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I absolutely love a couple of the shops in the High street and this is one of them, it is full of treasures made by many people who just have an area to sell their goods.  You will find a little bit of everything in here with some being hand-made or even relics from our past. There is always something I like in here to buy but last week was a very good week as I found some more pieces of the crockery set that I am collecting.


I now have 6 small bowls and an oval platter to go with the rest. I am still looking for dinner plates as I only have 3, would be nice to ask more to dinner occasionally.


Please let me know if you see any on your travels.

This shop also has a loyalty scheme so if you spend over £10 in 6 separate transactions within 6 months you receive a £10 voucher to spend in the shop. I could do that easily if I had the money.



It also takes you ages to have a good look as things are everywhere so you have to make sure you don’t miss anything. I should have taken some more photographs so you could get a better idea, but now you will have to just go and visit Elysian Treasures.

They have a Facebook page here.

A website here.

Have a great bank holiday Monday everyone.


I just love the summer, don’t you?


I have slowly been having a sort out in the garden as many things have lost their colour or rotted, the bin was full last week! The tulips are looking great, many spread about all round the garden, how clever of me, I did not even know I had done that LOL.

I also got round to painting the gate, I think I have had the paint sitting in a cupboard for about two years, I don’t like to rush! I am pleased with the grey colour though, I just need something bright and colourful to hang on it now.


I got these three crates during the winter so gave them a coat of paint while I was in the mood and the paint was out. I could sit down and do these so that was better for my back. I brightened them up by doing the insides pink. The plan for them is, one for all my camera accessories for taking flat-lay pictures, one for painting stuff for when I am away in the camper and no plans yet for the third one.


I do need to touch up the grey at the top of one of them, I get a bit impatient waiting for the paint to dry.

I can feel a trip to the garden centre coming on as need to fill some pots so they are all looking nice and colourful.

What are your favourite flowers? Mine is freesia’s, roses, carnations and lilies.




During the winter they have been restoring the old railway station down at the harbour, what a brilliant job they have done so far. There is more work to do on some parts of the redevelopment but it all looks amazing, with many more little bistros opening.

I am sure this brings back a lot of memories for some people who had family going to war from this railway station.


The Harbour Arm has been busy since it re-opened after the winter, live music playing some days and ALL weekend, which attracts the crowds.

I have a question for the local people of Folkestone, why are some of the arches filled in at The harbour?


Last year they dredged the harbour so some of the water is really clear so you can see the bottom. Also we have another walk-way to The Arm that has been completed which you can see in the above picture.

I just love living near the sea, where is your ideal place to live?



It’s finally time. After much anticipation, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has been admitted to the hospital to give birth to royal baby number three with her husband Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London earlier this morning in the early stages…

via Kate Middleton Has Been Admitted to Hospital to Deliver Royal Baby No. 3 — TIME

So, the baby is on its way, personally I hope it will be a boy and that him and George have a close bond as I think that has helped William and Harry through their lives.

I do feel a bit sorry for anyone else attending that hospital or visiting as the area will be rammed with paparazzi. I wish her a quick birth so she can get home and relax.



Someone asked me if I was going away in my camper van this summer and it got me thinking about a summer bucket list. What do you want to do? Have you made any plans yet? My biggest wish is for hot weather, it would be so good if we actually knew it was going to be warm and nice as then you would have so many plans. Also it would be so good to be able to leave all your chairs and cushions etc out in the garden all summer, I get so fed up bringing it all in as soon as the weather changes.

I think my list goes like this:

Camping with the family.

Going to the open air swimming pool in Faversham with the children.

Getting a tan.

Enjoying a glass of wine in Jodie’s hot tub.

Going to the beach.

Spending an afternoon in the sunshine with friends and drinking a cocktail.

Eating in the garden.

Seeing more of the UK in the camper van.

Sitting outside in the evening just chilling.

Taking lots of photo’s in manual mode on camera. (I need the practise)

Going up the stables with a picnic, watching them all ride.

I am sure I will think of lots more as soon as I have finished this.

I saw these cute note books in The Works, you can never have too many!


This is the book I am reading now and so far it is ok, a FBI agent has crashed her car and lost her memory so I guess anything could happen next. I have a few ideas but I am probably wrong, I think I have seen a film along the same lines but as usual I cannot remember the name of it.


This is a new author for me and one I have not heard off, I like giving reviews for different authors.

I have been asked if I would like to do another hypnotherapy session with Mark down at Core Therapies in exchange for a review, so that will be happening after Easter.


Tomorrow is the meeting for the Folkestone writers which I attend, this year I will be doing a lot of their advertising on social media and getting the word out about the writing competition this year and the anthology. We still have some books left from last year if anybody would like one please let me know.

Hope you are all having a good week and dodging the showers.




How has your week been?

Mine has been very different as I have my granddaughter living with me for a little while so she has the lounge with the sofa bed as her little bed sit and I have my bedroom, which is my little bed sit. She works at two jobs so is not here very much but it is hard to get used to someone here and not worrying about them if they are not home and at 20 she is not used to telling someone where she is. Kara has been very unlucky in the boy friends she has picked so is getting herself out of debt and sorting her life out, then when she has saved a deposit she can then move into a room to rent near her work.


The new neighbour will be moving in soon and I have made sure they will be very quiet by telling the landlord about a friend of mine who was interested in renting the flat and it has all worked out really well as they get on so she is beginning to pack. I had a lovely bunch of flowers from Helen as a thank you.


The beginning of the week my friend Sheila popped in to see me and I got some lovely tulips from her, did you know that if you put a 2p coin in the vase of water it will keep the tulips up-right instead of bending over. It works every time.


I have been reading Jo Jo Moyes, Still Me this week, it is very good and nice to read about Lou Clark again and what she has been up to since Will died, that’s from the book and film, Me before you.

The clocks go forward this weekend so it will be nice to have light evenings again, Easter is very early this year as Good Friday is the 1st April. It definitely won’t be warm enough for any camping yet so the holidays will just consist of days out for the grandchildren. Our weather has been very different this year with some nice days and then some really cold snow days and they have even said we might get more snow during easter. My bulbs have not come through or flowered yet so I have put some pansies in pots to give the garden a bit of colour. A very quiet weekend planned with just reading and writing involved for myself.

What have you got planned?



The snow has just stopped here so hopefully that is the end of it, what strange weather we are having as on Friday it was 14 degrees and sunny then the weekend we have had -1 and snow. We all want spring to come now so sort yourself out weather.

At least it gives you a good excuse to stay in and read which I have been doing all week, I think I have read about six books this week, I know my total for the year is up to 19 so that’s pretty good and on track.

I have been working towards creating a newsletter and finalising signed books for giveaways so it’s all on track. Having problems connecting my camera to the wi-fi so am looking for a camera expert to help me sort that out.

It feels like so long ago that I was away in my camper, I cannot wait for the warmer weather so I can drive away and explore new places.

Have a good week everyone.

I am just about to start reading this book, I have been waiting ages in fact since I saw the film about the first book. I wonder if they are going to make another film as a follow on?