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I still find it amazing that you can continually go past somewhere many times in your town and not realise something is there, how could I miss a big purple building?  Was I already in a trance or just walking about with my eyes shut!


So many different therapies, massage’s and treatments, I could do with a bit of Facial Rejuvenation although maybe I need to go to Specsavers so I at least see the big purple building!

I knew absolutely nothing about hypnotherapy until last week when I had the pleasure of meeting Mark. He had enquired if I could do a blog post and some social media awareness of what he offers, Mark very kindly offered a hypnosis session for myself as then I would be able to write about it first hand and share my experience with you all.


I then looked to see what sort of things it covers, I was shocked at the list, so many. I had to decide which one I needed help with as I could come under every group lol. I decided by thinking which thing would make me happier so I decided on ‘stop eating sweet things’ I thought it best to leave my mental health alone as I have levelled out and living ok with it so long as I keep taking the tablets. My arthritis and ME again are under control from pacing my life, taking the tablets and not pushing myself. I also wanted to be able to see the result instantly for the purpose of this blog.

If you have done any Mindfulness the relaxation method and imagining scenes is very similar to this hypnosis. I did not really feel like I was in a trance state, which all took about an hour but it was very relaxing and calming. I really liked the way Mark explained everything and answered all my questions. It really is amazing all that can be achieved.



I left feeling very calm and made my way home, after my dinner that evening I did not fancy a dessert actually all weekend I did not eat anything sweet which is very unusual for me also I spent most of it suffering with a bad sore throat but even ice cream did not tempt me. I am keeping a diary to see how this goes but I think the lovely Mark has done the business and I will be a thin size 12 again soon, ok I may be dreaming a bit but its all good.


You can contact Mark here for all your enquiries.


Zac turned 4 on Saturday so they picked me up and we went to Missy Moo’s for dessert, lovely place and a good choice apart from the cookie dough that I had, it was so small….ok if you was on a diet.

Alfie came to stay with me for the weekend, we had a great chilled time, he beat me at Elf snap.  His Elf’s had to come with him and they got up to mischief every night.  They found my christmas stickers and stuck them all over themselves then the next night they had a feast on the chocolate spread! Cosmo and Crystal.

Mia had her guinea pig out when we went back for cake, the new pup is settling in and very good now.


Alfie just loved this quilt cover so it will be delivered this week.  Yes I know I spoil them, Mia has a leopard hat/scarf coming as well.  I found a brilliant light for Zac as he is tractor mad and the light shines as a tractor, very pleased with myself for finding that.


It does not seem possible that next weekend will be christmas, the children are having parties at school before they break up on Wednesday.  I have Jodie’s birthday tomorrow then it’s christmas full steam ahead.

Stay warm and have a good week everyone.



Every so often you come across something on the internet that makes you ask why have I not seen this before so when that happens I really like to share these light bulb moments with you all.


We are always being told to buy locally as it would be such a shame if these business’s had to close.  I buy my shopping from Tesco once a month but only because they deliver it to me and I can get everything I need, they are very good at carrying the heavy stuff indoors for me, in fact they unload everything for me onto the breakfast bar.  Prices are good and very seldom do they not have what I have ordered.

My problem with this is that I cannot get my fresh foods every week but this Food Assembly really does solve the problem, just have to get someone to pick it up for me. How nice to have fresh vegetables, milk, cheese and juices all from local farms and you can pick it up all together in one place.  Ordering on-line is the way forward and until you do it you have no idea how simple it really is.  This Food Assembly which you can see here offers all you would need for your fresh foods weekly.

This initiative is open throughout Europe they are always looking for more places to join so if you have any ideas then please contact them.


So that is my contribution to shopping locally and if you are a vegetarian there are many foods for you on the Folkestone site.

Stay warm everyone.


As part of The Folkestone Book Festival there is a short story competition held by The Folkestone Writers group.  Yesterday I went to the reading of the winning stories.

The results of this year’s competition were:

1st Prize: Geoff Madle for ‘The Cruciverbalist’s Tale’.

2nd Prize: Alexander Tulloch for ‘A Bitch called Lucy’.


Third place: Margaret Harland-Suddes for ‘The Fire Bird’.


A fun couple of hours listening to the stories with a lively debate about them!

We will now wait to see what stories are picked to go in The Folkestone Anthology for 2018.



What a lot of things happening in Folkestone this Autumn.

The Triennial is well under way and attracting lots of visitors, there are some amazing art objects scattered about, if you can find them all but there is a booklet to help you. Many more events are being put on around the town over the next few weeks.

Then in November we have the Book Festival, I have already booked my tickets for the events I want to attend.  If you have not booked yet then do not leave it too long as they are selling particularly fast this year.  Really looking forward to seeing Julie Wassmer again and asking about her new book that she has just finished.

I love some of these shows coming up at The Quarter House.

Many things to do round Folkestone and with the weather being nice at the moment it makes a pleasant stroll round looking at the wonderful art that is making an appearance in our town  I have also heard that our Banksy will soon be on show, no details where yet but obviously it will be inside a building so no one can de-face it, although why anybody would want to I have no idea.



As we have chains running all along the harbour front I am surprised no one has put a love lock on any of them.  I am a sucker for romance and think that would be so cute.

I can feel a story coming on about this!




For a small business they really do cater for just about anything, from blow up rings to buckets and spades for the children and the best ice cream to keep them happy.  For the coffee lovers you can sit outside looking out to sea, up the hills or to the harbour, lots of inspiration there for us writers and the coffee is good.

Prices to suit every pocket, lovely friendly staff, what more could you ask for on your day at the beach.  If you fancy a beer they even have that for you, nice and cold.

It really is the best sandy beach that’s safe for children, many of our local play groups take the children there for a day out.  I often go down there and just sit people watching or looking out to sea, on a clear day you can see France and it makes you realise how close it is.