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Picture used as example from Facebook today by Cathy Jackson.

I can honestly say that I was shocked to my core last night, making me so upset and contemplating removing myself from all social media as I just cannot deal with this amount of unnecessary distress.

I will share with you the comment that was posted on my wall for everyone to read!  It is still there with all the comments, I was going to remove it but my daughter said any publicity is good publicity when you have done nothing wrong.  She was also the first person to see it on my wall so very upsetting for her also, I was then contacted by many friends showing their support.

As you can imagine if something like that was posted on your wall you would be upset.  I had no idea what so ever what she was talking about so asked her.  It was a picture with a written quote on it and no name that was in one of my picture folders on Facebook, I had to search through to find it.  I had obviously shared it when it came up on my wall from somebody else, I cannot remember who or when and looked through my page on Facebook but could not find it.  I deleted it from my picture folder immediately and responded back to her.

My points in all this today as have a clearer and less upset head are:

You should not write this on someone’s wall.

You should not immediately accuse someone until you know the facts.

If you do not want something shared then DO NOT put it on Facebook.

So we now have the issue of, should we share these appealing quotes and pictures when seen on social media?  This is just a few on Pinterest.

We all know there are millions of them on the web, many with no name so what do we do, ignore and delete them?  Share them and just hope for the best?

If someone shared a quote and pretty picture I had made up I would feel so proud that it was liked enough to share with their friends.

This is obviously a mine field and I am very sure that most people would not act like this person did to me.  Can you imagine the awful consequences that could occur if myself or anybody was at a very low point in their life at that moment, a comment like that could send them over the edge, it sickens me that people still only think about themselves and no thought or empathy with anybody else.

At the end of the day it was just a picture of a bird with a written sentence on it that she had put on Facebook.

All very unnecessary. 


The true story of the Boonie Hat Bandit


Caroline sent me this book to review and I am afraid to say it got a bit lost in my to-be read list but all is well as I have now finished it.  I was not expecting a true story so that got my interest straight away as there is nothing like the truth about things.

I think it would appeal to Americans or people interested in the judicial hearings as there is a lot of information packed into this story.  It makes you realise what it is like there and how hard it is for people in jail.  The red tape surrounds just about everything making things so hard.

Sometimes people do things for all the wrong reasons but cannot see that at the time and that is what this story is about.  Bank robberies that were committed by one sole man so he could pay his debts and keep the roof over his kids heads.  He pays dearly for this and in fact is still paying as he is still incarcerated.  The thing that keeps him going is the teacher he met and fell in love with and this proved to be a love that would stand the test of time and go on forever as Caroline Giammanco writes this story and tells you all.




I know it’s never a good idea to do too much thinking but I am laid up with the dreaded lergy  that has gone straight to my chest and I have no voice so that’s where the thinking comes in.

What are we doing to the world we live in as if we carry on like this it is not going to be very good-by the time grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up.  As you know I do not do politics but really TRUMP! This does not bode well but we will wait and see.  Global warming, I do not understand why every country is not doing all they can to stop this, no brainer really.  We all know that if a country lets off a nuclear bomb it will be the end of a lot of us, why were they allowed to make them in the first place?  Destroy them all before they destroy us.  The NHS I know it has a lot of problems but a lot of it is the older generation living a lot longer now and they have shut a lot of the old people’s homes, many have not got the money to go in the private establishments so why not make us look after our elders but make it easier to add a bedroom on for them instead of all the bloody red tape you have to go through for even a porch.  I realise it is not possible for everyone as I do not even talk to my mother let alone live with her. The homeless, there are always houses left empty to rot away so why not spend a little bit and convert them into rooms, they then have an address to get benefit so can then travel to job interviews and eventually get their own place to live, a time limit would be set on this and when they got benifit some would be taken for the room before they got it.

You probably think I am now living in cloud cuckoo land, it must be the fever, time for more meds. Bet this gets you all thinking!



There are always news items and discussions about children and alcohol, so thought I would touch upon it….gently!

