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There has been an awful lot in the news about MINDFULNESS the past couple of years so thought I would touch on it again but in a very simple way so that we can incorporate mindfulness into our lives without any work.


First of all it is about one task being completed with thought, so many tasks are completed while doing something else or thinking about the next few things on your to-do list.  We have to think about ourselves instead of what we have to achieve as you will find that you still do achieve but in a way that is good for your mind and body.

Lets start with getting up, having a wash, think about the soap how it feels, smells, how your skin feels, is the towel soft, then are you dry.  Because you are thinking about what you are doing you probably felt better about your skin, felt refreshed.  Brushing your teeth, if you do not have an electric toothbrush then invest in one immediately as not only do dentists and hygienist recommend them they are much better for your teeth and gums.  I find it better if I sit when brushing my teeth, think about where you start, front or back, inside or outside, move the brush down on your gums.  Rinse and feel the water running over every tooth, finally feeling with your tongue how good they feel and how refreshed you are feeling about to start the day.

Making dinner, cutting up vegetables, listening to the crisp cut as you slice through them all these jobs that you do everyday of your life, just take the time to think, feel, listen, taste, smell, use all your senses.  Do you find that it is now an enjoyable chore and that you cannot wait to taste what you have made with your own hands and not some quickly thrown together things in a saucepan while doing the washing and writing another to-do list?

It is not good to multi task as we think it’s a necessity in the lives we live but at the end of the day most jobs do get done but doing it a mindfulness way makes it all easier to live with and makes you appreciate what you have, what you’re doing and eventually with practise you will develop it through everything in your day.

I am not saying don’t write to-do lists just think about what you are doing as if it is enjoyable you will find it gets done quicker and you are still feeling good about yourself and everything.

The one thing I have found to really make a difference in my life is that I know my body and what I am capable of, so when someone says “go for a walk, you will feel better”  I just think to myself, you have no idea how I will feel.  No stress about should I do it, as I know I am right as it’s my body.

Hope this has made you think about mindfulness, please let me know what you think and how you feel after trying some of these ideas.







Between the 25th and 29th of May the Festival of the Brain was held in Folkestone at the Quarterhouse, getting bigger with each year it is packed of interesting events for all ages.  The BRAIN what a complex bit of machinery that is and one that we are still learning about and will continue to learn about all our lives, whether as a person or as a doctor studying the brain.


Many different events have been held over the five days and the one factor that I can connect to all of them is that there never is enough time as we are eager to learn and interact with many different people about all aspects of our brain.


Mental health, Spirituality, mindfulness, wellbeing, therapy, intelligence, Dementia are all words that we can connect to the brain and it was these words that linked the festival together.  We could have many discussions about these and never come to an end, is this because we all think different or that we relate to each word differently?


Mindfulness appears to be the ‘buzz’ word at the moment being linked to many areas of the brain but again we each take a small part of that and process it completely different.  I can see the good in mindfulness regarding how we think of ourselves but I have trouble picturing a scene and feeling peace, that comes back to the fact that we are all wired differently and in the case of brain damage our wires then create a different route.  Very clever our brains.

Does reading help our wellbeing?  I guess if you can transport yourself to that story so that it blocks out everything else then it must do but can you read and lose yourself in the story if you have ‘stress’ to deal with?



I was dubious about Mindful Writing, after attending a workshop given by Philip Cowell I can see the benefits in picking a word out of the air and then lead on from that word in how it makes you think, feel in fact all the senses could apply.  I did not get the slow walking and explaining what you are doing and how you are doing it.


MINDFULNESS – To look, feel, taste, hear, smell anything in explicit detail from its beginning to end.

That is my interpretation, what is yours?





This morning I attended the Mindfulness talk given by Linda Blair, what an interesting talk so many things to take in that I wished there had been a recording of the talk that I could take home.  Maybe that’s an ides for the organisers of the book festival.  The Key To Calm is her latest book, with lots of interesting features.  One that I was particularly interested in was about children with ADHD and maybe if you have or know of any children with this you could try this.  No screens before school that includes TV, handheld games even phones, then at the end of the day no screens again for 30 minutes before bedtime.  They were the main points and I do believe that there is some merit in this.  I am going to try the 30 minutes before bedtime as I often fall asleep with the TV on or reading my Kindle so I will try this and hopefully it will lead to me sleeping better.




Here are the details about the book so I recommend you have a read as if it helps just a little bit to be mindful then that is good.






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You buy a new red Porsche and then all you see everywhere are red Porsches, we all find things like that happen in all areas of our life from getting pregnant and then there seem to be pregnant ladies everywhere to illnesses that break into our lives and take over. I am sure as everyday people most of us just know that Leukaemia, Myalgic Encephalopathy or “ME”, Diabetes and many other conditions just exist. When one of our family or friends are diagnosed with it we then find out all we can about the illness and ways we can help. This week is all about raising awareness about DIABETES do we know what to look for? Could someone close be suffering with this? How much fundraising has to be done to find answers about this condition? Let us all support and help in any small way we can, even if it is just buying a bracelet you are helping.

I have read and talked to people about MINDFULNESS over the last few weeks and it seems to be coming up a lot.

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Now breaking into diabetes I believe it started overseas in the Mental Health area and some consultants are using the method and having good results. I guess you will not know unless you try it and like a lot of therapy it will only help some, not all I am afraid. Mental Health is another issue that people do not really know anything about until it affects them in one way or another, but even then there are some that find it hard to say let alone talk about. We need to make all these things less scary so our children grow up acknowledging different illnesses and accepting them not being frightened of them.

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Have a lovely evening everyone xx