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We celebrated Mother’s Day Saturday evening as Kara took Jodie and myself out for dinner, that’s two dinners she has treated me to this week, thank you Kara x


As usual the food was nice but so much of it so we couldn’t finish it all. We both received a free prosecco and our desserts were free so it was well worth it. I had the scampi, Jodie had chicken skewers with lemon and garlic sauce then Kara had the cumberland sausage which was well done but she still ate it.

It was a hard choice with the desserts as they are all really nice on their menu at the moment. So I had the ice cream and Jodie had the mousse sponge.

Jodie amazes me with any presents she buys me as they are so unusual, in fact some I have never seen before, she excelled this time. It was an adult painting by numbers and the picture is the Eiffel Tower in Paris so it will look so good on my bedroom wall.

I was a bit spoilt as I also got a poster with 100 books and you scratch off the ones you have read, it is the same as the countries one she got me where you scratch off the places you have been. They will look so good on the wall together.


Jodie works in a primary school so when ever she makes things with the children the one that she makes to show them she always gives to me, it’s so sweet, like she is still at school bringing home her artistic efforts.

The candle smells gorgeous I have it on as I am writing this post and I love the lip scrub.

So that was my weekend, I didn’t do anything Sunday apart from read a book, I felt really tired all day and just thought it was because I had done too much in the week but today I have a cold and a husky voice so it is a pj day. The weather is so changeable at the moment, yesterday it was sunny so I turned the heating down then today it has been raining all day and a bit chilly so the heating went back up a bit.

How was your weekend?



I hope you all had a great Mothers Day and were spoilt like queens, which is how we should be treated all the time for all what we do and cram in a day!
I had some lovely presents including some gorgeous Thornton’s chocolates that I just love, it is very rare to get a box of chocolates that you like all of them.

20140331-014925 pm.jpgAs you all know I love my garden and I also received some lovely T-cup plant pots which are going to look great when I plant them up.

20140331-015014 pm.jpg
One of my grandaughters school is also a working farm, which I find amazing and actually realised on Sunday how much work goes into it. They had an open day for lambing and a variety of stalls and animals on show. The school have a very wide range and even sell the meat that is raised there.

20140331-015523 pm.jpg

20140331-020726 pm.jpg

20140331-015531 pm.jpg I would like to know what that cow is thinking as he is looking at me!

20140331-021021 pm.jpg Maybe he was listening to Mia telling him off! Lol. The event was very well attended and a great day out.

20140331-015705 pm.jpg

20140331-015713 pm.jpg There was a great stall there with bits for the garden so I got some little signs and a fairy. We all had a great day and finished of with some homemade fudge, which Mia loved.

The day was ended with a lovely meal at Brickfields, Folkestone which was made even better as the Mums ate for free; what more could you want. The girls had fun with the stickers.

20140331-021331 pm.jpg

20140331-021340 pm.jpg We all enjoyed the yummy desserts.

20140331-021431 pm.jpg A brilliant day was had by everyone, thank you to my wonderful family.

20140331-021615 pm.jpg

20140331-021633 pm.jpg


Sorry I have not been about for couple of days, Nanny Cool was recharging her batteries. Hope all the Mum’s had a lovely day today in the countries that it was Mother’s Day.

The weather has changed to really cold here and even snow is forecast! Yes snow, it should be Spring and the first of the bulbs coming through. It makes you feel so miserable when it is all dark and gloomy everyday, I have had my head stuck in a book the last few days and taking it easy.

There is a supermarket here called Lidl and they have some lovely book’s in there that would make lovely Easter presents if the children have too many eggs or are not allowed eggs. These books are all different stories and the best bit is they are only 99p

20130310-081742 PM.jpg

20130310-081904 PM.jpg


My granddaughter came home from school eager to go to the library as it was World Book Day. I had said that there was probably something going on there as it was book day, well how wrong was I. There was one poster in the library and that was it. I was amazed, even if they had no money surely a story time or Poem reading could of been organised by the staff as there did seem to be enough of them.

20130307-114522 PM.jpg

I asked for two books that had been suggested to me to read but they did not have either one of them. Jade wanted a book by David Walliams, that was not there but when she got home she went on her iPad and reserved it for when it came in.

On a happier note, I received an email today to say that I had been nominated for the Liebster Award, what a surprise. It makes you feel so good about yourself and what you are doing when you get some recognition, what ever it may be. To know that people are reading and enjoying my blog makes me really happy and I will try my best to keep it going with interesting, funny, sad and what ever else is going on in Nanny Cool’s life. See you all tomorrow, last day before the weekend and Mothering Sunday, ooooo presents! I have been very good girls xx

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