Should children drink?  I was always allowed a little bit of wine with lots of lemonade in a small sherry glass on special occasions that increased to a very weak snowball as that was what Nan liked and we had a cherry on it also not forgetting the wonderful Babycham, I felt like a star holding the Babycham glass.    I have nothing against children having a small glass at Christmas or very special occasions but in today’s world many do not sit at the table for meals with family members so I guess there is no reason for them to drink.  I do not agree with children drinking at parties with their friends as that can lead to spiked drinks also not forgetting the peer pressure to have a drink.  I must admit I was going in pubs from about 15 and even worked behind the bar when I was just 17, I am not proud of that but no one ever told me not to.  What are your views?


Children on the internet.

Going to Alfie’s assembly the other day triggered this as no photos were allowed until the very end and none were to be put on social media.  I realise this is a very touchy subject with many in the yes or no camp.  I can understand schools going with the NO social media rule as then that covers them.

I do not think there is any harm in it and my two daughters have no objections with me including their off spring in my blog posts with both of them also posting pictures from time to time.  One daughter even saves all the blog post’s, I was very touched by that.  Instagram is getting popular now as you just have your family or close friends on it and many post there instead of Facebook.  I think if you are posting nice pictures it is like a photo album collected over the years on-line.  My granddaughter Kara has many different folders on Facebook of all her friends and family and I think for that generation it is all very natural and that’s what you do.

Some mothers go with the argument that until the child is of an age that they can choose whether they want their picture all over the internet they are keeping it off.  You also have the fear that the photos may be used for less savoury things but then you keep ALL your settings to private and make sure your friends are friends know not to share your posts.

What are your views?  Very interesting subject, I think.




The charismatic author Guy Fraser-Sampson was in attendance at Congo coffee shop, signing his latest book Death in Paradise.  The weather was a bit against us as storm Angus was battering the coast and raining down upon us all afternoon, thank goodness for cake.


Guy even went as far as to say it was the best he had tasted, I must remember to tell Marianne to keep up the good work and that I am more than willing to be taster of all she bakes.  We discussed his new book which will be out the 7th January titled Miss Christie Regrets, this will follow on in the Hampstead Murders with the third book which is almost finished becoming available in June.  Guy has obviously been extremely busy as he also re-located to the country side, I wonder what murders he will be dreaming up down in Sussex.  I was amazed when during our discussion about different books and authors he said he liked to read the good books again, I could think of nothing worse as there are so many that I do want to read but there is never enough time.  I was feeling proud of my total of 46 books that I have read this year until Guy informed me he read about 4 a week!  Between writing and reading he can’t have much time left but what a dedicated author and lets face it, it does show in his books as they are amazing.


During Saturday morning I attended a workshop given by Andy Miller who wrote The Year of Reading Dangerously.  I must admit I did have a chuckle when he told us it took him 7 years to write about 1 year.  Andy also gave some very good advice about just about anything and everything to do with books, reading, writing, publishing, editing. in fact the man is a mind of knowledge.  The 3 hours passed so very quickly that we could have been there all day.  Very good events so far at The Folkestone Book Festival 2016.



I have finished this and for an on-line course it was very informative with me learning a lot more about not using automatic on my camera as much.  The lessons are live with you being able to ask as many questions as you need, I also wrote everything down as I find it stays in your head a bit longer.

The tutors were Irish but understandable so that was good although some words I do find really annoying, like ‘tank’ for thank; but that is just me.  Do you have any accents that you find hard to understand?  I have always found it amazing that you sometimes only have to travel along a road for the accent to change.

For a free course I was extremely pleased, you could pay £16 and do a 100 question paper then receive your diploma but I did not bother as I was doing it just for myself to learn about my camera’s dials and switches and I do not need another certificate to prove anything.

Their range of courses is very extensive so have a look if you want to learn a bit more about your job or hobby or even re-training.




Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 13.04.56.png

What a super deal, the offer from Shaw Academy to take one of their on-line courses for free, my daughter showed me the link in Facebook and I looked into it.

I am now doing the Diploma in Photography on-line starting tomorrow evening with a life webinar.  Really looking forward to this, it will be great to learn more about my camera and not just leave it on auto all the time.  Hopefully my blog photos will improve as I always tend to use my own so no one can sue me for using their’s lol.


I will have to set an alarm on my phone so I do not forget these webinars.