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This blog is now 4 years old, I certainly did not think I would still be doing it four years later, but I am and still having fun.  I like the way it is going where there are more things about Folkestone and all what is happening in our town.  The book reviews are getting popular as publishers are now sending me them to review.  The most popular posts are the ones about Folkestone especially like where to go for food and cake.

The stats have all gone up so much, I am amazed and really happy that you all still like to read my blog.

Blog followers 587

Blog views 18,289      OMG    Amazing!

Twitter followers 1,054     WOW

FaceBook followers 509     Not many followers but friends makes up for it.

FaceBook friends 1,396        WOW

Instagram followers 231

Pinterest followers 460

Goodreads friends 237

BlogLovin followers 123

If you add these together that’s a lot of people reading the blog post somewhere.

It is read in over 80 countries now!

I think this deserves champagne but alas I am indoors on my own so it may be a hot chocolate with a dash of Baileys later.  Thank you every single one of you that is a part of my community, I love you all. xx



How about this for something a bit different, you email your pictures and they put them on chocolates for you to give as a present.  My daughter Jodie found these and gave them to me for Christmas.  What a super idea for those grandparents that are really hard to buy for, it did feel funny when I ate their heads lol.


Email: hello@foodigital.co.uk





follies 4

I called into Follies today for lunch with Izzy as always the food was delicious and the ambiance great.  They had entertainment for the jazz lovers so it was very busy.

follies 3

It was a struggle finishing the pizza but we managed it and at £6.50 it was a bargain and if you go midweek its only £5

follies 1


Treat yourselves to an evening at Follies the menu looks great and you can pick yourself up a lovely antique while your there.

follies 2

I am free either day if you need a partner! lol

The lovely Izzy, please stop growing up. xx

follies 5



Such a simple and elegant table decoration but you can be assured if I tried to do it, it would not look anything as good as that!


I just love these big wooden letters, I am thinking NAN and then pictures of all the grandchildren all over them.  Wonder if anyone will take note of that lol.


Then there is this unusual phone charm, perfect for the lady who loves handbags, just saying.

I must say I think there are a super range of unusual gifts this year if you have the time to look on-line.  Also the small local businesses that have popped up in the last couple of months have some lovely bits to sell, especially if they do it on-line to keep the cost down.

What ever we get for Christmas I am sure it will be wonderful and the best gift of all is seeing the children open their presents on Christmas morning.



It is a good job that at the beginning of the week I felt ok.  I took my eldest grandaughter to the doctor and he then sent her to be admitted into hospital as he said she had Quince.  The consultant at hospital disagreed with that and said it was Glandular fever and did blood tests and put a drip up, her blood pressure was very low so they did it every hour through the night.  They gave her painkiller and paracetomal as temperature was up a bit. Kara was not impressed as she was so tired and lethargic, also aching all over and painful to move.  Next day they said infection was low so it was glandular fever, Kara was having steroids intravenously to reduce swelling in throat.  They then said the glandular fever test had come back negative so she had a bacterial infection somewhere!  She then had two antibiotics both intravenously which should work on any infection, so they said.  Two days later she is still no better and they discharge her and say they will get the results next week as it takes longer for these blood tests.  They are now saying it is maybe some kind of viral infection but really they don’t know.  Kara is still in bed very tired and aches all over, throat still sore and glands up all over, feels sick when eats.  Hopefully tests will show something so it can be treated and we will have Kara back to normal.

Youngest grandaughter developed a water infection that causes sickness and has had this all week so could not go to play school which she is not very happy about.  Was sick again last night a couple of times so still not recovered.

Her big sister had bad pains in tummy and was crying so Mum thought maybe she was getting it too but took her to the doctor just in case and she has a grumbling appendix, so we just hope and pray that it settles down. 

I am having a jama day and will probably be doing the same tommorow as I am shattered.  Karas parents both work so I have been at the hospital with her.  I really wish I could take their pain away and hope to god the tests come back with nothing too serious as I did worry when I knew they were testing for lymphoma.

Hopefully next week will be more normal and I will get some writing completed and I have a book to review so will hopefully get that written up tommorow. 

Hope your week was less hectic and where has the sunshine gone? 


Another week is over and in a few days it will be April, it only seems like yesterday we were celebrating New Year. The winter feels like it has dragged on to me as it has been so cold, we definitely need some sunny days.  Let’s hope we have a nice Easter and can get out to enjoy the holiday.   

I visited Truly Scrumptious last week with some friends, the lunch was delicious and all home made.  I had to finish off with the coffee cake again.   The prices are so reasonable it is cheaper than buying and making it all yourself. 





I have been struggling the last couple of weeks trying to decide on a new name for the web site and should I keep Nanny Cool. 


After a lot of thought and some very good in-put from Kara I have decided on:


The only decision I still have to make is, should it be .uk or the well known .co.uk????  I would appreciate your views on this please.  Have a great weekend everyone, I will be writing the next best seller! Lol x


I am sorry to all my fans on FaceBook for not being able to read my posts, for some reason it keeps changing to private.  I am blaming Greece! As I have never had this problem before, I think I will have to go into my dashboard to send posts while I am here so I can check the public button.


Little bit of cloud this morning but burnt off quickly.  There appears to be an awful lot of cats and kittens here as they breed very quickly but I did think it was very harsh to take away the kittens as now the cat just keeps looking for them and miaowing…..so sad.

<img src=”https://karenswritingblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/20130927-123346-am.jpg” alt=”20130927-123346 am.jpg” />

We found a little creature today, it’s like a chrysalis so it will be interesting to see what comes out of it, hopefully before we leave.

20130927-123656 am.jpg


Our little creature has disappeared, sending out search party!

Sun is shining another lovely day, will try writing on the beach and not people watching or staring out to sea, not sure why people do that, maybe we are all looking for our mermaid. Lol

Have a great day what ever you are doing. x