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It is that time of the month again and I must say I thought it was one of our best lunches, boy did we laugh.  We celebrated Corinne’s birthday, she received some lovely presents and stayed at mine so she could have some wine, then in the evening we went onto cocktails.  Sorry to say that there are no pictures as all the chatting and laughing distracted me, lol.  The Hungry Horse is our favourite place, food is good, wine is cheap and the staff are so lovely.

Going down to Rocksalt in the harbour where we both love to sit looking out over the sea with the 2for1 delicious cocktails between 5 and 7 in the evening, we were really disappointed as after waiting twenty minutes for a drink they then told us they were shutting in 7 minutes as they were having a comedy night.  The bar girl made us one drink and I have to say she did it very quickly and not the same as the cocktail man so we were very disappointed and it has really put us off going there again.

Love the many faces of Lynda!  Roll on May, I have the best friends ever and love them all so much.



The once a month lunch date seems to come round quicker every month but I am not complaining as for me and I think some others as well it is the best day of the month.  I really do look forward to it so much and we really do have such a laugh and always have a birthday to celebrate and lots of news to share.

The best bit of news this time was that Sharon is to be a Nan in August, I should say a very excited Nan, so that will need to be celebrated.

Lynda’s daughter Jo joined us today so she now knows who these ladies are that her Mum lunches with every month, was lovely to see her so happy and looking good, must have something to do with the new man in her life.

The puddings seem to get better and better here, in fact everything is good from the service to food and the general ambiance of the place, then you have the great prices, what more do you want.  Roll on next month and yes we are back here again.


I have to say that this was one of the best lunches we have had as not only was the company outstanding as always but the service and food was so wonderful and to prove how great it all was we have booked up here for March and April.

Considering it was my first time out it was so good to see all my friends as I have missed them loads.  Lynda was back from gallivanting in Spain then Madera with her daughter, Sharon was missing as she was in London with the hubby.  Carol is off to Australia for March to see her daughter so she will be missed next time but then in April we should have the full 9 of us.  April’s could get messy as it will be Corinne’s birthday lunch and then she is staying at mine, I can see cocktails and all sorts going on.  I can’t wait!


Very nice wine for £7 on a Wednesday but we just had three bottles this time.

As usual the food was delicious with no complaints from any of us, well that is not including Jackie and her dessert, you can guarantee she will get the dodgy one where ever she goes lol.

There were a few conversations about Corinnes MEAT (sausages) but I am afraid I cannot print them but it did cause rather a lot of laughing.

This month we celebrated Jackies birthday and she got some lovely presents, some I really wanted for myself.  Jackie had the baked Alaska but the meringue was rather runny so she said!  I love the desserts at Hungry Horse and even better was the fact that I had a voucher for free desserts so we all had to have one, I know there are only four pictures but we were too busy getting stuck in lol.

Sheila gave us a few laughs as she finished the bottle of wine, then when the bill was paid we all had a smile on our face as it worked out to £8 each what an absolute bargain.  Looking forward to next month and more laughs.



It seems like an awful long time ago that we all met for lunch so it was great to all get together again.  We celebrated mine and Sharon’s birthdays and we raised a glass to Jackie as she was missing again this month but I am pleased to say that she is well on the road to recovery so that was the best news that we could all have to celebrate.


Our venue this month was The Hungry Horse in Folkestone and they did not let us down as everything was wonderful.  I particularly like the round table so we can all chat and see one another much better than a long oblong one and it is a shame more places do not have these but I guess it is a space problem for a lot of venues.

The food was delicious from burgers to salmon all cooked to perfection and enjoyed by all.  I had the salmon which had a mouth watering sweet chilli dressing that I loved.

As usual the puddings were the main attraction all were lovely Jackie will be pleased to know.  The jugs of Pimm’s went down very quickly for the non drivers and we all had a great time catching up on all our news.




We had our monthly lunch date at The Hungry Horse, BlackBull in Folkestone, Kent and as you see we got our priorities right and had a bottle of wine and four jugs of Pimms.  Lovely summers day so it was great to have our first Pimms, there were eight of us last Wednesday and I can definitely say a good time was had by all.  The staff and service are brilliant here and you cannot fault there prices or quality of food.  As you see there was a selection ordered but it all came out together piping hot.   Gammon, macaroni cheese, chicken smothered with cheese and bacon, cauliflower tart and fish and chips. Not a lot was left! 


Then of course we had to have dessert, my favourite was the ice cream sundae as I seem to have a taste for ice cream at the moment especially the Mcflurry with all the chocolate in it.  Others had the fudge cake that looked to die for and I am sure I could of eaten that as well.   Then you had the profiteroles, I have never seen this done before but they set them in chocolate and because it’s the Hungry Horse they were in the shape of a horse shoe with it written on the top!  Quality, all very impressed apart from Sharon who had a little bit of trouble cutting her chocolate. 


Another brilliant lunch with fantastic friends and it was just what I needed at the time as it really did make me forget the issues of the day before.  I know I keep saying this but my friends are fantastic, day or night always there for me.  I love them all so much and looking forward to next month. Xx



Another grandaughter becomes a teenager!  So pleased I am just the Nan as it is no simple matter to bring up kids now and keep them on the straight and narrow.  With so many outlets on social media you have to follow them on everything and keep up with the latest trends and I’m not talking clothes.  Peer pressure is worse than it has ever been and you have to be extremely strong to rise above it.  I guess we all do our best at parenting and considering you don’t get a book most of us do ok, yes, we make mistakes but that’s life and you carry on making some till the end.  It is a shame we don’t get a practise run as I would love to start again! 

We all went out for dinner last night and I thought I would try the trend of one nail all glittery and nice. 


It does not look good for very long as by the time I got to the resturant half was off and I am pretty sure I will be finding bits of glitter everywhere for the next week.  I guess there must be a knack to this nail art? 

Izzy came round and did my hoovering for me so we went to Starbucks for coffee, well actually Izzy wanted some sort of tea that she had seen advertised but I ordered mine first and they didn’t have hers so she had to have hot chocolate.  We will be going to Costa in the week to see if they have it there!  Advertising is costing us Nan’s a lot of money! Lol  


The Easter holidays are going very quick and there never seems enough time to do everything but they are all enjoying themselves so that’s the main thing. We have a nice hot few days coming this week at last so may the most of it.  Have a good week everyone x