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Should  I change the name of my blogging site and web site?  When I spoke to a couple of publishers about my two books I am writing which are about Nanny Cool and her adventures they both thought immediately that they were going to be children’s stories.   As they are not, is the name misleading but then I would have to take Nanny Cool out of the books which I guess would be better.  My grandchildren thought of the name obviously because they think I am cool, lol.  My blog covers a lot of things including my family so it is personal to me but the posts are very varied so should I change what I write about and go in another direction?  I could keep the blog as Nanny Cool as it is about family, change the books to just be stories and change the name of the web site so it can include a few things.  My head is full of all different roads and I am not sure which one I am on at the moment.  Can I ask you the readers what do you think?  All ideas very welcome. x

My eldest grandson was 14 on Friday, where does the time go, it only seems like a few years ago he was born not 14.  He got mostly money for his birthday so he was off on a shopping trip today to Canterbury to buy clothes, I was surprised at that as it’s normally the girls that want the clothes but I am obviously out of touch as clothes are very important to boys today.  

It’s been a horrid rainy windy day today so I have been reading and catching up on some tv I had recorded.  My plants appear to be doing so well in the kitchen, the beetroot seeds appear to have all grown but I am not sure what is going on with the asparagus as each heart has just one stem that is growing and growing and will be to the ceiling soon!  

I spent a couple of hours on Pinterest and changed a few boards around and pinned some more pictures.  It’s surprising how your thoughts about what you like change after a few months as what I had put on my wish/birthday/Christmas list board had changed and I got rid of a lot of things but then added some more.  There would always be something you want on Pinterest, maybe I should stop looking!  

Hope your all having a great weekend and the weather is better tommorow. 



What is Pinterst etiquette?  Some say not to pin too many of someone’s pins (pictures) but surely that is the idea of it and if someone pins a lot of mine or follow my board’s I feel very pleased as they must like my ideas.  

I love the choice of all the pins and the great ideas you can get about anything at all and I could spend a few hours just looking through everything that I very often get lost and there is another 2 hours I have lost.  

One of my favourite boards is my childhood as seeing pictures of something I had or a picture of something that brings back happy memories I just love. This next picture did that as I had forgotten all about these magazines, I had a huge collection and they had the words to songs In them.  Each one was a different colour and at the time I was so happy when my Nan or Grandad bought me one in fact after a while as I liked them so much they had it delivered to the house with the newspaper. I was the envy of my friends then as I always got it first and took it to school.

As an author you can make a board about your books or one board for each book and then the reviews and comments about it.

A blogger can have their blog and all their posts on a board, or a board about different topics they talk about on their blog.

You can adjust it to what ever you do so that it puts you in the public eye and create more exposure for yourself. 

Follow me or my boards or just pin my pins, I really don’t mind.  Get creating and let me know and I will follow you or your books. x




IMG_3717The Neptune is a large old pub situated back from the main road into Dymchurch. Some of the building is listed and cannot be changed but it has been added onto over the years. It now belongs to the New Beach holiday site that is next door so will be great if you are there on holiday. The interior has been decorated very neutral with all new furniture and fittings. I did not see in the kitchen but I am told that is was completely gutted and refitted so it is a pleasure to work in. In the lounge area they have the book wallpaper on the wall and it really blends in very well, I would love that if I had a reading room.

IMG_3715If you are dining you are greeted as you enter and showed to your table then when you have read the menu you go to the bar and order. The bargain of the day….everyday is the carvery for £5 you do have to be careful and read the small print though as some days there are only two choices of meats so if you go large for an extra £1.50 and you don’t like the other meat you are stuck with pie.

IMG_3711My granddaughter liked the re-fillable drink and the choice. There is only three desserts and I think they could do with some fresh fruit maybe.




IMG_3704The girls loved them though so that’s the main thing.


IMG_3719The pub is very large so I imagine in the summer they will add some more tables. Outside has been landscaped nicely so be great in the summer if you have the children with you. There is also an area upstairs that could be used for parties so you are a bit separate.


Nice place to take the family for a cheap meal in very pleasant surroundings, the staff were excellent and considering it was their opening day everything went very smoothly, well done to the manager Mark.





IMG_3692I am sure everybody was smiling because the sun was out!

IMG_3694The view at the back of Rocksalt restaurant where you could be sitting in the sunshine with a cocktail.
I do believe my kitchen has partly turned into a greenhouse, good job I live on my own!



Well what can I say? This was a spur of the minute decision and I think I am getting used to it lol
It will take another couple of times to get the colour correct as I want it like the picture and then that will be the same colour as my grey! I am 54 and decided to just admit it and go with it. I will also have the purple more pinky purple next time but I will get there in the end. I have not told anyone about this so this post will be the first time the family have seen the new me!
Older or younger? I am not sure, maybe older which will not be good. Lol
It will grow. Have a great Sunday xx


I have just finished reading this on my Kindle, what a brilliant book by the lovely Haley Hill. The story follows her success in starting up a dating agency, she takes details of what the person requires in their dates and then sets up events for them all to attend. The ups and downs and belly laughing antics they get up to will keep you reading until the end. Where the whole operation goes global and she sells up. I love the broken penis, yes really and laughed so much. It is definitely a book to buy and share amongst your friends.
I was talking to Haley the other day and asked her if she knew any men to send my way as my quest to find a date for Valentines Day has failed miserable 😂!
On a good note she said she loved my blog and reads it all the time! Woo hoo, I am happy, ok I may be single but I have brilliant friends so who needs a man? Me me me me me me lol
Must just tell you about my buy yesterday, you know how we all love stationary and I know I have far too many note books but you never know when you might need one. This I thought was fantastic as I do have a habit of forgetting things so every weekend I can plan my week and keep it in view and hopefully I will not forget appointments!

IMG_0680 I nearly did the opposite today and was going to go to an appointment in the morning but it was not the 10th February but the 10th March! I think I am getting worse. Hope you all had a super Monday xx


The sun was shining this morning and I felt all summery so decided to do my nails, I could not decide which colour so used them all. I am impressed as normally I get more on my skin than my nails but I think I did ok.
Is summer coming? I had to wear my sun glasses today, it felt so good.
I have been trying the Number 7 Protect and Perfect Intense for a while as I bought three tubes, it was buy two get one free.

IMG_0660What can I say? It is not a miracle worker, no it does not get rid of anything! Maybe my skin feels smoother but I think it was smooth anyway. Have these wrinkles multiplied? I am not happy. So, I am now trying the Body Shop vitamin E products.

First we have the eye cream that is supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines…..maybe my wrinkles and lines are too deep? Also it gets rid of puffiness, I never go out early so that has gone by then! Dark circles, mmmm I need help with them.


Moisture serum, now I have heard it’s all about the serum, so here goes and it protects….protects from what? I would rather it stopped more wrinkles.

IMG_0665And now we have the Face Mist, not used one of these in this country before but it says it’s a moisture boost so I am thinking it may keep the serum working longer to keep the fine lines away. So we will persevere with these new products and let you know if any miracles occur.

Have a great evening and do not forget to put your cream on! xx