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What a wonderful story, well written with so much warmth and love in it, made me feel like I so wanted to fall in love and have all these lovely feelings running through me.  In some ways this story gives you hope as Pru is in her  sixty’s when love knocked on her door.  It is not all plain sailing though and some things from her past come back to haunt her, trying to destroy her happiness.  From splendid cakes, outings to beautiful seaside haunts, sisters and new babies and much more makes this story have it all.

I love the way Amanda writes, taking such normal lives and making great stories out of them.  Once you start this you will not want to put it down, a fantastic story that I would recommend and it goes in my top ten books.




This is published today so buy it now, a truly lovely story about a couple who end up married after a drunken night in Vegas.

It follows them through their courtship even though they are married, I really loved the descriptions of London and could almost feel myself there.  They say love never runs smooth and they are not wrong, so many bumps along the way that you could imagine happening but so well written by Jon.  I have read most of his books and love them all, another great book by a super author.


If you love tennis and Wimbledon you will like this book, actually even if you don’t like it, this is still a great read and very informative about what it is actually like to be a professional tennis player.  I now regard them as truly dedicated athletes with a timetable that would just wear me out by reading it!

I love the main character Charlie and her journey, you can almost see her growing up through the story and the mistakes she makes as we all do through life.  The book flows and once you hit half way it is hard to put down as you really want to know what is happening next.

I love the ending as even though it is final you could have a next book about her last year and what happens next.

Great writing from a brilliant author.  I won this book on Goodreads which is a great site for reviews, new listings and anything to do with authors.  http://goodreads.com




I have always had a bit of a fascination for this very talented man H.G.Wells especially as he lived here in Folkestone, in fact he had the house built and it still stands today but is a nursing home.  I have been through the grounds and even seen the hut that he did a lot of his writing in.  You can even see the house he rented in Sandgate while the house was being built.

I do not think people are aware of how clever he really was in thinking up things of the future.  Even the house he built had bathrooms for every bedroom something no one else had thought of before and did not even take off until many years later after his death.  He predicted some sort of talking device to contact other people or as it is known today, the phone.

He was a very passionate man in his writing and his personal life, in fact when indulging in a passionate affair it would show in his writing.  His most famous book is The Time Machine which was so well received then, it put him forwards as a most popular author, so many wanted to read his views in his stories.


Folkestone used to be such a grand place, it would be lovely to see it like that again for our future generations.



At last I got round to watching this film, Me Before You, what a brilliant film and definitely as good as the book.  I really do not know how this got any bad reviews as it was simply marvelous, I cried at the ending even though I had read the book and knew what was going to happen.  Even the bits that the film missed out from the book did not spoil the viewing at all.  A brilliant story written by Jo Jo Moyes, now I can read the next book after Izzy has finished it.

I also watched Dirty Grandpa which is so funny, I was not expecting to like it but I did and laughed lots.


Zac Efron makes any film worth watching as he is so good-looking but the acting from them both is great, it must have been very fun to make.


I got lovely flowers from Jodie also spent Sunday with her watching films and eating munch all day, I blame it on the weather as it was raining all weekend so you cannot go out to do anything. lol.


Autumn has arrived and all the children are talking about Christmas already so I have started writing my lists about what to buy for them all.

I did the update on my iPhone 6s and it is so good, so I spent a lot of the weekend playing with that and trying out all the new things you can do with it.

Have a great week everyone. x



You should realise this as the rain has set in for the weekend but it’s not all doom and gloom just because our Indian summer has departed not to return until next year, you now have to think about:

Staying in all weekend as everything outside is cancelled……Hurray!

Standing in a steaming shower until every strand of hair feels overheated then wrapping yourself in that big soft towel.

Cosy fluffy socks to warm your feet up after getting soaked in your sandals on the way home.

Slipping into your new soft, comfy pyjamas after peeling your skirt/trousers off your legs from the soaking you got when the lorry went past you splashing water.


Finding that great book you have been wanting to read all summer but the barbecues and parties kept getting in the way.

Looking forward to watching all the previous Cold Feet episodes before the new one starts.

Cutting up lots of vegetables, so therapeutic I think, then making a huge pot of stew that you can just eat all weekend.

Turning all alarms off and not even looking at a clock.

Opening that good bottle of red you have been saving for weeks but didn’t want to share.

Remember that box of chocolates you got for your sister’s birthday?  You can eat them all yourself and replace on Monday ready for her birthday.

Look in the cupboard and find that tin of rhubarb, packet of crumble and tin of custard, then you have the best rhubarb crumble to eat all to yourself.

Turn your phone on silent, be very selective who you reply to and most of all ignore the door bell, this is your time.

Happy rainy weekend everyone x



I have read all the books in this series and I never get bored as they are full of wonderful thoughts of Guernsey, in fact it has prompted me to go there next year and see this beautiful island for myself.

I love the way you get glimpses of previous books but in no way does it spoil your enjoyment as they are all stand alone stories.

This one gives you the history of what it was like in the war for the islanders and how they really struggled, I think as it is blended into the story you find it so interesting.  Maybe this is how history should be taught as a book full of dates, wars and recession has never appealed to me but these stories I could read all the time.

I also love anything spiritual and the ghosts in this one are very believable, I would love to meet one!  A great book to read coming up to Halloween but to be honest you can read this anytime and you will enjoy it.  Part love story mixed in as well so you get a bit of everything in this book.  Well done Anne Allen for writing one of the best book series I have read, I am now waiting for the next one.