please put it in your diary’s girls.


I had to share this picture with you as I just thought whatever next when I saw it, personally I am not a lover of hairy backs but can you imagine how stubbly it would be when it grows back? Yuk!


My dear friend Corinne is recovering well from her operation and I spent a lovely day with her on Monday, chatted non stop for hours lol.  I think the emotion and worrying came to an end once I saw her and then felt exhausted so a couple of days rest for me, the cold makes the osteoarthritis so painful with it affecting my fingers more this year which is not good for a would be writer; I think it has travelled to just about all my joints now with them taking it in turns to be non co-operative to working.

Have a wonderful Wednesday folks.






The 1st November has crept up very fast so tomorrow is the start of National Novel Writing Month, I am determined to finish the book I am writing.  I have not signed up for this but I will give it a good go, last year I wrote about 30,000 words and I thought that was excellent.  November will be busy this year though as I have book signings that I have arranged during the Folkestone Book Festival and also I have booked a few events to attend myself.  Then there are the books I have to read for a couple of publishers oh and my Photography course but that is only 1 hour 3 times a week on-line, it is very good though and I have learnt a lot so far.

I have tried to keep my diary empty but it’s not easy.  Who else is doing the NaNoWriMo this year?



Where did that come from, October I mean and where has the year gone also why does it go quicker the older you get?

img_4466   There are not many good things about winter but one of them is hot chocolate, that will always put a smile on my face.  I love sitting in a cafe watching out the window, wondering where the people are going or coming from.

The other good thing is The Folkestone Book Festival in November, I can’t wait and have booked lots of events already.  I have also set up a book signing for Guy Fraser-Sampson at Congo Coffee shop in The Old High Street, so really looking forward to that as he is such a lovely man and a brilliant author.  His book Death In Profile was great so really looking forward to the next book which is out in the new year.

I steer clear of politics on here and very rarely read any posts about it but I have got to say I feel sorry for America as I don’t think either of them are up for the job, such a shame it cannot stay the way it is.


I am reading ROOM at the moment, what a strange story but I am very intrigued by it, I think I can figure out what is going to happen as I am now half way through it but the beginning has you thinking all sorts of things.  It has been made into a film that I have borrowed also but will wait until I have finished the book to watch that.

We have half term here at the end of October and I am taking my eldest daughter and grandson Alfie to Euro Disney for three days, I think Jodie is more excited than Alfie.  I have taken all of Jodie’s children one at a time over the years so it will be good for her to know what they are talking about.  It was careful planning on my behalf though as she can do all the running about and I can sit and watch their enjoyment.

The other super thing about November is that it is National Novel Writing Month which I plan to do again this year and hopefully finish off my current book.  I don’t sign up for it just follow along and I find it really helps in motivating me to write everyday, even if I am not feeling very well I still try to write something while in bed.

FullSizeRender (2)






During the Folkestone Book Festival I attended a talk given by Professor Richard Wiseman. What an interesting and extremely clever man who actually started of his working life as a magician.  He currently holds the only British professorship in The Public Understanding of Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire.


He has written many books which are all available on Amazon and been published in many leading academic journals.

He has studied why some people are un-lucky and some very-lucky and it all really comes down to how you see the world like for example the glass half empty or half full.  I am a very negative person and am very un-lucky but I can understand what he was saying.  I have a friend who is very lucky but her whole personality is happy and fun and that follows right through her life.

I asked her if she was in a bank and it was robbed so she got shot in the arm how would she feel and she immediately laughed and said very happy that he only shot my arm.  Where as her partner said un-lucky straight away and just his bad luck to be in the bank at that time.

So maybe we should all be a bit happier and think positive thoughts and maybe our numbers will come up in the lottery.

Have a fun, happy, lucky, positive day everyone!



What a brilliant couple of hours spent with this talented lady, who can be found on almost all social media sites.  I will never look at reviews the same way again and may well start writing some eye grabbing  ones myself.  

When we post on Twitter about events or occasions even though we only have a small number of letters the idea is to turn it into something that will grab others attention and not be so boring.  Even sometimes making it into a sort of story that will make people check back for the next part.  

Making humour out of everyday events does not come easy to me but I will have a go but probably under another name just in case it goes horribly wrong!  The same goes for selling something as if you can put a bit of a story or humour in the advert then it will get more people’s attention especially if it is good as they will then share it. 

I really enjoyed listening to Kate as it was so relaxed and enjoyable, well worth the money and another brilliant event for The Folkestone Book Festival.  They really have excelled themselves this year and I am looking forward to next year already. 




Meeting these two last night was an excellent experience as so much of what they were saying I could relate to, there calm voices had all the audience mesmerised and waiting for the next topic.

I have started reading this book and having a hard time putting it down as it is so good.  I love the way Matt writes and tells a story.

I did ask them a question which was, do you think if they changed the name ‘mental‘ to say Brain Health would it get rid of the stigma that is associated with the word mental.  They both didn’t think so as we are now teaching the younger generation to look after their brain so they will learn differently.  I am afraid I am going to disagree with them as I think a change of word will make it all so much more approachable  and talked about more.




So I have another signed book to add to my collection and it goes in my top ten of great books already.


Mental Health is such a scary thing and I think the worse part is that you have no control over it at all.  Yes, there are things you can try for say panic attacks but the actual depression just takes over and has a life of its own in your body.  There is no time factor as to when it appears or even how long it stays with you and that for me was the terrifying part as I could not control it at all.  When I was talking to Matt I told him that I had been discharged from the Mental Health team last Tuesday and he asked how that made me feel?  It is very scary as I feel they have deserted me, but I have a superb network of friends so it’s onward and upwards. Fingers crossed. xx



A fantastic evening and event for The Folkestone Book Festival, I am eagerly waiting for the next talk I am attending on Wednesday.  More to follow.