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Three of my favourite things, lunch out at Follies with Izzy.


We never get tired of this place as it is so relaxing and friendly with the best pizzas that are huge, we have to share one so we each pick what we would like on our half.


The home-made chips and alioli are delicious like everything they serve here.  The bistro is doing so well also their place down on The Harbour Arm and now they are just about to open a new restaurant in Dover.

Desserts are tasty so you just have to finish of with one of them, no diet today.



I started the weekend feeling a bit sad about my two grandmothers not being here for me to tell them how much I loved them, they were such an important part of my childhood and made me the person I am today.

My two daughters have made this weekend one of the best I have had, I got to go out Saturday evening with Jodie.  We had drinks in Follies and then went over to The Tipsey Pigeon for a cocktail and the most wonderful food that I have had in a very long time.  We had a section of duck, lamb, pork, crab, chunky fries, delphinoise potatoes and a selection of fresh bread.  The sauces that were added to these dishes made them so different and my taste buds felt like they were exploding with all the tastes.  The champagne cocktail was the best I have ever had and went down so well, leaving your mouth all fresh.

 Dessert was the gypsie tart, I have loved this dessert since school and this was on the finest crunchy pastry base I have ever had.  Jodie had the chocolate pudding which looked just as good.  

 The conversation flowed and the time went very quickly, it always does when you are having fun.  I cannot remember the last time I went out in the evening so it was a welcome change and I enjoyed getting dressed up and having some fun.

 Jodie gave me a pink Pandora bracelet with three charms, it is so beautiful and I have wanted one for ages.  I think the little bag of the world is great and will be popping that in my handbag as you have to pay for bags in shops now here.
Sunday, the sun was shining even though the wind was a bit cold.  I went into town and met Billie and Jade, we did a bit of shopping and we all got something so that was good.  We went into Starbucks and had a lovely coffee, I tried something different and had a caramel Machiatto; I will definitely be having this again as it was delicious.

 Billie gave me three charms for my bracelet she got me last year, I love the pussy cat one.  Also chocolates that I have opened already, very nice.  The mum cushion will go nice on my bed or the sofa as it is pink.

I have been very spoilt, but had a super weekend with my two girls.  I love them both so much and it was really nice to spend a bit of quality time with each of them as they both lead very full lives.



 I had a lovely time yesterday sitting in Follies with my friend Sally who I don’t get to see very often so over two lots of coffee and cake we caught up on just about everything.  I love the friendly reception you get in here and they remember you!  The Victoria sandwich was delicious that I had and Sally tried the salted caramel chocolate cake, nothing left on the plates and I could of eaten more but I was good and thought of the calories.  Their live music on Sunday afternoons is very popular so best to book your table.

Sally took the photos as I forgot my phone and camera…..I think she needs to practice lol.


It was our monthly lunch this week, we celebrated Sheila’s birthday at the lovely bistro Follies.  Such a great atmosphere in this restaurant with all the antiques in every knock and cranny and wonderful staff that never rush you and explain all that you would want to know.   One of the great things that I like is that the starters you can have as a main meal so it sounds good if you say your having a starter and a dessert! I do like the desserts here and their cakes are splendid.  

Nachos with lamb, ground lamb with hummus, lasagna and cannelloni all went down a treat.  

Sheila got some lovely presents…… 

We had a laugh with the Lemon Merangue but think they better change the name to Lemon Bon Bon or something as there is no Merangue in those.  The Tiramisu was delicious, think I will have some ice cream with it next time. Sticky toffee pudding and custard disappeared quick as did the coffee and walnut cake.  

Sometimes you cannot please all the people all the time and poor Lynda was a bit put out that they gave the ice cream she asked for in a tub and not a glass bowl, we did try to cheer her up by telling her she should think herself lucky as it was a proper spoon and not a little wooden one, like you used to get with the tubs. Lol We did laugh. 

Another brilliant get together, it does make the months appear to go fast though as they come round all to quick.  I love our little group as everyone gets on so well, no playground fallouts, I guess because we are all old lol.  

The chandeliers they have for sale are so nice, I wish I lived somewhere they would fit in.  I took pictures of the menu so you can all have a look and I think it’s great to show the prices of things as this is viewed in so many countries now.  They are also doing a two for one breakfast menu at the moment which is fantastic value and choices.  Every Thursday the pizzas are £5 each!  Bargain.




follies 4

I called into Follies today for lunch with Izzy as always the food was delicious and the ambiance great.  They had entertainment for the jazz lovers so it was very busy.

follies 3

It was a struggle finishing the pizza but we managed it and at £6.50 it was a bargain and if you go midweek its only £5

follies 1


Treat yourselves to an evening at Follies the menu looks great and you can pick yourself up a lovely antique while your there.

follies 2

I am free either day if you need a partner! lol

The lovely Izzy, please stop growing up. xx

follies 5




So many great things happening in Folkestone so get yourself down to the Creative Quarter and have a look.  The lights went on last night so it is all festive down there.

Folkestone Book Festival is happening now with great things going on in Quarter House.  You can make it into lunch or dinner as the lovely Amy from Follies is down there creating great food for you to enjoy.



DSCF2222  DSCF2228  DSCF2209

What a glorious day down on the Harbour Arm in Folkestone.  Many were waiting for the last ever fly over of the Vulcan and were not disappointed.

I am loving the new DJ booth inside the seagull!

The champagne bar has moved into the lighthouse at the end and what a wonderful area, even though it is small, it is full of memorabilia giving it a wonderful atmosphere.  As usual the champagne is flowing and enjoyed by everyone, I will miss this in the winter when the Arm is closed but there is talk of a break being put in on the other side so that would stop the sea coming over the Arm in bad weather.  Two more weeks to enjoy this before it closes up for the winter.

DSCF2220  DSCF2219  DSCF2218  DSCF2221

By the Memorial Archway the poppies are beginning to appear, they are knitted by the people of Folkestone and by November they will be along the railings all down Remembrance Hill.  Autumn days like this are lovely, especially sitting in the sunshine people watching, when not on our phones! lol