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This blog is now 4 years old, I certainly did not think I would still be doing it four years later, but I am and still having fun.  I like the way it is going where there are more things about Folkestone and all what is happening in our town.  The book reviews are getting popular as publishers are now sending me them to review.  The most popular posts are the ones about Folkestone especially like where to go for food and cake.

The stats have all gone up so much, I am amazed and really happy that you all still like to read my blog.

Blog followers 587

Blog views 18,289      OMG    Amazing!

Twitter followers 1,054     WOW

FaceBook followers 509     Not many followers but friends makes up for it.

FaceBook friends 1,396        WOW

Instagram followers 231

Pinterest followers 460

Goodreads friends 237

BlogLovin followers 123

If you add these together that’s a lot of people reading the blog post somewhere.

It is read in over 80 countries now!

I think this deserves champagne but alas I am indoors on my own so it may be a hot chocolate with a dash of Baileys later.  Thank you every single one of you that is a part of my community, I love you all. xx


20140414-084425 pm.jpg On Saturday I took Kara up to London to the Cake Decorating Show at Excel. What a brilliant exhibition and the people are so talented the way they decorate these cakes. Was well worth going and Kara got lots of ideas and a few things for her cooking, she is building up a good collection of equipment now.

20140414-084759 pm.jpg

20140414-084819 pm.jpg

20140414-084829 pm.jpg

20140414-084841 pm.jpg

20140414-084900 pm.jpg

20140414-084911 pm.jpg

20140414-084919 pm.jpg These are just a selection of the many cakes that were on show and in the competition.

Saturday evening we stayed in a B&B and went out for a meal, deciding to have Italian and picking the closest one as our feet were a bit sore from all the walking we did that day. We ended up in

20140414-085625 pm.jpg We all have our favourite restaurants close to where we live, well this was as good as mine and I wish it was closer. The food was amazing, served at just the right pace and piping hot. They have a FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/BistroGeorge It is a family run business and well worth a visit if you are that way.

20140414-090023 pm.jpg
Sunday we made our way to the Chocolate Festival at the Business Design Centre, OMG I have never seen so much chocolate made into many different designs.

20140414-090303 pm.jpg There were many different types of chocolate and chocolate cakes and not forgetting chocolate Baileys, I did have a little taste and can recommend it.

20140414-090455 pm.jpg

20140414-090504 pm.jpg

20140414-090516 pm.jpg Another brilliant day but very tiring, it was a very quiet trip home on the train but a great weekend for us both and we did have fun.

20140414-090724 pm.jpg


Just been for a lovely meal overlooking the beach at a place called Seagulls, we all had traditional Greek dishes and they were absolutely delicious, I was very lucky as myself and Rhea exchanged dishes half way through so we could taste both….brilliant idea.

20130929-101113 pm.jpg.
In St George’s South there is a bar called Stamatis which is where we went to see an Elvis show, it’s the place where everybody goes to at least once as it has a brilliant reputation. A lot of singing and laughing and another fun night.

We have been able to drive to a different place as we hired a little funky red jeep which we have for the next three days. I drove tonight and was glad to get home as a storm is coming, people were watching the radar of it coming towards us on their phones. Think we might be having a day of driving round in the rain tomorrow.



What a fantastic night!

The Greek dancing that most people joined in with and ended up going outside the line was so long.  They performed for two hours with no break and it did not cost us anything, so a brilliant night was had by all.

How do they keep these glasses of water on their heads and never drop anything?  Fantastic to watch, they don’t get puffed out either as the dances are very repetitious and it was very warm last night. image


They even did the fire dance which was amazing and then he lit a corner of a small square table and then held it in his mouth and danced, you couldn’t do that if you had false teeth!

We even had belly dancers, they make it look so easy and then doing it round fire.  The celebrations went on till the early hours even though we left as there was a new baby for the Greek owners of the taverna.


I still find it amazing that certain things can evoke such strong memories for ourselves. Never knowing when something, someone, a picture, a smell or anything good or bad will again fill our heads and therefor affect our emotions, which we have no control over, I sometimes wish we did as laughing in an assembly, crying in the cinema or laughing in the library can be a problem…that’s just a few examples, I am sure you have lots more. We can control to a degree how we express these emotions and I guess it’s like pushing something in a jar and getting the lid on it and turning it so it won’t come out. The emotion is still in your head, how long will it stay there? No answer to that as we all deal with memories in our own way, happiness is a good one we all like to remember happy times. I have a lovely one for when I go in a garden and smell Lilly of The Valley, it takes me right back to where I lived as a child standing by the back door and seeing them all growing to the left, the smell hitting you as you stepped out into the garden. I can vividly see everything in that memory and it makes me feel happy but is that all? It should be, but then I get the feeling of sadness as I cannot go back there to the garden and my grandparents.

