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I attended the morning workshop with Francesca Baker, finding it very stimulating as it made you think more about the location in your writing and many more things to describe it.  A very talented young lady who kept everyone eager for the whole two hours with also getting us to use our brains early on a Sunday morning.  By far one of the best workshops I have been too, I am now eagerly waiting for the next ones at the weekend.

Steep Street coffee shop put on a writing competition this year with the topic ‘Belonging’ they also had some wonderful stories submitted which they then made into a small newsletter.

What a busy weekend and I can say that I am now shattered so will be resting up for a few days, sleep was hard to come by last night as the winds were atrocious; I am also upset about the garden archway falling down with the bottom poles very bent.  I will need to find a man to come and sort it out, very annoying as it was a new one this year; it also had solar lights and some pretty hanging coloured glass which has all smashed.

I started to read Carol Creasey’s book The Power of Love and am on chapter 12 already and finding it very enjoyable.

Have a great week, I will be doing some writing from my bed over the next few days so hopefully will get my total looking a bit better for November.




I can honestly say that I will be glad when this week is over so I can hopefully feel better and do some writing as at the moment I appear to have dried up.

My best friend went into hospital Tuesday for an operation and I just lost the day and did absolutely nothing as all I could do was hope and pray everything went ok, by nine in the evening I heard from her daughter who had been to see her and said that she was ok, it had all gone well and she could still talk.  What a relief, it was like it all flowed through my body and then I cried, everything was going to be ok.  Today she will be leaving hospital to be pampered at home by everyone including me next week.

Yesterday I took my friend Sylvie who is one of the ladies who lunch out for an afternoon cream tea at the garden centre, it was just what the doctor ordered and did us both the world of good to just sit, chat and eat, the scones were wonderful.  Many lovely ideas for Christmas presents in the shop and of course many plants, I loved the display of orchids.

Last night it was my last photography on-line lesson and I forgot completely all about it so hopefully I can watch a recording today, I was laying in a bubble bath at the time with not a care in the world and then I went to bed to try to catch up on some much-needed sleep.


There will be a lot going on the 18th so please if you are about call into Congo coffee shop down The Old High Street to meet the author Carol Creasey who will be signing her latest book.                                    img_0961

I saw these shoes at the weekend, I think they are just right for a bit of Christmas sparkle it would be so wrong not to purchase I think. img_1422

The heel looks higher than what it was in this picture.

My friend Franca saw me last week and asked me to read this book to review it then attend the publishing event.  Reading the blurb I did think oh dear this is going to be hard reading as not like anything I normally read at all.  What a turn around, I am over half way and it is one of the best books I have read for the wording and emotional feelings it gives you; really making you feel that you are there witnessing the devastation, loss and also fight that the Italian people had after the earthquake in 2009.


Watch this space for the review and publishing date.

Hope you are all having a good week, if you are doing the NaNoWriMo how many words have you written?  I will definitely spend all weekend writing with the fire on all cosy so I have no excuse.  x



I have been writing a lot today also deciding that it is warmer doing it under a duvet and blanket than sitting at a desk, now I just have the problem of cold fingers!  Had to do some planning with the time-line today so my writing total was only 2,145 but it is all flowing nicely and all being well should write a couple of thousand words tomorrow.

I also did my photography class tonight and only have one lesson left then do my exam, I am going to be so nervous; I cannot actually remember the last time I did a test of any sort.  It is great to be able to use more techniques on the camera, I am just having trouble remembering them automatically to do them when out taking photos as normally it is all quick stuff.  I will have to take more snaps  of landscapes and trees, lol.

The cat has not been out since the firework episode, keeping close to me to the extent of laying on my during the night, by my side I could live with but does she have to get on me.

I have also got another couple of christmas presents and am actually thinking of wrapping them up as I am running out of room to store them all, I will make a list as last year I forgot what I had wrapped and ended up in a right mess.  I have three family birthdays the week before christmas as well so need to be very organised, I tell myself this every year but still end up buying more for the kids.

