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I really enjoy reading a light happy book every so often so it lifts my spirits, they are also very easy to pick up and put down but you can still keep up with the story.  It was also not predictable as the two lead characters could have had very different endings so that was good. Very unusual setting but the idea of a colouring club really worked well and great that it was connected to the library.  All the characters were very different but they all fitted together very nicely.  I enjoyed reading this and will look out for more of Beth Goods books.




This follows on from The Teacher and I think it is even better, so many secrets in this dark crime novel.  The detectives are caught up in so much deceit that they wonder who to really trust and I must say I got this wrong, that was a surprise I was not expecting. These murders al appear to be sending a message but to who?  Will they be able to stop him, if they ever find out who has committed all these horror murders.  This is a page turner that I read in just over a day as I could not put it down, gripping is an understatement and I would really recommend this trilogy as the best I have read.


Katerina is one brilliant author who I will be looking out for and following on social media, I would hate to miss her next book which again follows on from this one and will be released in September 2017, I cannot wait and have even offered to review for publishing date.




I had seen this book on a variety of book platforms so when it came up in The Works for a bargain price I very quickly snatched it up.  I had not heard of the author but the reviews were all good. I am reading many more psychological thrillers at the moment and I am really enjoying them, it’s not the gruesome part but the mystery surrounding everything and that just keeps you turning the pages.  The two police officers, DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles following the case make a great team with the story following their own lives at the same time.  There are a few murders with The Teacher being the first one when found hanging in his school, who would want to kill him?  As you know I do not do spoilers but you do eventually find out why he was the first one and the significance of this.


This really is a great story with the author really getting into the cracks of these people and turning it into a gripping thriller.

I then went on to my second book and realised it was by the same author and it followed on the story with the police officers, this one called The Secret.  Review coming next.




Every chapter appears to be about someone different so I am struggling to remember everything, I know this is me so not in any way blaming the author.  I am persevering though as the reviews are all so good and I also have the next one to read already, maybe it will all fall into place by then.