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I am looking forward to a good week after being ill for nearly four weeks I think I am coming out the other side, I am not saying I am 100% but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I also really want to get back into my writing and I have not felt like that for a long time. The only thing I have been doing is reading and wow have I read some great books lately, check out the reviews on my page.

So, what is the love about?  

Valentines Day, when did it become February full of love month? I have nothing against love but for all us single girls it does all become a bit much, every magazine, paper, TV station, adverts, advertising boards all full of bloody love. I really do not think that all the people who wish to buy a card or present need so much reminding about what they can get and where, we are not stupid. Rant over, have a great day x


ROOM, this is going in my top five books as it is fantastic which was a surprise to me as I thought it started off very strange by the way the boy talks about things but as you get further into the story you realise that it is a big part of this book and his life.  It is very hard to imagine how a child would feel being shut in a room but as the story shows, children get used to their life and think that is normal.  The structure of the story is so well written with obviously so much thought going into this from the author, it really is amazing and really shows how she has got into her character so well.

This story has been made into a film which I have yet to watch but I am sure it will not disappoint.

Once you start reading this book it is hard to put down as it does touch your heart on so many levels.  A great book that I am recommending to everyone it is so worthy of five stars.


Where did that come from, October I mean and where has the year gone also why does it go quicker the older you get?

img_4466   There are not many good things about winter but one of them is hot chocolate, that will always put a smile on my face.  I love sitting in a cafe watching out the window, wondering where the people are going or coming from.

The other good thing is The Folkestone Book Festival in November, I can’t wait and have booked lots of events already.  I have also set up a book signing for Guy Fraser-Sampson at Congo Coffee shop in The Old High Street, so really looking forward to that as he is such a lovely man and a brilliant author.  His book Death In Profile was great so really looking forward to the next book which is out in the new year.

I steer clear of politics on here and very rarely read any posts about it but I have got to say I feel sorry for America as I don’t think either of them are up for the job, such a shame it cannot stay the way it is.


I am reading ROOM at the moment, what a strange story but I am very intrigued by it, I think I can figure out what is going to happen as I am now half way through it but the beginning has you thinking all sorts of things.  It has been made into a film that I have borrowed also but will wait until I have finished the book to watch that.

We have half term here at the end of October and I am taking my eldest daughter and grandson Alfie to Euro Disney for three days, I think Jodie is more excited than Alfie.  I have taken all of Jodie’s children one at a time over the years so it will be good for her to know what they are talking about.  It was careful planning on my behalf though as she can do all the running about and I can sit and watch their enjoyment.

The other super thing about November is that it is National Novel Writing Month which I plan to do again this year and hopefully finish off my current book.  I don’t sign up for it just follow along and I find it really helps in motivating me to write everyday, even if I am not feeling very well I still try to write something while in bed.

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Someone said to me the other day that their partner was complaining about the trust issues in their relationship and it got me thinking.

Do we inherit the issues from our parents as we grow up seeing theirs?

Or do we make our own from previous relationships?

I guess we all have some issues but do we allow them to affect our lives and the future, can we stop them?  I think it is normal if you have been in a relationship where the partner has cheated that in the next one you are going to be wondering the whole time if they will cheat as well.  Then you have the other version that you cannot treat them all the same, everyone is different.  If someone is tight with money then they are going to be like that in any relationship as that is the way they are, unless they want to change to please the other person but should you change for someone else?

Does it get easier the longer you are in a relationship as people do say you get easier to live with the older you get?

Do you think you have got ‘nicer?’

Again I realise how simpler it is to live alone as after failed relationships your baggage gets bigger and I do not think anyone could come out good enough!


Cheers x



In all the places I have lived over the years and in different countries I can honestly say I have always had nice neighbours, until now.  When I first moved here which is over four years ago I had a little old lady, she was about 75 I guess, I never heard her at all so all was good.  Then she met a man at the bus stop, they got talking and she invited him in for a cup of tea and they tell the young ones to be careful about Internet dating, never giving your address out.  She referred to him as her toy boy, good on her I thought as he was about 45, apparently he had a brain injury some years ago.  

As she was getting older  her health was getting worse and then she could hardly hear or see, which was such a shame.  He was then called her carer but they shared the one bedroom.  Then the trouble started with him shouting at her, so loud that I could hear all what he said, I have been keeping a record of all this.  He also developed a walk which sounded like an elephant, just for my purpose I thought, it was the constant swearing at her that I objected to though.  I did tell him that he should not be her carer if he could not keep his temper under control, he replied that he loved her!  I did say then that I doubted that someone in love would treat a person like he was.  He always denies it so I told him word for word what he said and he told me that it was bad language, good job I had nothing in my hand at the time.  

Two lots of other neighbours have heard him and told him not to do it and it has been reported to social services and the police but as she says it’s ok I just make him mad at times, nothing can be done.  It really makes you realise how vulnerable some old people are and how these awful stories on the news can happen.  She probably puts up with it because she knows if he goes she will have to leave her home that she has lived in over half her life and go in a home, the sad bit is that she would probably be happier once settled and have far better care taken of her.  I have done all that is possible so I will feel no guilt but it is all so wrong.

My cat decided to stay out Friday night, such a tart she is, I knew Saturday morning she would be by the window looking in for me to let her in and feed her, she is always fed first thing in the morning.  I woke early and thought it was strange that I could not see her anywhere but just decided she was probably asleep somewhere.  At ten I called her then at eleven, I was getting a bit worried by then and went all round the garden calling her and went out the front but could not find her anywhere.  Peaches has never done this before so I ended up thinking the worse then at twelve I went and had another look at all the places she lays in the garden, calling her name.  I then looked over the neighbours fence and she jumped up from their side further up the garden, I was obviously extremely pleased to see her but wish that I had looked to see where she came from and to see if their door was open. I had just heard him come home before I went out in the garden.

 Since then Peaches has refused to go outside even if door is left open also using her litter tray again, which she has not done for over a year now.  My thoughts are obviously thinking that the neighbour from hell had something to do with this but with no proof there is nothing I can do.

I can say that if I wasn’t so settled and love my home and garden so much then I would move, I keep thinking it will all end at some point and since another neighbour scared him he has not been shouting and swearing as much.  It does make you wonder why he is still there and what financial implications it all has on this really nice old lady. 

No names or addresses have been used in this article about the alleged happenings. 

She stays in and watches cats on the laptop. ❤️ 



Storm Katie has certainly made herself known in the south east of Britain.  The Harbour Arm in Folkestone, Kent is shut but a TV station did a bit of filming on there and part of the inside areas are flooded. I really hope there is no damage as it has been restored to such a great standard. 

Planes at Gatwick and Heathrow have been cancelled or diverted. I really feel for anybody stuck up in the air waiting to land. 

Trees have been ripped from the earth so roads are shut and trains have been cancelled.  At least it is not a work day so the commuters are not stuck at stations.  


It sounds like people have listened to advice as no major accidents on the roads, thank goodness. 

A day on the sofa reading a good book is advised or maybe some writing. What ever you are doing stay safe friends. xx