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I called into Follies today for lunch with Izzy as always the food was delicious and the ambiance great.  They had entertainment for the jazz lovers so it was very busy.

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It was a struggle finishing the pizza but we managed it and at £6.50 it was a bargain and if you go midweek its only £5

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Treat yourselves to an evening at Follies the menu looks great and you can pick yourself up a lovely antique while your there.

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I am free either day if you need a partner! lol

The lovely Izzy, please stop growing up. xx

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Those in America are celebrating Thanksgiving I feel it is nice to be thankful for so many things and it got me thinking about what I am thankful for, but where do you start?

For the air we breath

For being alive

For our family and friends

For the food we eat

For the doctors keeping us well

You could go on and on about every single thing that keeps us alive, well and happy.  I guess what ever you are thankful for so long as you are happy and healthy and I think maybe most of us wish to be a bit more wealthy then those are the main things.

I am thankful for being here and the present, hoping the future will be better in some ways.  I love the feel of joy when I am with the grandchildren and the happiness they bring me.  I may of failed in some ways as a mother, I think we all do a tiny bit as we have no manual but I hope to get it right being a grandmother, mine were a hard act to follow but I think I am doing ok.

I am thankful to be alive even though I am unwell a lot but once I accepted that and changed my life accordingly I feel better.  Although today I feel like shit, can hardly move and have been in bed all day I know I have done to much and am now paying for it.  I blame The Folkestone Book Festival for having such great events.

What ever you are thankful for, be happy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my posts, blog, web-site, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog-Loving, Google and anywhere else you see a part of me. xx

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone x 






So many great things happening in Folkestone so get yourself down to the Creative Quarter and have a look.  The lights went on last night so it is all festive down there.

Folkestone Book Festival is happening now with great things going on in Quarter House.  You can make it into lunch or dinner as the lovely Amy from Follies is down there creating great food for you to enjoy.



FullSizeRender (2) - Copy  There are so many bargains to be found in Folkestone for the summer and the best pizza is at Follies and daily specials to tempt you and a brilliant selection all made to order. FullSizeRender (1) - Copy

Are you feeling a bit lonely?  Would you like some new friends to go out with over the summer?

Well look no further than Follies.  They are holding a very special event on the 13th July from 8.00 – 10.00

There will be an £8 entrance charge but you get a free drink and canapes.  This will be very informal with some questions to prompt the conversation in a relaxed and comfortable way.  What are you waiting for?  Please ring before the 4th to book your place on 07939423800 speak to Perptua and your on your way to maybe meeting some great people and we can always hope for a bit of romance.  Now where is that phone, I need to get my name down!  See you there.FullSizeRender - Copy (3)FullSizeRender - Copy


  The years go by and everything changes slowly so you don’t really notice when it all happened.  I read a FaceBook post on Good Friday asking if you have had fish today and it made me remember Easter for me as a child.  On the Friday all shops would be shut but we would go down into Strood, Kent to the road where the fish van was where Nan and Grandad and myself, not that I knew anything about fish would buy it all fresh and we would have it for dinner that evening.  I remember eating the yellow fish but I loved the prawns and cockles we had during the day.  Easter Sunday we would always have lamb and roast with all the family and I would get eggs but not as many as the kids get now.  Nan would hide some and Grandad used to write clues or tell me if I was getting hot or cold as I got nearer to them.  Then the Monday we would go out for a drive and go for lunch, they would both have their half a larger and lime and I always had lemonade.  Shops would all be shut so their was no shopping but we got fresh bread from the bakers van, I loved that.  How things change, this Easter I have spent indoors alone since Friday afternoon, apart from going to Follies yesterday and getting my bargains.   


The brass bucket I thought would look good in the garden with bulbs for next year and summer pansies maybe or Freesias as I really like them.  The pink plate was a girly buy as its pink and pretty, not even sure what I am going to do with it yet!   


Then you have this little tea cup and saucer/plate, it is exquisite and I absolutely love it.  Very delicate and pretty, so I was very pleased with my three bargains that I got for £8 

I enjoyed going to Follies and writing the post on my blog.  I have had many comments, messages, emails about it and all good reviews so I was very happy.  The new website is beggining to get some traffic, I just hope it builds up.  I wrote a poem while I was having my coffee yesterday so I will put that on there tonight for you all to go and have a read. 

Did you all have a good Easter?  The positive thing about tommorow is that it’s Tuesday so a nice short week and it will be the weekend again.  x



I am looking forward to going to Follies in the morning, not just for the delicious coffee cake but also a good browse at all the stalls and hopefully will find a bargain.  What a brilliant idea, it beats walking round a boot fare in the cold as I am sure it will be cold tommorow just like it is today.  

How are you spending your Saturday?  I am doing a bit of everything from the sofa in front of the fire, the book I am currently reading is a very light funny read by Jon Rance and I would recommend it as I can just visualise some of the things he writes about and makes you laugh to yourself.   

 Sometimes I feel like screaming, why has this picture gone small?   I took it with my camera like some of the others and they were ok.  The camera is having trouble connecting to my wifi and at times I feel like just giving in and going back to just using my phone for the pictures.  I really wanted to get into the photography side of things but it really is proving very hard.  I need a private lesson to set it up correctly and start me off! 

  I was going to paint my nails but three have broken off so far down I hardly have any nail…..and this picture is small too.  I am not having a good day!  Hope yours is going much better and what ever you are up to, Happy Easter xx

I have added another story to my website and will be putting some up this evening so please go and take a look and let me know what you think please xx