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I have loved these calender pictures this year, thank you Jodie.


December, where has this year gone?  Winter has really arrived with some having snow already which is going to make this winter seem so long and April a long way off.


View from my lounge

I am not at all ready for Christmas and to be honest have not got any christmas spirit so no decorations are up here. I have not felt the best and guess I have been a bit low, few problems and money is a bit of a worry trying to keep the flat warm is not easy with old storage heaters which makes me dread the next bill and I know worrying will not solve anything but I just can’t help it.   I detest the cold, my joints are so stiff even to the point of having trouble to type at times, sorry for moaning.

I am sure Peaches gained a few pound eating that new cat food as she seems very big and fluffy now.

NaNoWriMo – What can I say, it was a bit of a failure this year with only adding a few more thousand words but I think something is better than nothing and I will keep plodding away.  I am finding some of it hard to write when not feeling the best as get a bit emotional. I am definitely finishing it next year though as want to start many new projects so I have a goal and will stick to it.  How did you all do and did you find it hard going or just breeze through the month?

Many happy children opened the first door on their Advent Calendar this morning, making Christmas feel that bit closer with a visual prompt.  Myself and Peaches did not get one this year…..sad face, but the lovely people at Crooked Cat Books have a brilliant calendar where they are giving away books, yes FREE BOOKS, you can find them here.

I have been indoors all week and made the effort to get dressed everyday and been freezing so ending up under blankets on the sofa, today as it is Friday I have declared it a jama day and put my onsie on, not very elegant as it has a pig’s tail, must tell santa that I would like a nice one for days like today.  Anyway so far I am not cold so I’m thinking it is best to buy new pyjamas instead of clothes lol.

Have a super December everyone.


I appear to have a few blogs to write today as I have been a bit slow keeping up with this when writing for the NaNoWriMo and that is not going as well as I had expected either. I have the builders in next door where the noisy neighbours were and they are gutting the place so I am hearing every single type of machinery there is!  Even though it is by no means anything like the shouting that was going on before it is still a bit of a disturbance as I keep losing my thread.  I have added a good few thousand to my manuscript but still a way to go before I get to the end.


My friend Angela has finished her second book and is onto edits, I wonder if there are any authors that like editing?  I am looking forward to reading what happens in the future with her characters and will the love story continue?

I also have to show you this poem, which was written by Angela’s daughter Sophia, she started the girls grammar in September and is loving it.


I thought this was very good so I had to share.  Well done Sophia.

Do you ever get stuck as to what to read next?  I have never felt like this before and have started about five books but I just cannot seem to get past about the first chapter, they don’t seem to be gripping me and pulling me in.  My list of books to read has now got all jumbled up but I have at last found something that amuses me to read, a bit ‘been there done that’ type of thing.


I am finding it very amusing and enjoyable to read, I do think it could do with a new cover though Morgen! lol

I think that is me all caught up now so I can get back to writing, oh look it’s lunch time I best go eat, will do the writing later.  Have a super week everyone, what are your numbers like for your writing this month?




It has certainly come round very quick as tomorrow is the 1st November so all your planning and resources should all be complete ready to go in the morning.  I have just one more read through of what I have written so far to do this evening then print it of and I will be ready.

How are you doing and who is participating this year?

I really hope I can get both my books finished as really want to start a new project in the new year.  I am also going to take a picture a day that has a meaning to myself, starting in January.  Very organised I hear you say, yes that bit comes easy it’s the keeping it up I have trouble with but new year new start and I will try my best.

I’m not sure what happened this year but since we put the clocks back my body clock has been all over the place, I was eating breakfast at 7.30am today!  I have written two book reviews on all social media, read emails, Facebook, Twitter and everything else I belong to and it is only 10.30 also writing this.  I have to decide which book to read next so that is my next job after a coffee.

What are you doing today?





We are being very spoiled down here in the south as we are having wonderful weather for the last three days, long may it continue.  Today it is 25 in my garden, I have done every bit of washing I could find as I don’t expect many more outdoor drying days.

I had my hair done last week as was getting a bit bored with the blonde.


On Saturday I was round Jodies for a sleepover, Alfie’s choice and we watched some films.  We also had one of the twins for the night, so it was great to spend time with Jack, what a gorgeous baby and such a happy soul.

The Jack Daniels is a penny jar before someone comments on our choice of toys LOL.

I also did a little maintenance on the camper, there was a bit of brown under the bonnet so I brushed it with a metal brush then sprayed some Hammerite on it, felt very pleased with myself.  Put my bunting up and did a tidy-up of cupboards as got saucepans and cutlery to go in there now.

Once I have washed the new duvet cover that will be put in there.


