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This is published today so buy it now, a truly lovely story about a couple who end up married after a drunken night in Vegas.

It follows them through their courtship even though they are married, I really loved the descriptions of London and could almost feel myself there.  They say love never runs smooth and they are not wrong, so many bumps along the way that you could imagine happening but so well written by Jon.  I have read most of his books and love them all, another great book by a super author.



I read this book a couple of weeks ago and have been longing to tell you about it as it is so good.  Made me laugh out loud in places as it is so down to earth and these things really happen.  Jon really makes you feel like you are there and experiencing all the emotions of the characters.

This is out today on Amazon and I fully recommend it, maybe even a Christmas present for someone as I am sure they would love it.

Jon Rance also has a Christmas book out now so you could get both and that’s your Christmas reading taken care of.



Today is International Pirate Day and if you want to you can change how your FB pages look by choosing pirate as a language!  Not sure why you would want to but I guess it is fun for the kids. This doesn’t work if you’re using the app though, only from a computer.

October 26th is the day Sunday Dinners becomes available on Amazon, I started reading this last night and I am loving it, funny, down to earth and very real.  I can imagine a lot of dining tables to be like this throughout the world so I am sure loads of you will relate to this and love the book. 

Jon Rance is a local author who lives in Brighton with his family.  This is his fourth book so while you are waiting for this one I suggest you start reading the others as they are great.  I love Jon’s style as I can always picture or seen the stuff happening that he writes about as it is all so normal. 

After a week of rain the sun is shining today, we are definitely in Autumn now which makes me sad as the summer has been so short this year and very patchy.  

Have a great weekend what ever you are doing and think happy thoughts. x




This is a funny feel good book which is ideal for long summer days in the garden.  I would imagine Jon wrote some of this from experience as it certainly has a ring of truth to it.  I love the way the characters mind runs away with mad answers for some situations and we can all relate to that at times.  At some points in the book you are not sure exactly how it is all going to end but I guess we all want a happy ending.  Harry Spencer really is a believable person and the lure of greener grasses pushes him to make a bad decision!  Great book for a light read, it is written in diary form which reminded me of Bridget Jones but if you can get on with that then go buy this book, it’s good to laugh and you will.  You can connect with Jon on FaceBook and Twitter. 



This reminded me of the books that I have collected to read, which seems to be growing at a very fast rate.
I must not do so much “socialising” on line! The blogs and reviews I read seem to be taking up all of my reading time and by the time I go to bed I am so tired lately that I don’t need a book to make me drop off. I will share my list with you though for when I have finished The Doll Makers by Penny Grubb, which I must say is very good and I know next time I pick it up I will read it until the end, you know when it just makes you read and read until the end.

20130906-074942 PM.jpg
I am not sure which one will be next but all the reviews of It’s Raining Men by Milly Johnson are great so it may well be that one and then Jon Rance as that looks good, I have been looking out for his other book to buy as that looks appealing.
How do you choose a book to buy? I am influenced by FaceBook as you can see pictures of the book and you get to know the authors a tiny bit, sometimes I am just pulled by the picture and instantly know that the book will be just what I like. Sometimes you have to go off the track though and read what the book is about to find out that yes, you do like it and buy it.
Penny’s book and Jon’s book I was instantly drawn by the story but if I hadn’t gone to Wales I would not have met her so not seen her book. Jon is on my FaceBook and saw his book there and new I had to buy it.
The book by Mia Dolan called Mia’s World I picked for a completely different reason and I would suggest probably not a very reliable way to choose a book to buy and read. My granddaughter is called Mia! Told you, not a good reason lol.
Do you choose certain books for the time of year? I always have to read a Christmas book at Christmas, it is a lovely time of year to curl up on the sofa with that soft throw you love in front of the fire reading a good Christmas story. The other time is when I go away on holiday it has to be a happy book some of my favourites are set in Italy, just because I have always wanted to travel round all the lakes and places in a camper van. Not sure what book I am going to take when I go away soon. I think it should be one that I have got but I may just creep into the bookshop and have a little look.
As soon as I saw this book on FaceBook today I knew my grandson Alfie would love it so I will be looking out for that. Why do boys like poop and slime and yucky things? Lol

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