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Who would have thought that there would be a mental health awareness week a few years ago, it makes you realise what a long way we have come from it being a taboo subject not to be mentioned.

There are many things happening this week so check out the website or look in your local area or doctors surgery. As you can see from the timetable below there are going to be lots of different things in different areas. Even if there is only one thing that appeals to you then give it a try, I know its hard getting out there and I must admit that I couldn’t go to the curry and chat Wednesday night as that would be far too scary. I would have gone to the photography one today but I have only seen all this tonight. I can imagine the information day on Wednesday morning will be popular as I am sure there are many things that people do not know about and lets face it we do have to dig about to find any help for anything. The mental health department in Folkestone do not have enough staff to cope with everyone and as soon as they can you are discharged with no follow-up, it is not their fault it boils down to money and resources.

If you know someone who is struggling, ask them to go with you to a group as things always seem better with a friend.

Make time for a chat as that would mean the world to someone who does not go out for what ever reason.


Make this a good week to be aware as you never know what is going on in somebody’s life.


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For those of you in the UK, did you realise that this week is Mental Health Awareness Week? If you answered yes then that is great and I hope you supported it in some small way. I was not even aware that it was this week so I guess that means that their advertising team for the many, many places that deal with Mental Health have not really done their job. I have not seen anything on the news or in any magazines or newspapers, so I do believe that awareness has not happened.

It is a shame as I am sure it will touch everybody’s life in one way or another at some point. Personally I think they should look at changing the name as Mental can conjure up all sorts of wrong things in people’s minds especially if they have had nothing to do with any health issues regarding Mental Health. I also do not think people know what a huge area it covers in people and the support and care that some people need, while others may just need a doctors appointment and be prescribed tablets.

So many things form under the umbrella of Mental Health, there is also less money and support from the government, meaning some care is so substandard that people are taking their own lives. The Samaritans can only pick up so much as they are volunteers and their are just not enough hours in the day to help everyone. The Councilling you have to pay for and many people just have not got the money for that and there is no help available for that either. I feel that if more was done when patients are first put under the umbrella of Mental Health then there would be less people there now as support and the right diagnoses can help so much in the beginning, making recovery or being put on the right path with help much easier. Therefore making recovery or set help so much quicker.

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Have a great weekend, just putting the heating on as it has gone very cold again 😞