So a very productive and enjoyable weekend and it made a pleasant change as usually I spend the weekend indoors on my own, not that I am complaining as I do like my own company.

The new Emoji movie is good fun and better than what I was expecting so I can understand why the kids like it.


I also finished this book so will do a review tomorrow for you all, it is very good, like all Anne’s stories so look out for this series.  It is set in Guernsey which is a beautiful place to live.


Looking forward to a ‘getting ready for NANOWRIMO week’ so I will be ready for the 1st November.

Hope you all had a good weekend and may your week be full of sunshine.


I attended the morning workshop with Francesca Baker, finding it very stimulating as it made you think more about the location in your writing and many more things to describe it.  A very talented young lady who kept everyone eager for the whole two hours with also getting us to use our brains early on a Sunday morning.  By far one of the best workshops I have been too, I am now eagerly waiting for the next ones at the weekend.

Steep Street coffee shop put on a writing competition this year with the topic ‘Belonging’ they also had some wonderful stories submitted which they then made into a small newsletter.

What a busy weekend and I can say that I am now shattered so will be resting up for a few days, sleep was hard to come by last night as the winds were atrocious; I am also upset about the garden archway falling down with the bottom poles very bent.  I will need to find a man to come and sort it out, very annoying as it was a new one this year; it also had solar lights and some pretty hanging coloured glass which has all smashed.

I started to read Carol Creasey’s book The Power of Love and am on chapter 12 already and finding it very enjoyable.

Have a great week, I will be doing some writing from my bed over the next few days so hopefully will get my total looking a bit better for November.




I can honestly say that I will be glad when this week is over so I can hopefully feel better and do some writing as at the moment I appear to have dried up.

My best friend went into hospital Tuesday for an operation and I just lost the day and did absolutely nothing as all I could do was hope and pray everything went ok, by nine in the evening I heard from her daughter who had been to see her and said that she was ok, it had all gone well and she could still talk.  What a relief, it was like it all flowed through my body and then I cried, everything was going to be ok.  Today she will be leaving hospital to be pampered at home by everyone including me next week.

Yesterday I took my friend Sylvie who is one of the ladies who lunch out for an afternoon cream tea at the garden centre, it was just what the doctor ordered and did us both the world of good to just sit, chat and eat, the scones were wonderful.  Many lovely ideas for Christmas presents in the shop and of course many plants, I loved the display of orchids.

Last night it was my last photography on-line lesson and I forgot completely all about it so hopefully I can watch a recording today, I was laying in a bubble bath at the time with not a care in the world and then I went to bed to try to catch up on some much-needed sleep.


There will be a lot going on the 18th so please if you are about call into Congo coffee shop down The Old High Street to meet the author Carol Creasey who will be signing her latest book.                                    img_0961

I saw these shoes at the weekend, I think they are just right for a bit of Christmas sparkle it would be so wrong not to purchase I think. img_1422

The heel looks higher than what it was in this picture.

My friend Franca saw me last week and asked me to read this book to review it then attend the publishing event.  Reading the blurb I did think oh dear this is going to be hard reading as not like anything I normally read at all.  What a turn around, I am over half way and it is one of the best books I have read for the wording and emotional feelings it gives you; really making you feel that you are there witnessing the devastation, loss and also fight that the Italian people had after the earthquake in 2009.


Watch this space for the review and publishing date.

Hope you are all having a good week, if you are doing the NaNoWriMo how many words have you written?  I will definitely spend all weekend writing with the fire on all cosy so I have no excuse.  x



I have been writing a lot today also deciding that it is warmer doing it under a duvet and blanket than sitting at a desk, now I just have the problem of cold fingers!  Had to do some planning with the time-line today so my writing total was only 2,145 but it is all flowing nicely and all being well should write a couple of thousand words tomorrow.

I also did my photography class tonight and only have one lesson left then do my exam, I am going to be so nervous; I cannot actually remember the last time I did a test of any sort.  It is great to be able to use more techniques on the camera, I am just having trouble remembering them automatically to do them when out taking photos as normally it is all quick stuff.  I will have to take more snaps  of landscapes and trees, lol.

The cat has not been out since the firework episode, keeping close to me to the extent of laying on my during the night, by my side I could live with but does she have to get on me.

I have also got another couple of christmas presents and am actually thinking of wrapping them up as I am running out of room to store them all, I will make a list as last year I forgot what I had wrapped and ended up in a right mess.  I have three family birthdays the week before christmas as well so need to be very organised, I tell myself this every year but still end up buying more for the kids.

My best friend has an operation tomorrow so I will be thinking lots of healing, happy, get well soon thoughts to her and hoping she makes a quick recovery so we can partyyyyy and drink lots of bubbles xx