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What a glorious weekend we have had in Kent and about time too as the winter has been long.  It certainly bought people out to brush of the cob-webs, the sea was so calm and silent and the sky a vivid blue.  Not a breath of wind and everyone had a smile on their face, what more could you want?  Well maybe a cheeky cider along the Harbour Arm sitting in the sunshine listening to the music, it certainly bought the people out.





Three of my favourite things, lunch out at Follies with Izzy.


We never get tired of this place as it is so relaxing and friendly with the best pizzas that are huge, we have to share one so we each pick what we would like on our half.


The home-made chips and alioli are delicious like everything they serve here.  The bistro is doing so well also their place down on The Harbour Arm and now they are just about to open a new restaurant in Dover.

Desserts are tasty so you just have to finish of with one of them, no diet today.





Sunday was the last day of the season that the Harbour Arm was open this year but what a glorious day it was and the crowds proved it.  It is really going to be missed during the winter as it was a great meeting place to catch up with friends and to listen to the entertainment especially the local talent.

The sea was calm and the sun shone on Sunday making it a superb day even if it was just for a walk along to the end.  Talking about the end, that is Champagne Simon’s bar, what a hit that has been.  Nothing better than a glass of bubbly listening to a bit of live music or people watching or even just taking in the magnificent views.


The soldiers were even there in their finery, I bet those clothes were so itchy, made me itch just looking at them.


On Sunday Phyllis was down there for the afternoon painting the band and what a collection of great paintings, it is lovely watching her paint as she does it so effortlessly.  There are a lot of paintings for sale at the moment so if you fancy purchasing one or even making one a super Christmas present for a loved one, please contact Phyllis by email at





We bid a fond farewell and start looking forward to the Spring and the new things that The Arm will have to offer.



I picked up this book today and it has two of my stories in it.  I am so pleased, I cannot explain the feeling it must be amazing for authors having their own book published.  Maybe one day that will happen for me but until then I am very happy with just this.


I am getting all my planning completed for the November writing so I think I am on track.  It is a shame it is so cold sitting writing but I will have the fire on and the good thing with the laptop is I can write anywhere so i can even stay in bed if its that cold!

Looking forward to the weekend and going to see Phyllis painting the bands on the Harbour Arm and if you have not been there yet then get yourselves down this weekend as it is the last one for this year.


DSCF2222  DSCF2228  DSCF2209

What a glorious day down on the Harbour Arm in Folkestone.  Many were waiting for the last ever fly over of the Vulcan and were not disappointed.

I am loving the new DJ booth inside the seagull!

The champagne bar has moved into the lighthouse at the end and what a wonderful area, even though it is small, it is full of memorabilia giving it a wonderful atmosphere.  As usual the champagne is flowing and enjoyed by everyone, I will miss this in the winter when the Arm is closed but there is talk of a break being put in on the other side so that would stop the sea coming over the Arm in bad weather.  Two more weeks to enjoy this before it closes up for the winter.

DSCF2220  DSCF2219  DSCF2218  DSCF2221

By the Memorial Archway the poppies are beginning to appear, they are knitted by the people of Folkestone and by November they will be along the railings all down Remembrance Hill.  Autumn days like this are lovely, especially sitting in the sunshine people watching, when not on our phones! lol




The sun has been shining all weekend for the yearly Ska festival, Folkestone has been packed with not only people but fantastic looking mopeds.  If you like a dance and a bit of Madness then this was the place to be as there were people dancing in the streets.


Great atmosphere everywhere you went and the Harbour Arm was busy too, especially Champagne Simon’s bar at the end. After the week of rain we have had it was great to get out and about even if it was just in the garden for that final cut of the grass and trimming back.  I even got the spring bulbs planted.