My best friend has an operation tomorrow so I will be thinking lots of healing, happy, get well soon thoughts to her and hoping she makes a quick recovery so we can partyyyyy and drink lots of bubbles xx


Today is day six of the writing challenge, it has not been an easy six days as I have had other things to-do as well but I am confident that I am heading in the right direction.  My word count for today is 1,578 not as good as what I would have expected by day six but anything is better than nothing.  I don’t think people should beat themselves up about not completing the expected amount as just writing is something to be proud of.

I was expecting to complete my latest chapter last night but that did not happen as the cat disappeared because of the fireworks so I was out looking for her.  The fire-works were horrendous here and did not stop for hours, I am sure they are getting louder.  All week we have had them going off and I am sure there will be more tonight.  I feel old objecting to them so much, I also do not like the harm they do to innocent children and think there should only be registered events with people not allowed to just buy them in shops.  I even saw them in Poundland yesterday so they are in everyone’s budget now which makes it worse when teenagers start playing about with them!

This afternoon I spent making cards with Izzy round at Jodie’s, very pleased with my results and was really surprised at how much I really enjoyed doing it.



Today I got myself all comfortable ready to write and then this happened.


I was very kind and waited till she was asleep and then moved her slowly off me.  There were a few moans and her claws came out to try to hang on but we both recovered, just.

The writing was underway, I am pleased with the effort even though I would have liked more so I eventually settled on 2,856 words today.

I will catch up more next week as I have a clear calendar, thank goodness!

What have you got planned for the weekend?  I am going to attempt to make some greeting cards on Sunday with Izzy, should be fun, it is the thought that counts, maybe I should write that on the back of what I make.

The photography course is excellent, I have just two more on-line classes then I take the exam to see if I have remembered any of it and get my diploma, sounds impressive I think. I can now take pictures in manual mode so all is good, mind you it takes me ages to get all the settings correct so there are no quick shots of anything.

I will be pleased when the fireworks stop as they are so annoying, I sound old saying that but they are all the time now as people seem to let them off for any occasion.

I am off to watch my favourite program on TV tonight, The Blacklist, I love it.





November is getting closer and I still have a good bit of planning to do before I start this mammoth task of writing 50,000 words in the 30 days of November.  I keep telling myself I did it last year so it is obtainable if you have a clear diary and the motivation, I don’t sign up for this as that would put far too much pressure on me but it does really help as I don’t want to let myself down.  I plan to write the last part of a book that is proving a little bit harder than I thought so I am going to re-work the timeline I think.  It’s all good fun and a wonderful feeling afterwards when you manage to do it, last year was my first time so I was amazed when I actually managed it.  Fingers crossed it all works out and I succeed and then to see if someone will publish it.


Where did that come from, October I mean and where has the year gone also why does it go quicker the older you get?

img_4466   There are not many good things about winter but one of them is hot chocolate, that will always put a smile on my face.  I love sitting in a cafe watching out the window, wondering where the people are going or coming from.

The other good thing is The Folkestone Book Festival in November, I can’t wait and have booked lots of events already.  I have also set up a book signing for Guy Fraser-Sampson at Congo Coffee shop in The Old High Street, so really looking forward to that as he is such a lovely man and a brilliant author.  His book Death In Profile was great so really looking forward to the next book which is out in the new year.

I steer clear of politics on here and very rarely read any posts about it but I have got to say I feel sorry for America as I don’t think either of them are up for the job, such a shame it cannot stay the way it is.


I am reading ROOM at the moment, what a strange story but I am very intrigued by it, I think I can figure out what is going to happen as I am now half way through it but the beginning has you thinking all sorts of things.  It has been made into a film that I have borrowed also but will wait until I have finished the book to watch that.

We have half term here at the end of October and I am taking my eldest daughter and grandson Alfie to Euro Disney for three days, I think Jodie is more excited than Alfie.  I have taken all of Jodie’s children one at a time over the years so it will be good for her to know what they are talking about.  It was careful planning on my behalf though as she can do all the running about and I can sit and watch their enjoyment.

The other super thing about November is that it is National Novel Writing Month which I plan to do again this year and hopefully finish off my current book.  I don’t sign up for it just follow along and I find it really helps in motivating me to write everyday, even if I am not feeling very well I still try to write something while in bed.

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