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What a fantastic night we had in Whitstable for Lynda’s birthday party, such an amazing group of people who are a joy to be around.  So many laughs and when her daughter Jo pulled out a lot of face masks of a young Lynda and an old Lynda then when she returned from the bar she saw us all, so very funny.  Matt did say he wanted an old Lynda mask so that was a good choice for him as I think we can maybe still class him as a toy boy! LOL.

The cake was a lovely surprise from Andy and Lisa, I just love the shoe and handbag, they know her so well.  Lynda looked amazing as usual and really not bad for a 70-year-old bird!

The food was delicious with many different chinese dishes that we could choose from, the wine was going down well, in some more than others lol. I felt like a child when Lynda then gave out party bags but what a great idea.


So we have had her 60th and now 70th there so I think it’s best to book the 80th any many more happy birthdays for Lynda, the most caring, funny, warm best friend anyone could ever wish for.  Love you Lynda aka Tiny x





This day came round very quick due to some having holidays coming up so we had to make the most of today as our next one is not until the 28th June.  Lynda was missing as was gallivanting about in Madera with her daughter Jo.  It was a cold, miserable rainy day but very happy round our table, we celebrated Sylvie’s birthday and she got some lovely presents, you know they are lovely when others want them to.  I even remembered to take photos today!!! I know, your all so shocked but look at these dinners, they were good.

We did have some extremely upsetting news as our lovely Liv who manages the place  (and us) and her Rob are going to be leaving soon, it will not be the same without you guys so we may have to trek to Thanet for some lunches, I wonder if they will do B&B? lol.  I did hear there is a wedding coming up, can you imagine that, The ladies who lunch go to a wedding!  I am sure we would behave, well some of us lol.

Dessert, I have got to say that the millionaire cheesecake was the best I have had, it was delicious and I will be having that again.

A good time was had by all, I returned and went back to bed as still not feeling right but they did all cheer me up so I am pleased I did make the effort.

Corinne bought me down my new mattress topper and put that on for me so bed is nice and comfy, I came back to see that Peaches had made herself very comfortable on the bed.


Move over and let me in!




I guess this is a bit like a bucket list with the difference being I would like to achieve these things this year so in no set order we start with:

Publication of something I have written-I have kept this vague in the hope I will achieve it lol

More family days with all of us together.

Take more pictures with my camera, I have found having a mobile makes you very lazy.

Visit the Shard in London, the view is amazing I have been told.

Visit my friend in Spain, love her house and I always feel better in the sunshine.

Lose some weight, no set amount as anything would be good.

Attract more followers to my blog and social media platforms.

Go to Liverpool as never been there, sounds very cosmopolitan in places.

Go to the Tate and History museums again as I was a child last time.

Try to get all 10 grandchildren and 3 children in one place for a photo!

Have entire flat painted white.

Watch Motown at the theatre.

I think that is quite a lot but we will see how I do, obviously some of these things depend on my health but I do think it is nice to have dreams.  What are your wishes for the coming year?



I am afraid I had to call it a bash as if you had heard us you may have wanted to bash us all.  A very good time was had by all in The Butt of Sherry in Hythe High Street for our Christmas ‘do’

The wine was flowing, Sheila looks a bit flushed lol.  It was very nice wine, I must say as was the service and ambience.


Lynda arrived as the starters were being served but it wasn’t her fault she was late as she was on time! Figure that if you can, it was very good that Corinne got her a map of Kent as she does have a few problems getting to places at times, I am not sure how she manages to drive to Spain.  I love that face.


The starters were all superb, shame there was no bread with the camembert but we shared the soups hot bread; very nice to, loved the small pot of cheese and the prawns looked good.  Loved the presentation of everything and we had crackers.


Turkey Christmas dinner, lamb or salmon all were delicious and cooked to perfection.  Our waitress was lovely with some of us remembering her from school.  Three dishes of vegetables with swede which I love and of course the brussel sprouts that you just got to have at Christmas.


Sharon decided to ask everyone what her sausage looked like?  (You will have to enlarge photo).  Not sure what they were all laughing at but you may bow your head in shame Sharon!

Dessert was  lingered over and secret santa came, every year one of us gets it wrong as last year Corinne put her name on the label and this year I went in and gave the present to Liz and then actually said “here’s your secret santa” No comments please.

It was lovely for us all to be here and still laughing as it has not been a good year with illness and things but we made it through.  Friends like these are hard to find so a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Joyous New Year to you all.

Not sure who Sharon is pointing to in the picture below it looks like me but I am sure I was on my best behaviour.  We will be back in January 2017.



I have so many thoughts about stuff at the moment but all I can think about are my friends who are not well, I am staying positive for them but it is so upsetting.  Is this how it will be now we are all in the later years of life?  Life really does suck at times and why is it always the lovely people who get ill, why not the murderers or pedophiles?

Make each day count, I think we all sort of do that as much as we can but when you have a home, family, job and everything else then just make one little thing count that will make you happy.  Life is too short to waste on worrying, easier said than done as i am the worlds worst worrier.  Disagreements can be over quickly or they can drag on, maybe just give in to everything.  What ever the answers are to a happier life then we need to do it as you never know what is around the corner.

Considering I have had a holiday I feel totally shattered after a busy few days and now just want to spend some time indoors catching up on my writing as I need to do some edits to the childrens book and then send back to the publisher.  My bones are not liking this cold wet weather and I feel like a junky the amount of painkillers I am taking to try and ease the pain.

The neighbours have not improved at all in fact it is worse and it really sends a black cloud over me as I just cannot get away from the noise and shouting, I feel so sorry for the old woman having to put up with it but again it is her choice.

I think I need to find a good book to read so I can lose myself in it.




What a weekend, I am going to need at least the week to get over it. My friend came down to stay on Friday, I do not get the chance to see her very often due to work and her children, so it was a pleasant surprise. Friday night was catch up on all the news night, putting the world to right’s and girly chatting till gone midnight.

Saturday we went into Canterbury to do what girls do best, yes shopping, outfits for Saturday night out and new make-up. The first shop we went into my friend tried a trainer on but did not like it. You will find out soon why I mention this fact. It was a good three hours we were walking about and having coffee. It did take a while to drink the hot chocolate and eat the cookie in one place as I have never seen such a large cup, it was actually heavy to hold and then the size of the biscuit was enormous.

20130324-095427 PM.jpg

Having decided what we were going to go back and try on, we headed to the shop, for some reason my friend looked down at her feet. She had boot’s and jean’s on, with the jean’s tucked in the boot’s. Well, you remember she tried on the trainer? She had been walking round all the shops with one jean tucked in and the other out! I have never laughed so much, I was crying.

20130324-091425 PM.jpg

Saturday night we met my two daughter’s and a friend and hit the town, it was surprising how many people were out as the wind was bitter. Of course, once you start drinking all common sense goes out of the window, why is that? Why do you not remember how bad you are going to feel the next day or in my case a few day’s, think that is an age thing. Bar’s, club and then back to mine until five thirty in the morning!

Photo’s were deleted this morning, did we actually take that many and videos. Today has been spent on the sofa watching film’s quietly dying, that has been happening in all three household’s. As my friend left I did say “I am so glad you do not live closer”. It was so good to catch up and have some fun though so I thank her very much. 🍹

Just a change of subject now and a hello to my follower’s in Greece. Today is Greek Independence Day there, so is a holiday today and tomorrow. The Metro Station and public transport are all closed, due to the students’ and Military Parades celebrating these day’s. 🎉

I am now going to bid you all good night, hope you all had a good weekend, only a short week to look forward to as it will be Easter next weekend. There will be no alcohol in the celebration’s here!