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How are the school holiday’s going? Children getting bored yet? Parent’s getting stressed? Sometimes it’s hard to amuse them and keep their interest, there is one sure way of doing it. Pick the toy they like the best and let their imagination run, all you have to do is go with it.

Start collecting as many boxes, all different shapes and sizes, lots of newspapers and you are almost ready.

Talk to the children about what they are going to build. Some ideas are castle’s, fort’s, things for Action man, wrestler rings, Barbie garden, food or things for Barbie house, dinosaur land, pen pots, beach, swimming pools or play grounds. I am sure they will think of more ideas or something that they want to build.

Arrange the boxes roughly how you want them by cutting them to shape and sticking together.

Make some paste by mixing 2 cups water, 2 cups flour and teaspoon salt.

Dip strips of newspaper into the glue and stick onto the boxes and create the shapes you need by moulding the paper. For smaller thing’s like food, balls, guns or toys you can mash up small bits of newspaper and glue then leave it for a bit to dry out and you can then model it like clay.

Try to make the last layer white paper and then it is ready to leave for a couple of days to dry. Then you have the task of painting it, you can add glitter to make it sparkly, sand to make it textured, just use your imagination and create fairy tales.

Here is Dinosaur land, it has a river, hiding places and trees.

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Talking to a parent the other day, who was having a few little problems with her teenagers. Nothing major or really bad but still it needed correcting. The children were forgetting that they were not adults yet and they still had to treat their parents with respect and do the couple of chores that were their jobs. The mother was saying to me, how the children did not realise how lucky they were, well they could not know as they had had everything from when they were born. She did come up with some ideas though.

The children complained about emptying the dishwasher, so it was turned off! They had to wash up by hand, a very good lesson to be learned.

They had their mobile phones taken off them when they walked in the door, if they wanted to phone someone it had to wait until after 6 or at weekends, as that was when it was free on their line rental deal.

They had laptops, iPads and iPhones taken off them and there was just 1 laptop on the table which they could use for homework and they had to take turns for that.

Shopping was always done by Mum on line as she also worked everyday, that was stopped and the children had to add on to the list when something had run out or they needed something. Then on a Saturday they had to go shopping with Mum and Dad, help to pack at the till, load car and then when they got home they had to put it all away. They now new where everything was kept and just how time consuming shopping is and actually quiet boring.

They always had sandwiches for lunch on Saturdays so the children took it in turns to make the lunch and tidy up.

The cleaner was cancelled so once a week they had to Hoover, dust and change beds.

It they had completed all homework and jobs they were allowed out but only until 8 as then they had to read to the younger children or parents. Then bedtime, no TV during the week, so reading, writing, cards or board games.

I asked the parent how it had gone, she gave me the look and said she almost gave up at the beginning but her husband had said “no they have got to realise just how lucky they are and how hard we and their grandparents had it, when we were growing up.”

Their house has gone back to normal now but the difference in the children is very noticeable and I believe they have learnt a very valuable life lesson.

What a brilliant idea and so true the children of today are so lucky but they need to know just how lucky they are.

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I know people have read my blog from last night as it shows in notifications so why is it in a failed post place? Not sure what is going on there, any help appreciated.

Also while I am on the subject how do I turn a page into a post?

I have received some awards so I will be putting them on my blog and following the rules over the next couple of days. I feel it is very encouraging to get these awards, obviously some people are really enjoying reading what I write. I was not too sure about anything when I started this blog but the responses, comments and encouragement that I have had has made me write more on my novel. Also a couple of short stories have been entered in for competitions so It was a much needed boost to my writing.

I find it hard to read all the blogs that I follow but I do as many as I can each day. Time appears to disappear at an alarming rate and I never get to complete everything I set out out to do at the beginning of the day. I feel this may be an age thing but not going to admit to that.

This type of picture I have made with all my grandchildren, it is lovely to treasure as you forget just how tiny their little hands were.

ovely to treasure

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Felt I had to write about the snow tonight, we do not get it very bad most winters but Britain seems to be unable to predict it and deal with it very well at all. We have gritters and ploughs but they do not get them out quick enough or they just do not seem to work. I have no idea why, roads come to a standstill and trains do not run. The schools either shut as soon as a bit of snow falls from the sky or leave it too late so the children cannot get home as the buses are not running. It is all a complete fiasco, parents worried and trying to walk to the schools to find their children as not all of them have phones.

Cars, buses all abandoned in the snow, blocking roads so gritters will not be able to get through during the night. I am so pleased not to be going anywhere tomorrow as I can see the morning travel to work is going to be horrendous for a lot of people. Then you have the parents that can get to work but cannot go because the school is shut so children are at home for the day.

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The above picture is of a major motorway in Kent, you can see the car pointing sideways and lorry straying to the wrong side. People were taking hours to get home tonight and some are still not home yet! My son-in-law has been stuck in his van for over 5 hours as the road is at a standstill because of a fatal accident, he cannot leave his van as all his tools are in it. Thank god he has got a blanket as he could be there for a few more hours yet.

On a brighter note the children love it and have been sledging, snowman building and having a lot of fun. Will be back tomorrow with further updates so long as there are no power cuts!

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Ready for fun!


Friday at last, I do not mean to wish my life away but sometimes you just really want the week to end. It has not exactly been a bad week more like I have had a bad week, you know the sort when everything is a struggle and you do not seem to be getting anywhere fast. I tried to keep on top of things but put the waste bin out on the wrong day, yes, ok we all make mistakes but then I was told it was also the wrong bin! it is not recycling week.

There was a good moment when my daughter got very organised for a change and bought her nephew’s birthday cards early and wrote in them, even putting the money in it but then on Wednesday she could not find the card’s anywhere. I did have a little chuckle to myself and told her she was getting like me, that did not go down well. ( cards still missing )

I took my cup from the lounge to kitchen, put the kettle on and made myself a coffee, one problem, I had forgotten to wash the cup up so it had dregs of tea in it! Have you tasted tea/coffee? I would not recommend it.

I have so many List’s on the go, I need a list of list’s. Why do we get so forgetful? It cannot be age as I am not old enough! Does it come from our parents……they remember more than me! I think my brain just goes on a melt down and will not function, they say a glass of red wine is good for you, maybe it is all because I have not had any this week! Is it wine o’clock yet?
See you tomorrow, if I remember. Xx

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