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img_1181As many of you know I enjoy blogging for many reasons, it gives me an outlet for when I am stressed or don’t feel too good. I spend most of my time indoors on my own which is ok as I then get to do things my own way and at my own pace depending how I am feeling that day.

I have been doing some product reviews this year which has been really good and a bit different to all the book reviews I do, I am still doing those in fact I have read even more this year so far. I think books are getting better and better and raising the bar a lot which I guess is good but I really like to promote the new authors as well.

I have looked into the taking of photos a bit more and am really loving the flat lay type of pictures like this.


This was my first attempt, simple but I think it captures what I was aiming for, a good bottle of wine for two. I have now compiled a list of things I need for these shots, like ribbon, lights (I have these) small china trinkets, wallpaper samples, artificial flowers, tiles, feathers, cactus’ so next time I go out I will be looking for these bits to aid my photography, I even have a nice wooden crate for these things to go in….I need to paint it though, roll on Spring. The other thing I need to learn how to do and it is probably very simple, is putting lots of things on a page on their own, like this.

They seem to always have a white background but how do you get rid of the back ground so you just have the item?

I think I will get one of the round reflectors of light as they are very reasonable on Ebay.

A lot of bloggers use the Olympus pen camera but when I looked for one there are so many different models I wasn’t sure where to start. It would be good to be able to upload a photo to my blog straight away.

So it is onwards and upwards with my blog, I will be doing a new web page next month, I am looking for a design I like at the moment. I will stay with WordPress as I think they are very good. Is there anyone in Kent that uses WordPress as I have a couple of queries please?

If you have any product reviews then please get in touch. K





This was a lovely surprise as I won it from the Goodreads giveaways that they have all the time. I like this author and have read many of her books in the shopaholic series but this one beats those. This is full of love and warmth and I am sure many women will connect with Sylvie and her life.

Sylvie and Dan think they know each other so well that the marriage will get boring so a few ‘surprises’ are attempted with them not going to plan. Then there comes a time when Sylvie thinks she does not know her husband at all! From thinking he is having an affair, to her mother becoming very odd and no one wanting to know how she is feeling it all becomes too much for Sylvie. What should she do?

This will keep you up at night it is so good. I would like to thank Goodreads for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book for them.




I do love to get parcels and presents and this one was superb. I even got a rose to keep.

I had a super surprise the other day when I received a parcel from the lovely people at Terlingham Vineyard, I felt so bad from not knowing we had a vineyard just up the road towards Hawkinge. So my aim is to put them in the spotlight as I am sure the many new bars and restaurants that are opening here would like to stock their wine and keep it all local. I have visions of sitting on the Harbour Arm drinking a glass of Terlingham wine in the summer.


This vineyard is owned and run by Graham and Lorna Wilks, along with their three daughters. They have four acres of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, Bacchus, Dornfelder and Rondo grapes.

By using only natural methods and hands on approach they have created a superb vineyard that is flourishing in an unspoilt part of Kent. They produce still and sparkling wine, also doing vineyard talks and tastings, I will be following this up with a tour as it all looks so interesting.


I guess I should get to the tasting, this was a family affair at my daughter Jodie’s with Sam and Megan the chief tasters and myself of course.


This wine was fruity and refreshing on the palate, so would go with many dishes. It is dry but the rich taste of berries takes away that harsh dryness you get with some wines, I prefer sparkling wine and this did not disappoint.

They have a superb website here, where you can order your wine and book the vineyard talk and tour.

I am looking forward to trying their red wine when I do the tour.


What a superb present that makes for someone special.


I would like to thank Graham and Lorna for giving me the opportunity of trying their wonderful sparkling wine and I really hope more local businesses start to stock these superb wines.



I wish to thank Netgalley for sending me this book to review. I thought it was a bit slow at the start but so pleased I kept on reading as it got better and better. Eleanor is a very quiet, stuck in a routine kind of girl but everything changes after she meets Raymond but will she recover from so much hurt, change and coming to terms with her past. Very well written and an unusual story so I can see why it has become so popular.



Fourteen of us descended on Jodie and Darren for Pancake Day and what a brilliant time we all had. There was a little bit of alcohol involved and I think we worked out that the men cooked about 60 pancakes while the women sat at the table with the children.

George was the winner, yes we had a tally going on, he ate 14 pancakes so not as good as last year as he did 22 then! He is so skinny I am not sure where he puts them. Sam came second with 13, I think the glass of wine replaced another one.

The twins had a great time, that was Jodie letting Lily dip in the chocolate spread! Bad aunty Jodie lol.

Kara and Reece made a good effort but only did about 8 each. A whole tub of ice cream was eaten but only one person had the healthy berries on their pancake, that was Darren. The mini marshmallows were popular and the syrup, with George having two bananas on his.

After the twins left!

It was a great night with lots of laughs, you just cannot beat a family get together.



A young boy in America and a girl in Scotland, what is the connection? This has you turning the pages quicker than normal. Why is Rebecca’s brother telling her things and having private school paid for him when she is with her grandparents hidden away in Scotland. Killing, comes easy to some but how far will he go and will Rebecca survive. I really enjoyed reading this it certainly is a good thriller.

A troubled boy in America who loves his Dad, doing well in school and then it all changes and his Dad has gone to prison. Going to live with his aunt is made even worse as she is only doing it for the money often locking the door so he can’t get in. He wants revenge so when he gets the chance there is no more nasty aunt. How far will he go to protect the one he loved?

Subtle and intriguing makes this thriller one not to miss, I really enjoyed it and was not sure what to expect at some points. A worthy 5 stars and get it on your to read list.