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R.I.P Phyllis, a truly lovely person inside and out, loved by so many in Folkestone where she lived and the many places she visited and spent time at.

I first met Phyllis at an open day at her studio where she also lived, very close to myself.  As soon as I saw the front of her house I knew she had taste…..Pink heaven!

I helped her with some social media promotion and did some blogs about her and her teaching.  She was a very talented artist, loved by so many people.  I attended her class and learnt so much from her, she fed my thirst for painting and the arts.

Her favourite painting was the first one below of her daughter Lucy McDowell.

Spending time with many in the community and supporting causes her name would always pop up at the many social events.

She will be missed by so many people, I still cannot really get my head around that I won’t see her again.

It was so nice to see her painting out in the community, capturing so many memories, I particularly liked the one she did out on the Harbour Arm of the group that were playing.  I am not sure how she managed to get the painting completed as so many friends old and new would stop, admire and chat.


Her paintings were shown far and wide at the many exhibitions to promote her work or even just so many people could admire her unique pictures.

My thoughts and prayers go to the many people she called family and loved with all her heart.  It was a joy to have known and spent time with you  Phyllis, I will remember you always.

All my love Karen xx


Here are some of the posts about Phyllis that you can read on my blog.





I love this photo of her I took.




For the beginner or the advanced there are many different classes to suit the artist in you.  Stuck for something to buy your Mum or Gran then treat them to a fantastic present that will get them out the house and meeting these lovely ‘arty’ people.  Email Phyllis at phyllismcd@live.com for class information, prices and dates.

How about one of Phyllis’s paintings a one of original would make a great present for that Uncle you never know what to buy for.  You can see many pictures in her gallery at Folkestone or on-line.


Saturday 21st November 10 am until 4 pm

Contact Phyllis for all details.




The summer has passed very quickly this year and this weekend is the last time the Harbour Arm will be open this year, but what a brilliant few weeks it has been, with great food and music.

This Sunday see’s the return of Phyliis McDowell the brilliant artist and she will be down on the Arm Sunday afternoon painting the bands and performers.  Come and see an artist at work capturing the last of the summer in pictures, if you are interested in buying any of her work you can contact Phyllis at phyllismcd@live.com


I hope to be down there so see you there. x




4th – 11th September  

10am – 5pm

@   bohemi Gallery

Arch 7, Military Road,



bohemi Gallery is the centre of Ramsgate’s Art Company with views of the harbour it is a great place to visit. The founder of this bohemi project is Roxana Riaz also the gallery’s independent curator.

The pictures by Phyllis will be on show here for 8 days so put the date in your diaries.  There will be about 33 of her pictures covering the theme OBSERVATION & IMAGINATION.

I am looking forward to popping down to Ramsgate for a spot of lunch and a stroll round the gallery.

DSCF2100 DSCF2098



I went to stay at Corinnes on Sunday and we spent the day in her garden, soaking up the sunshine and just having a couple of mojito just to be sociable of course!  We spent all day chatting putting the world to rights especially the channel tunnel and all that is wrong with that at the moment.  Then this morning we hear that they are putting some lorries into Manston airport to park instead of the M20. We told the government this about 3 weeks ago, talk about slow.  We did our nails and had a really good evening.


I am in the process of having a shower installed and it is a process as you need a plumber and an electrician then all the other bits that go with it.  That is the only thing a partner is handy for, all the DIY jobs, so long as they are capable of course. image

My granddaughter Izzy who is 12 has been growing her hair for as long as I can remember.  She has often talked about having it cut and giving it to the Princess Trust for children who have lost their own hair through illness.  They make amazing wigs with the hair and Izzy had 12 inches cut off and has raised so far over £100 for them as well.  What a lovely idea and well done Izzy. Xx


Jade the horse granddaughter had another gymkhana yesterday and got two 3rds so very well done Jade.  Her horse Samson loves the competitions and they make an excellent team.


On Friday Phyllis McDowell the artist is showing some of her work down at Rye so hopefully if I feel ok I will go and have a look and take some pictures for you.


This morning Corinne took me to another of my hospital appointments in Maidstone and we went to a brand new private hospital as they are trying to ease the waiting time.  What a superb place K.I.M.S  is, from the building to the staff all immaculate.  I had to have an advanced CT scan with the casting water first of all which I had to drink every 10 minutes for an hour then they take you through and rig you up to a machine and a canular in your arm for the die to go through, then it’s taking the pictures.  Very painless, my arm was bleeding a bit and you get very hot.  But after the tea and toast Corinne provided I felt pretty good again, now just have to wait for those results as well as all the others.

I am now home and shattered so it will be an early night for me later.  I have the electrician here at 9 in the morning so I had better be up and dressed by then.

Hope you all have a fabulous week. xx



On Saturday I did a day painting course with Phyllis, what a brilliant day, I absolutely loved every minute of it.  There were four of us so just a small group but very well matched so we all got on extremely well.  We all learnt the art of water colour painting, how amazing the amount of different things you can do.  It was a good job I took a note book and pen as I would never remember it all.


It was amazing how the water and paint work so well together and the tip….take the water to the colour on the paper.  I love how the colour runs up the water, I found it all really soothing, even though I was tired and drained by the end of the session but as I only live round the corner I was soon home.



This was my experiment page, I thought the candle rubbing was good.  I am looking forward to trying out all the different ways, I realise now that it all depends on your paper, brushes and paints you use and you cannot expect wonderful results with the cheapest ones.  I have gone for middle range but I still noticed a difference to Phyllis’s brushes so I may have to get some like that.


We had a Nan and her granddaughter attend the day which so reminded me of myself and one of mine as we often do things together.  Then there was Linda, who was very artistic and is going on to do lessons every week which I think is really great.  Looking forward to seeing some of her work.


These were my two efforts and I was pleased with them but have a long way to go.  It’s all good fun though and I love experimenting with the paints and colours.  How amazing all the different colours you can make from just the three primary colours.

This picture I did with water and nail varnish and mixed it together with a toothpick to create the swirls, I think it’s good and love the colours. image  Hope you have all had a great weekend. x



I am very excited and looking forward to Saturday as hopefully I am going to learn a few things about painting.  Phyllis teaches small groups either weekly or day classes in her studio in Folkestone and she has kindly asked me to attend, I will then be blogging about it to let you know how great it was.  Must remember to take my camera and get some pictures of our work to show you all.  I have been trying with different paints and so far I do think water colours are easier.


Bit of a tester with acrylic paints, you definitely need good paintbrushes.  Off to do a masterpiece now!