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I love random facts about places and loved this TV showing on the boat.

Jersey is just 45 square miles of beautiful country, I was surprised that it is only 14 miles from France so that explains the french connection as I did not remember that from visiting as a child. About 102,500 people live on the island, mostly around St.Helier the main part of the island, also where the harbour is located.  Property is expensive and renting must be out of reach for the young but I do not know what wages are like there.


The choice is vast for buying and thought the brochures were good and gets you away from looking on the internet all the time.


This is confusing, Jersey is part of Great Britain but not part of The United Kingdom, also not part of The European Union but is a part of the EEC.  You get that?

At the airport and harbour you can pick up free little guide books that have just about everything you would like to know about Jersey and all the things that are happening during the year.  Also every attraction on the island with directions to get there and prices, what a brilliant idea and I wish all places did things like this but it all comes down to cost as usual.  The cost of living is higher in Jersey, there are many new developments and hotels being built.

I was pleased to see the Jersey Festival Of Words 2017 but it was starting on the 27th September until October 1st so I would miss it.


So, that is my trip to Jersey all complete and my blog posts, hurray I hear some say lol.

Normal blog posts will begin today with a review of a fantastic book that is out today and set on Romney Marsh in Kent, where I used to live.  The Body In The Marsh by Nick Louth.





We are getting a lot of bad winds here in the UK, I think coming from the hurricane’s in America so I have just got my fingers crossed that they don’t cancel the ferry again or that I get stuck over in Jersey.  Well that would be ok as long as I had somewhere to stay I guess, my travel insurance is all up to-date so all good.

With the weather changing and all the flipping adverts for Christmas it makes you realise that summer really is over.

Still got the sore throat, chest and cough and seem to be sleeping a lot but still tired, I am really hoping that once I get to Jersey and chill that I will feel better.  At least I have no timetable to keep to so I can just take it easy and look about or just read or write.

Stay safe everyone in these winds.



I eventually got through to Condor ferries, the next available seat was Thursday so I have a wait for a couple of days, not sure what to do as was not expecting to be here. I think I will try to get a bit ahead with my book reviews.  The return journey was available so all good.  I changed my stop over in Poole with no problems and the lady was born in Folkestone so I am sure we will have a good chat Wednesday night when I stay in Poole.  I have not had a reply from the lady in Jersey so I have fingers crossed that she can accommodate these changes or I will be sleeping in the car!

As I booked through Direct ferries they will hopefully give me a refund as these tickets are a lot cheaper but I won’t hold my breath as I am sure there will be some clauses that stop me having my money back.

I also have to change the travel insurance in the morning, hope that does not include anymore dramas.  At least I have two days to chill as everything is packed ready to go.

The seats are like plane travel, I guess the time will go quick and it will be breakfast time so coffee and croissant will be much appreciated.  It’s a relatively new boat so that’s good. I had a quick look at the duty-free and the champagne and Prosecco looks a very nice price.


I am feeling a bit more positive now, I am hoping I can get rid of this chest,throat viral infection before I go and that would make me a very happy Karen.  Really looking forward to going back to the places I went as a child and doing some research for a story to be set in Jersey.

Happy Sunday everyone x



My friend suggested a couple of weeks ago that maybe my luck had changed as I got a good camper van exactly what I wanted!  Well, she spoke to soon.

I am all packed and ready to load the car up in the morning to drive to Poole where I am staying overnight before I catch the ferry early Monday morning to Jersey.  Not been to Poole so planned to have a look about while there and have something to eat in the evening.

Then at 3.45 today I receive this email.

Good Afternoon,

***We regret to advise that due to weather conditions, your departure from POOLE to JERSEY at 0800 for the 11th Sept has been cancelled. Please call 0345  for alternatives or visit Condor Ferries for more info***

Kind Regards,
Condor Ferries

Ok I will ring them and change booking, easily sorted!  Oh no, no one answers any of the phone numbers or extensions.

I will amend the booking on-line, my booking is not in ‘my bookings’!  I tweet them and they reply with another wrong number then a correct number that no one answers.  I am by this time losing the will to live.  I have places booked and paid for in Poole and Jersey to stay at, what to do?  I see there is another ferry on Wed that hopefully I can get on so I contact the places I have booked and ask for the later dates, they are ok with that, I will have to change rooms half way through in Jersey but that’s ok.

So all I have to do now is wait until the ferry company decide to answer their phone! Still waiting, think I will give up and try in the morning.  Very fed up!



August, where has the year gone?  Nothing really accomplished and now I’m recovering from having a tooth out as I had an acute infection in the gum, I had forgotten how really horrible an extraction is and it hasn’t got rid of the pain yet so I have taken to my bed and seem to be sleeping loads but at least I can’t feel the pain when asleep.

Summer appears to have got lost, I know we all said we needed rain for the garden but this is ridiculous!

While I was writing about parts of my life I remembered about going to Jersey, Channel island and have got lots of good memories so it has prompted me to want to go there for a writing holiday in September.  I am at the moment researching guest houses and airbnb places, I think I will take my car and drive down to Poole and get the ferry over as then I can travel round the island.  If you have any recommendations then please let me know, I am trying to do this on a very limited budget so need all the help I can get.

Happy holidays x