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Who is entering this in November?  I do it but I do-not sign up for it as I’m no good under pressure and like to do things at my own speed also when I feel able to but it really does encourage you so that’s all good. If I blog about how I am doing then that also gives me a bit of a push.

I am going to finish my book about my life during November this year if I can but it is also our Folkestone Book Festival and I would like to go to a couple of workshops to-do with writing.  The festival looks bigger and better every year with many good authors taking part.  I am looking forward to meeting Julie Wassmer again and finding out when her next book is being published and hoping I get the chance to review it ready for publishing day.

Have a good weekend everyone and make the most of the sunshine we are going to get in Kent for the next three days!





What a lot of things happening in Folkestone this Autumn.

The Triennial is well under way and attracting lots of visitors, there are some amazing art objects scattered about, if you can find them all but there is a booklet to help you. Many more events are being put on around the town over the next few weeks.

Then in November we have the Book Festival, I have already booked my tickets for the events I want to attend.  If you have not booked yet then do not leave it too long as they are selling particularly fast this year.  Really looking forward to seeing Julie Wassmer again and asking about her new book that she has just finished.

I love some of these shows coming up at The Quarter House.

Many things to do round Folkestone and with the weather being nice at the moment it makes a pleasant stroll round looking at the wonderful art that is making an appearance in our town  I have also heard that our Banksy will soon be on show, no details where yet but obviously it will be inside a building so no one can de-face it, although why anybody would want to I have no idea.




I always think this month is a bit of a nothing month as it is between the seasons but I am hoping for an indian summer so we can enjoy the outside a bit more as lets face it August was a bit of a wash out, apart from last bank holiday weekend which we all enjoyed outside.

I had to come back from camping with the family as I got a bad chest infection that spread upwards to my throat, doctor said more antibiotics and if it does not go then to go back.  My throat is much better but I still have the cough and bad chest, it really has been a bad year for my chest and I was really surprised to get ill when the sun was shining as normally my joints and things are better in summer.

My camping buddy loved sleeping in there with me, we decided it was much better than a tent.

I have my trip to Jersey to look forward to, I have already started to write lists and plan where I am going and what I am going to see.  Really looking forward to remembering such happy times with Nan and Grandad there when I was 7 and 8 years old.

Last week we said goodbye to family over from Australia but it was so good to catch up and chat about our time there.  Some of the children have got ideas for their gap year to go over and see some of the vast country.


The Folkestone Triennial starts this weekend with many art objects scattered all round the town, there is also an app available which is free.  You can find the link on my Facebook and Twitter as for some reason the link does not like this post.

Back to school next week, it really has gone so quickly and we haven’t done half of what we wanted to do because of the weather, I think they have all had fun though.

Happy September everybody.



Folkestones very own artist Kate Emans has designed a paint range that incorporates scenes around Folkestone harbour.  I just love the names especially Sunny Sands and Rocksalt as I can just picture the colours in my mind.  


Kate got her ideas from being involved with the Folkestone Triennial last summer which really put Folkestone on the map.  We have so many lovely places here that you forget about in busy lives, maybe this will prompt you to go and take a look.  With the sun shining on us this week the colours are going to look magnificent, well done Kate……now what shall I paint? 




IMG_2873.PNGWell the day has come at last after so much preparation this year and I think it is going to be the best ever Triennial.
On Thursday it was reported that the Berlin based artist Michael Sailstorter had buried 30 individual pieces of 24-caret gold under the sand of the Outer Harbour beach. I wondered why people were looking to buy metal detectors on FaceBook that day! The children had lots of fun and to date I have only read that 4 bits have been found, with a lot of people saying it is not true; I say get looking and dig!

There are so many things to see and do in Folkestone over the next few weeks so well worth a visit. This is the web site where you can find dates and times of activities.
This is going to be a lovely place to sit and when I first go there I will have my trusted notebook and pen and I will compose a poem of all I see, smell and feel, a senses poem from the heart; watch this space for the finished article. The park is situated behind this building, sorry about the picture.

The Guardian newspaper have published a brilliant piece about Folkestone which you really should read, you can find it at this link.
Bring your shovels, metal detectors and notebooks and see how many of the amazing things you can find out about or see in Folkestone, Kent UK.