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What a glorious weekend we have had in Kent and about time too as the winter has been long.  It certainly bought people out to brush of the cob-webs, the sea was so calm and silent and the sky a vivid blue.  Not a breath of wind and everyone had a smile on their face, what more could you want?  Well maybe a cheeky cider along the Harbour Arm sitting in the sunshine listening to the music, it certainly bought the people out.




I was going to do a post about what we all carry in our handbags but I then realised that it is not that simple as depending which handbag you are using and for what purpose determines what you put in it.  Now I would like to carry everything with me all the time but when you have just got a small across the shoulder bag no way can you fit a bottle of water in there, or even in your small daily bag.  So you then have to carry a bigger bag as if you have your water you will then need your iPad, notebook, camera; I have become a bit lazy with the camera and this is just because of the carrying it around all day also the iPhone takes good pictures.  I have not even started on your diary, spare charger, make-up, tissues, mirror, purse, card holder it just goes on and on.  You then have to think about where you are going so should you make sure the bag can do up so you are safe from pick pockets.  Just remembered you also have to carry a shopping bag or plastic bag in case you get a bit of shopping on the way home as you don’t want to waste money paying for a carrier.  Some women pop a pair of flats in their bag in case they have to walk, as heels and walking don’t really go together.  Umbrella, maybe a jacket the list could go on for ever so I am surprised we aren’t all walking about with a mini suitcase!





I guess this is a bit like a bucket list with the difference being I would like to achieve these things this year so in no set order we start with:

Publication of something I have written-I have kept this vague in the hope I will achieve it lol

More family days with all of us together.

Take more pictures with my camera, I have found having a mobile makes you very lazy.

Visit the Shard in London, the view is amazing I have been told.

Visit my friend in Spain, love her house and I always feel better in the sunshine.

Lose some weight, no set amount as anything would be good.

Attract more followers to my blog and social media platforms.

Go to Liverpool as never been there, sounds very cosmopolitan in places.

Go to the Tate and History museums again as I was a child last time.

Try to get all 10 grandchildren and 3 children in one place for a photo!

Have entire flat painted white.

Watch Motown at the theatre.

I think that is quite a lot but we will see how I do, obviously some of these things depend on my health but I do think it is nice to have dreams.  What are your wishes for the coming year?


Here’s  hoping you all had a wonderful evening either partying or sleeping, I did the sleeping on and off but did watch Robbie Williams on BBC1, very good if you like him.   Resolutions are mostly the same, lose weight, write more, read more but I am going to do this one, ‘be thankful for something every week’  We tend to just think of the bad or upsetting things so it is time we were more thankful and positive.  My reading challenge is 60 books this year, I was so impressed by my 50 last year but then I saw that some had read over 150!  I will stay positive and thankful though as any reading is good.

Decorations will come down today, presents will find homes and the last of the ham will be eaten.  Chocolates will be hidden, why can I always remember where they are though but constantly lose other things?

My first book of the year is Miss Christie Regrets by Guy Fraser-Sampson, this is due for release on the 12th January and just reading the blurb on back makes it sound very good so will be making a start on that today.


As always lets hope for more peace in the world and hope 2017 is a great year.



There are always news items and discussions about children and alcohol, so thought I would touch upon it….gently!

Should children drink?  I was always allowed a little bit of wine with lots of lemonade in a small sherry glass on special occasions that increased to a very weak snowball as that was what Nan liked and we had a cherry on it also not forgetting the wonderful Babycham, I felt like a star holding the Babycham glass.    I have nothing against children having a small glass at Christmas or very special occasions but in today’s world many do not sit at the table for meals with family members so I guess there is no reason for them to drink.  I do not agree with children drinking at parties with their friends as that can lead to spiked drinks also not forgetting the peer pressure to have a drink.  I must admit I was going in pubs from about 15 and even worked behind the bar when I was just 17, I am not proud of that but no one ever told me not to.  What are your views?


Children on the internet.

Going to Alfie’s assembly the other day triggered this as no photos were allowed until the very end and none were to be put on social media.  I realise this is a very touchy subject with many in the yes or no camp.  I can understand schools going with the NO social media rule as then that covers them.

I do not think there is any harm in it and my two daughters have no objections with me including their off spring in my blog posts with both of them also posting pictures from time to time.  One daughter even saves all the blog post’s, I was very touched by that.  Instagram is getting popular now as you just have your family or close friends on it and many post there instead of Facebook.  I think if you are posting nice pictures it is like a photo album collected over the years on-line.  My granddaughter Kara has many different folders on Facebook of all her friends and family and I think for that generation it is all very natural and that’s what you do.

Some mothers go with the argument that until the child is of an age that they can choose whether they want their picture all over the internet they are keeping it off.  You also have the fear that the photos may be used for less savoury things but then you keep ALL your settings to private and make sure your friends are friends know not to share your posts.

What are your views?  Very interesting subject, I think.




I have finished this and for an on-line course it was very informative with me learning a lot more about not using automatic on my camera as much.  The lessons are live with you being able to ask as many questions as you need, I also wrote everything down as I find it stays in your head a bit longer.

The tutors were Irish but understandable so that was good although some words I do find really annoying, like ‘tank’ for thank; but that is just me.  Do you have any accents that you find hard to understand?  I have always found it amazing that you sometimes only have to travel along a road for the accent to change.

For a free course I was extremely pleased, you could pay £16 and do a 100 question paper then receive your diploma but I did not bother as I was doing it just for myself to learn about my camera’s dials and switches and I do not need another certificate to prove anything.

Their range of courses is very extensive so have a look if you want to learn a bit more about your job or hobby or even re-training.