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What a lovely day it’s been, I have spent all day in the garden doing a bit of work and a lot of sitting down. You cannot work too hard on a bank holiday! I have planted lots of flowers and I have planted my vegetables in pots with copper tape round them this year so hopefully the slugs will……..go away I think is the polite term. Cleaned my little greenhouse out so that looks better, I am going to get some sticky back plastic we used to call it, you can get it in hardware shops. I am going to cover some of my pots, big and small so they look a bit prettier in the greenhouse or dotted round the garden. I think I will get some little tubs of paint and get the grandchildren to paint some too as it will brighten up dull brown or black pots. I have a couple of old tyres that I have sprayed pink and going to put Lavender in one and I thought Lilly of The Valley in the other one. All my herbs are by the door so easy to get at all year. I think I will get some purple pansies in the week as I only seem to have one pot of those and they look nice and cheerful.

I saw this picture in my gardening magazine and just had to put on here! What a lovely plant.

20130506-102214 PM.jpg

Lets hope the sun keeps shining all week, mind you I am pretty tired after being out side all day. I cannot wait until I have got a couple of the big jobs I want done out there as then it will be on the way to looking really nice. Hope you all had a good Bank Holiday Weekend, what was your best bit of the weekend?


20130422-110608 PM.jpg

What a nice start to the week, the sun has made an appearance and is set to stay all week, still a bit of a breeze but we will not complain. I have just started making this years plan of the garden so I know what I have planted where, as even though I use ice lolly sticks to write on they do fade and then I do not know whats growing where. I need to get a few more vegetables to plant as it is too late for the seeds this year as the ground is far too wet still. I think a lot of the bulbs have rotted in the wet soil as hardly any have come up this year and I bought a lot more and planted this year. I read about a very good way of getting rid of slugs and thought I would pass it on to you. Get half of an orange, lemon, lime or honeydew melon and scoop out all the inside. Place it upside down round your plants, as slugs like dark, moist places they will collect under the fruit so when you pick up the half of a skin they will be underneath so you can them dispose of them. I can imagine this working as I am always finding them underneath things in the garden. Another tip is to put sand round your plants as they cannot slither over that as it rips their belly’s open. I will be trying these things myself so will let you know if they work. I have got some copper tape that I am putting round all my pots this year too.

Did you see any of the London Marathon on TV or where you lucky enough to be there? I had two friends that ran in it and they both did much better than they expected too. Apparently it was a great atmosphere so I am pleased everybody enjoyed themselves and forgot about the horror in Boston just for a while. There were some lovely stories that came out from some of the participants and some people’s reasons for running were quite heartbreaking. All in all a good day in the sun and money raised for charity.

20130422-112542 PM.jpg


Not really sure how I have done this but I am writing this on Windows Live Writer and hopefully will get put onto blog, not sure how or if it will look the same.  I do not know where the day has gone but I do know I have not completed a lot at all today.  Still have problems with ITunes, I am going to ask an expert, when I find one.

At least the rain has given the strawberry plants a good soaking and the new seeds I planted, lets hope for some sun now to make them grow.  I did very well last year with them and have more this year so I am hopefully optimistic.

I am looking forward to tomorrow as I am going to a Creative Writing group, not really sure what to expect or how it will go but will tell you all about it.  I have new pad, pen and folder, always have to have new pad, any excuse really to buy a new one as you can get so many pretty ones now. 

I will put picture of Peaches and then press post and we will see what happens!  lol



20130408-115925 PM.jpg

Another lovely day in Kent, amazing how it makes you feel so much better. I have been busy today as sorted some plants in the pots so all strawberry plants are out, carrots have been planted and kale…not sure what that will be like as never tried growing that before. I need to get some potatoes, beetroot and onions in at the weekend and do all the flower pots in front of the windows. I have been collecting pictures, ornaments, lights and candle holders so it should look lovely by Sunday night….that’s the plan. My aim is to create a sitting area that will look nice all year round, I really do not like it looking so bare in the winter.

This evening I have been struggling with the new laptop and Windows 8, I attempted to load the printer as it is HP the same as laptop but no, they are not compatible so it now looks like I am going to have to buy a new printer! Will this never end, I have never known so many problems after buying a new laptop I wish I had just bought a cheap one now like I did before as I never had any trouble with it….apart from going wrong lol

I did manage to load all my pictures from the spare hard drive and took a lot of my camera so at least that went ok and I have them all, it was lovely looking back at when the children were little. Photos bring back so many memories, I ended up looking at loads of them and that is why I am so late writing this post, I nearly forgot about you all.

I am still struggling with the ITunes, I will have another go tomorrow at that as think I will have to google it to see what I am doing wrong. My wifi appears to be very slow tonight for some reason, if that goes wrong they may have to carry me out in a white coat as I will go mad lol

I was very surprised about the social media sites as MSN, FaceBook, Skype all appear to be linked together. Not sure about Twitter as have not got to grips with that yet, so many things to re-learn not easy for an old brain that’s very temperamental!

I also have a digital photo frame that I need to set up but have been putting it off as it all looks a bit complicated, if I can master this Windows 8 then anything is possible. Lol

Off to bed to read the book, night x


Will this push me to accomplish or just put a spanner in the works and put me off! Have to carry on now and further blogs will let you know the result, I am sure!

1. Write something every day. Starting with a nice easy one.

2. Enter at least 6 competitions this year. Very, very brave but I can at least try.

3. Finish novel this year! Not sure about this one.

4. Send off at least 5 short stories in the next few months. Notice no time scale on this one, I am being nice to myself.

5. Buy a camper and travel round Italy for 6 months, eating, drinking red wine and writing. Would love to do this now!

6. Remember to Tweet, Face Book and Blog more every day. Need more time to read all the blogs I love to follow.

7. Have enough money to drink Champagne instead of wine.

8. Find a way to eat chocolate and not ask if my bum looks big now!

9. Spoil my grandchildren.

10. Develop a way to stop slugs eating my vegetables. That’s if all my veg grow this year, if not I will just say that the slugs ate everything! Thought…..find time to grow the vegetables!

11. Throw a massive party and invite everybody I know and tell them “My book has been published”

12. Was going to say, find my soul mate get married and live happily ever after……..think that’s a dream.

20130211-095634 PM.jpg

I have realised I am not getting on as well as what I was expecting, so I have to do better. Must write more everyday or maybe spend two days a week just writing. The garden is going to need doing soon, I feel stress coming on. Must get my vegetables in so I have something to eat in summer, mmmmm dreaming of fresh picked strawberry’s now.

There is also one more thing to go on my list and that is to open a nice friendly book shop/coffee shop with big comfy sofas and do things like childrens story time, homework club and theme day’s so they get to love books.

The adult’s could have a book club or even a writing club, so many ideas. Just need to win the lottery now to buy the shop!

Happy dreaming x