Yesterday is a memory, we create them good and bad. It’s the bad memories that are hard to deal with, some people finding it harder than others. Just forget about it, people say but can you when you are hurt, troubled or upset about them? So then a memory is affecting your tomorrow, how do you stop that? For some people the memory controls their lives, it’s always there, you cannot get rid of it, it’s upsetting. How to control your mind? Is that possible? You can start by pulling the memory apart, for instance. Why are you upset? Is it wrong to be upset? Only you know the answers but what I have learnt is that yes a lot of times it is ok to feel sad, angry, scared or what ever emotion it brings to you. It is ok, most people would think yes that would make me feel sad. The memory made you feel really scared, is it ok to feel scared? Yes, most people would feel scared so it is ok.

We do not feel the emotion of compassion for ourselves, we have to learn it. Once you start thinking about yourself and looking after yourself it helps. An example, you are in a car sitting in traffic singing along to the radio. BANG the car behind hits yours! Damage to cars, exchange address you drive off, neck hurts, your shaking. You get home take tablets and lay down after a couple days luckily your neck is ok.
You get ready to go to the shop feeling fine, you step out of the house and look at the car and panic, you feel sick, you can’t breath, your crying as you run inside the house. This happens for over a month, friends, family keep saying “just get in the car, you’ll be fine, stop worrying” etc etc
STOP, you were in an accident, it’s ok to feel scared to get in your car. It’s ok to feel frightened that it might happen again. It’s ok to be upset about it.
You know how you feel, not everybody else. Be compassionate to yourself, let yourself feel ok to the feelings. Have compassion for you.

I learnt this only a little while ago and it has helped me immensely, I am not wrong for having these feelings. It has helped me as I haven’t had a panic attack since learning to be compassionate for myself. I’m not saying this is the answer for everything but you do not know till you try these things and when I learnt about it I then started to understand myself a little bit.

I have another good memory that came to me very unexpected yesterday, I was looking through Pinterest….I love it and think I am a tiny bit addicted to it, you should try it.

20130908-053556 PM.jpg
I saw this picture and it is the exact same jewellery box that my Nan had, my Uncle bought it home for her when he was in the Navy. I used to play with it and get all her jewellery out and dress up with it all.

20130908-053802 PM.jpg
I was always asking Nan for it and when I got older she used to say that one day it would come to me. I grew up and then my daughter played with the jewellery box just like I did and she loved it. Happy memory…..sad memory, my Uncles wife took the jewellery box and I have never seen it again. It’s ok for me to have these feelings even a bit of anger in there, I am compassionate to myself, I still have all the feelings but its ok to have them even if I cry, it’s OK.


I am having a very lazy day doing a bit of “networking”…. sounds far more interesting than reading all the social sites and gossip. I am doing a bit of research for one of my books so I do not feel too guilty.
Peaches is relaxing but appears to be doing a lot of sleeping.

20130907-031751 PM.jpg
I have finished The Doll Makers by Penny Grubb, what a brilliant book. It starts off with a woman who has all of today’s worries about money and with her business as a Private Investigator struggling it all seems very real. The crime story that the more you read gets better and better with the characters evolving and becoming so real that the story develops into a whole new world that keeps you guessing until the end. Would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Now I have the decision to make about what to read first which is getting harder the more I read on line. I have now got another four books that I need to get as they are looking very appealing.

20130907-032006 PM.jpg The trilogy about Sophie and her rock star looks great and have been added to my wish list.

20130907-032146 PM.jpgI saw this book today in a post on FaceBook and I am going to buy it when I go to the book shop as it sounds very good. I really do think that FaceBook is a great way of pushing your book and of course your launch theme as that helps so much and gets advertised everywhere.
Going back to today I have to pick from what I have got so it is going to be……
It’s Raining Men by Milly JohnsonI have just loved all the publicity and want one of the umbrellas, you can find the link on my FaceBook. It’s just a shame all the men don’t come with the book!

20130907-034621 PM.jpg