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Folkestone harbour has some great attractions now and the one the children enjoy most are the fountains, you never know how high the water is going to go.  Zac had never been before so he was a bit hesitant at first and decided to have a feel just to make sure the water was real, funny boy.  After a few minutes you could not stop him from running about in, out and over them, we had such fun just watching him.


Love that picture above, I think my photography is getting better.  After all that enjoyment it was time for food.  At Chummies food stall you can get hot and cold seafood, noodles and chips.  Noodles were the firm favourite, eating them the quickest way possible! LOL


A lovely summer day enjoyed by everyone, we definitely need some more of these as seeing the sun is very rare this year.



Folkestone was overflowing with people today, the hottest day of the year so far, lets wish for many more.  I loved watching the families row out in dinghies to their boats then sailing of out the harbour, wondering where they will go.  Children waiting for the tide to go out so they can build their sand castles, running about getting very impatient. Parents wishing they could just sit and chill, lets hope the bars don’t run out of beer and the ice cream keeps flowing.

The Harbour Arm was bursting at the seams with so many people and just what the traders wanted as the year has been very slow to start.  You can hear the music from afar mixing with happy chatter, it really does make everyone happy this thing called sunshine.

I can smell the barbecues as the sausages are cooked to perfection and the sea food from the harbour, I cannot resist some crab sticks, prawns and mussels.

I am sure the children will sleep well tonight almost as well as the parents lol.