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CIMG1030I went on a coach trip one day when I was on holiday in Spain, they call them ‘Blanket Trips’ and are very popular with the residents as you get a day out for free and all you have to do is listen to a presentation for 45 minutes of what ever they are selling at the time which could be from blankets to saucepans.  I had a mattress and wool cover which did sound very good and the mattress was so light which I thought was a very good idea as I cannot lift mine on my own.  The waterfalls are amazing and I would recommend that if ever you go to Benidorm you pay them a visit it only costs four euro so it’s a bargain.  Be prepared for the coldness to hit you though as the water is freezing as it comes from underground. CIMG1033CIMG1040 CIMG1034The water is very clear, these pictures are at the bottom of the fall as I could not get up the steps but it was still amazing and worth going.There was a restaurant at the bottom that had a lovely pool and children’s play area that would be great for families.CIMG1028CIMG1036 CIMG1037I sat by this pool which was filled with the water from the waterfall and it was very cold but pleasant as the sun was hot, the cold beer went down well while I sat and daydreamed.CIMG1044


How are the school holiday’s going? Children getting bored yet? Parent’s getting stressed? Sometimes it’s hard to amuse them and keep their interest, there is one sure way of doing it. Pick the toy they like the best and let their imagination run, all you have to do is go with it.

Start collecting as many boxes, all different shapes and sizes, lots of newspapers and you are almost ready.

Talk to the children about what they are going to build. Some ideas are castle’s, fort’s, things for Action man, wrestler rings, Barbie garden, food or things for Barbie house, dinosaur land, pen pots, beach, swimming pools or play grounds. I am sure they will think of more ideas or something that they want to build.

Arrange the boxes roughly how you want them by cutting them to shape and sticking together.

Make some paste by mixing 2 cups water, 2 cups flour and teaspoon salt.

Dip strips of newspaper into the glue and stick onto the boxes and create the shapes you need by moulding the paper. For smaller thing’s like food, balls, guns or toys you can mash up small bits of newspaper and glue then leave it for a bit to dry out and you can then model it like clay.

Try to make the last layer white paper and then it is ready to leave for a couple of days to dry. Then you have the task of painting it, you can add glitter to make it sparkly, sand to make it textured, just use your imagination and create fairy tales.

Here is Dinosaur land, it has a river, hiding places and trees.

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Tomorrow I pick up the new lap top, I am containing my excitement until I have got it home and put all my own bits on it, then I can enjoy it.

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I am still working on problem with iPhone and iPad but I am beginning to think it is to do with the latest isos 6.1.3 that was the last update. I really do not think it is me this time.

I am of to the O2 on Saturday as my daughter and granddaughter are going to see Oley Murs, we are going for a meal first so it will all make a nice change.

Easter is so early it just does not feel right, or is that just because of the weather? I could not believe it tonight when the weather man said that April is not going to be a lot better. So long as there is sunshine for the following five months, I will be happy! Lol. I know wishful thinking, we can all dream. At least I know I am going away September so will get sunshine then.

My writing has come to a complete standstill with all these problems but I have been doing a lot of research about different thing’s for my book, so it is not all bad.

The garden is looking bare, I think I will do seeds and get young plants and start them of indoors and then greenhouse and just hope for the best. Fruit and veg is going to all be at least a month late this year, if they grow that is.

Hope you are all keeping warm, I spent a good two hours today reading post’s and following some new people. There are so many great blogs out there, just not enough hours in the day to read them all, such a shame, but I am trying. ☺


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I am dreaming of Spring, bulbs, ice-cream and all thing’s nice. Well, trying to, but it is not easy, every news station, paper and radio is all about the awful weather everywhere. I think we are the lucky one’s down in this South East corner as there is no snow, just bitter cold wind. I remember the news stories earlier in the year about our heating bills being a lot more expensive this winter, I never expected it to be quiet as high as what it is though. My bill for heating is usually about £67.00 for January, February and March, I have just received the bill for the same month’s this year and it is £440.00! I guess it is a combination of higher prices and a much colder winter, but it does make me wonder where are the pensioners going to get the money from if they receive bills that are a lot higher than normal. It is a very worrying concern.

On a lighter note I saw this picture of the strange street names that we have in this country. Can anyone find any stranger ones?

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I did a post a couple of weeks ago about things to make at Easter and I found this about creating the colours on the egg’s and thought you might find it useful as it is all natural colouring for children.

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It is going to be a stressful Easter holiday for some parents who have to juggle work and childcare and now they have bad weather so there will not be any camping trips, my girls both go camping with all the children and they love it. They do not even want to go outside to play as it is so cold, I can see a few ‘jama’ day’s happening these holiday’s.

Here is an idea if you save the egg box and the shell’s and get some flower seeds from Poundland as you can get a big pack of three different varieties for £1.00.

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Think I will go to bed early and turn the heating off!


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It is half term here in UK so the children have been on holiday all week. It always seems to go so quickly and I can never fit in all I would like to do with them. This weekend I have two of the girls they are 11 and 10, we went shopping and seem to have a lot of munch, films and cake making things. It has turned very cold so we have decided we are having a weekend indoors baking, reading, watching DVD’s and playing games. They both like the blog and have asked if they both did a poem over the weekend could I put it on the blog, royalties to me! Lol

I seem to of lost the use of my laptop so I do not think there will be any writing completed this weekend, it is going to have to be notes and planning. All of which I have a lot to do of, why is it names are sometimes so hard to decide on for your stories? At the moment I have a one and two in a story as nothing is feeling right, I guess it will all fall into place eventually.

Next holidays will be Easter and that is early this year, the children have about three weeks off then so best get planning for that. Little Alfie has already asked to go to the zoo again and to have a sleepover at mine. He does make me laugh as I stayed at his house the other night as was babysitting because my daughter and husband went away for the night for their anniversary, he asked if I had my pyjamas and was I having a sleepover at his house! Lol

Have a good weekend people and be happy. See you tomorrow for updates on chilled weekend.

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