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Oh wow, what a story, Lisa has pulled it out the bag again. Surprise after surprise, you just never know or can predict what is going to happen next so I just kept on reading so I am going to blame Lisa for my low word count in NaNoWriMo!

You may remember Flora from a previous novel who was held captive for so long then finally when she came home she is just a different person and appears to be on a path of helping abducted people get away from their abductors.  Setting up a website she steers people towards fighting back and escaping, will Flora ever be normal I don’t think so, she was taken and abused for so long she does not know anything else but she is good at helping locate people and that is how she ends up helping DD the cop she befriends and even trusts a little bit, not that she would admit to that.

This story is heartbreaking when you read what these children go through and how it eventually breaks them and their family. There is no happy ending but there are surprises and shocks for everyone. I really do love a good book that keeps you so engrossed and you never know what is going to happen next and this gives you that. A good five stars of super writing, brilliant characters that all bounce of one another, becoming interlinked in surprising ways.

This is in my top five of the year!


This was my first visit reading a thriller and what an amazing thriller this was and so surprising for me was that I enjoyed every page of it.  Alex is certainly a brilliant author as this had so much gruesome detail you could actually picture it and even imagine the smells as it was so graphic.  Not very good if you have a sensitive tummy but excellent if you like this type of book.  I will be looking out for the next Alex Marwood book, hoping it is as good as this one.  I particularly like the way all the loose ends were tied up with brilliant endings.  No wonder this book has so many reviews and congratulations as it is up there in my top ten books.



Julie Wassmer

After reading the blurb on the back of this book and listening to Julie talk about it at The Folkestone book festival, I knew it was going to be good but what I didn’t realise was that it would be the best life story I had ever read.  

In some ways it seems like a story so you have to keep reminding yourself that this is all real.  I love the way it all comes together at the right time as if it was all planned to happen that way.  

Twenty years are a long time to wait for happiness even though it was all worth waiting for and then love came along for Julie as well.  This bought a tear to my eye at the end and I was so pleased everything worked out ok.  Julie can now enjoy her writing and her grandchildren who I can imagine she spoils lots.  

This is a good 5 stars and I would recommend this story to everyone, it really is a feel good book.




I know I read a lot of books but every so often you come across an author who you just love and you want to read every single thing they have written.  Julie Wassmer is one such author and to make it even better she is such a lovely person when you meet her.

This was the first book for me to read of Julie’s and I am already on the second which is a life story then all the other mystery’s are on my ‘I must buy list’

These are all set in my part of the world so they mean even more as you can really picture where she is talking about but even if you did not know, the descriptions are so very well written that you can just imagine what it is like.

The characters are wonderful and all go together really well so you are looking forward to what happens to them next all the time.  I never once guessed who committed the murders so it just keeps you turning the pages, don’t think that you will be going to sleep early once you start reading this as I was up half the night, just one more page!  You know its good when that happens.

I can also let you in on a little secret  that the rights have been bought by a major TV station, what a brilliant drama this is going to make.  I cannot wait, make your way to the oyster festival this year in Whitstable and you will see what a wonderful place it is.





I have always had a bit of a fascination for this very talented man H.G.Wells especially as he lived here in Folkestone, in fact he had the house built and it still stands today but is a nursing home.  I have been through the grounds and even seen the hut that he did a lot of his writing in.  You can even see the house he rented in Sandgate while the house was being built.

I do not think people are aware of how clever he really was in thinking up things of the future.  Even the house he built had bathrooms for every bedroom something no one else had thought of before and did not even take off until many years later after his death.  He predicted some sort of talking device to contact other people or as it is known today, the phone.

He was a very passionate man in his writing and his personal life, in fact when indulging in a passionate affair it would show in his writing.  His most famous book is The Time Machine which was so well received then, it put him forwards as a most popular author, so many wanted to read his views in his stories.


Folkestone used to be such a grand place, it would be lovely to see it like that again for our future generations.




What a brilliant true story, told with such compassion and honesty.  I have not read such a detailed few of what it is like to suffer from this illness, I feel anybody with any connection to M.E. Should read this true story.


M.E. Invades every part of your life not just your body and very few people understand what you are going through, it governs your life and everything you can and cannot take part in.  Your life is planned around days where you cannot do anything as you are in such pain, you learn to take tablets with ease no matter how big they are as you just want some relief.

Some have underlying conditions like Paul in this story had IBS and a bone condition, I have osteoarthritis, a heart condition, IBS, Diverticulitis and a few others.  Depression is often associated with it but I have always said that being unable to do many things is going to make anybody sad.

How you live with it is up to you, I may have a couple of weeks indoors and mainly in bed to conserve some energy for an outing or even just a hospital  or dr appointment.  If would be great if doctors would come out and see you especially if you have one that just does not understand the condition.  It is your choice to change doctors as Paul did in the story as you have to have someone who believes in you.

Paul chose to read a lot but I am sure there were days when he could not even hold the book up because his arms were hurting so much.  I write and read and have a superb network of friends who are always there to help me I try not to ask though as I always think I should wait until it gets worse, mind you there are plenty of times when I think this pain cannot get any worse.  My granddaughter supports me an awful lot and for that I am so grateful as she connects me to life outside this flat.

I have never written so much about this condition but this story really made me realise there are a lot of people out there struggling with just living.  If this helps even one person understand then that is all we can ask and to have someone love you like Jill loved Paul then you are luckier than you think.

5 stars does not seem enough for this story, I would recommend this to everyone.


What an amazing book and very different to what I normally read, I am so pleased authors are sending me books to review so that I am reading many different genres.  I really like this author as she describes everything in such detail that you can almost see and feel it.  The characters Jack and Leah are great and you really want them to live happily ever after, so many obstacles are put in their way.  Immortality is a word that can conjure up lots of ideas but it would be great if we were or would it?  This story makes you think about many things and would make a good prompt for creative writing classes as you can take a lot from it and make it into anything you want.

Jen Printy is a great author and I look forward to reading more of her work.  A great book that I would highly recommend.